I Got Scammed on Gumtree, and Was Wondering if There's a Solution?

My name is Harrison and am now 17 years old with little experience and would love to know if there is something i can do to get my money back.

We placed an add on Gum-tree, and this person named Charlotte Oliver wanted to buy my phone for $1,000. she said she had paid $1000 (with proof of a fake Pay-Pal notice, but the payment never came through and never will). At this time i was feeling like i had a good deal and stupid me didn't want to think it was a scam.

she then told us to send the phone to Texas, so we did, quite confidently. she then imitated pay-pal again and said that she was overcharged an additional $1,000 (in total "$2,000 out of her bank account into ours"). (that's when it got strange) we couldn't find any trace of the money, she then said that it was because we had to pay her back $1,000 for us to receive our payment of $1,000. we told her that we had no money to give, but there was no answer to that question. we did our research and found out other people had been done by the same trick. by the time we found out she was a scammer, and we had just posted the phone. so if all went well for her she would have a phone and an additional $1,000 to go with it. but we think she sold a phone like mine and was sending her customer my phone over in Texas

As soon as we sent my phone we found out the transaction was a fake and that we needed to get the phone back. we rang AusPost
straight away and told them about the incident and what we wanted to happen, they then told us that they were going to let it reach Chicago and then turn it around then, from one thing after the other it got closer to it destination and then it said it was delivered. we warned the Usps about what was happening and it still went straight through there fingers. ive been to so many places trying to find out how i could try get my hard earned cash back but no one can help, what do you think i can do

thanks for your time

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          No, people have to pay attention. The whole postal system can't stop for one person's silly decision.

          • @brendanm: Aust Post could tell UPS Not to deliver the package.

            On the delivery route the worker can get the order with a note on the in-vehicle terminal or touchscreen device saying do not deliver this package, and then write on the package RTS - Return to Sender.
            (As all deliveries are routed before van leaves depot).

            Obviously this would not stop the whole postal delivery service. The delivery driver would be automatically routed to the next address.
            just a thought…

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              @Other: So they should just believe ops story? What happened to personal responsibility?

              "You can't con an honest john". Op thought he has found an idiot who would pay him more for a used last gen phone than it would cost to buy a new S10, and jumped at it.

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    No exceptions, no discussions, no deliveries, no bank transfers and no PayPal or any online transactions!
    If you don't feel cold hard cash in your hands, you do not give your goods to anyone. Or you will end up posting on OzBargain with the other hundred "got scammed on gumtree" threads.

    Recently I was selling an older MacBook for a few hundred $, guy came in, inspected, said it's alright and wanted to do a bank transfer. I strictly said no and explained to him that it is cash or nothing because it's too easy to get scammed nowadays.
    He understood and he agreed to go to an ATM without hesitation that was just 5 minutes away. He got the cash, gave it to me, I gave the MacBook, everyone was happy. No chances of being scammed.

    I am surprised people still fall for this scam crap.

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      you can relax a little. PAYID is instant bank transfers these days, you can watch it land in your account right away.

      I've sold a bunch of stuff via posting it from facebook ads including a handful of s20 series phones brand new. You just need to do it the right way. Paypal invoice/goods and services or bank transfer are both okay.

      I agree that in your case cash meant no chances of being scammed, but there are alternatives that are safe for the buyer and seller.

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        If they make a transfer to a new person for the first time, there is a 24 delay before the money reaches your account.
        Also, if you transfering more than $1000, it's not instant - it becomes like a regular bank transfer, which means 1-2 business days to receive the money.
        At any case, the buyer can cry to the bank "my account was hacked/this transaction was unauthorized!" and the bank eventually will get the money back.

        You don't have to worry about a single thing when doing cash.

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          Again, I agree cash is the ultimate safety net.

          I've never seen this 24 hour delay, plenty of face to face and online transactions where we used payID.

          Also for over $1000. But perhaps if i wanted to move it I would be unable to? I don't recall If i moved it or not. Either way, it arrived in my account instantly from a "new person" as you say.

          • @SgtBatten: Maybe it's only ING (my bank) who has these stupid restrictions? Who do you bank with?

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              @Blue Cat: You might be right, quick google mentioned CBA has a $1000 limit too. I'm with NAB but distinctly remember receiving more than $1000 from a CBA customer because i remember watching him enter it on his phone app and I wasnt selling any S20s under $1k. Weird

            • @Blue Cat: Yep, ING have a $1000/day limit for OSKO. Yet to hit NAB's limit if there is one, have transferred thousands in a day. It defaults to OSKO with NAB even if you enter standard BSB/account number as long the bank supports it, even if the person hasn't set it up. I tend to use NAB and haven't had any first payments held for 24 hours.

          • @SgtBatten: Never had 24hr delay either.
            PayID or osko. Instant. That's the point of it

          • @SgtBatten: I know commbank did this back when it was first introduced.

            And it still on their website https://www.commbank.com.au/digital-banking/pay-id.html

            “ for security reasons, a hold may apply on first time payments. The delay allows fraud security checks to take place and gives you time to alert us to unauthorised or suspicious activity on your account. Subsequent payments should be received in under a minute.”

            I also almost get scammed by this payid system. The buyer said he send me payment deposit via payid and send a mobile screenshot, because he wanted me to take the phone to richmond.
            When he said he have commbank acc, i thought the delay was because commbank system. Turned out he scheduled a payment for tomorrow and then send that screenshot.

            So please check the date if you did not receive payid payment instantly.

        • depends on the bank. not all banks implementing the delays.

          most of them are doing instant transfers for PAYID.

        • As someone who does lots of work online with new clients using payID, my experience is that it is instant, showing as immediately available.

          No idea whether this changes for amounts over $1000.

          Could you clarify the 24 hour delay? Does it apply sometimes, only between different institutions etc?

        • No, only dump ing and a few withhold payid payment, most other banks don't so best to check with buyer who they bank with before proceeding

        • While I have done plenty of bank transactions between friends using same bank transfer and also PayID etc. (I am with CBA) I have had it happened to me that for CBA netbank transfer same bank (transaction was done Sep 2019) when it was first time I did get a 1-2 days delay (it was less than $1000) and was the first time the person was transferring to me (I wasn't selling any goods/services).

          So while 99% of the time it might not have delays but if it just happens once out of the 100 times that wouldn't be a great experience.

        • From my experience I transferred to a new account without any delays and also transferred $2000 (to an account which has been transferred to before) without delays. So I think it might be specific to your bank.

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      This should be a banner running across MP and GT. Since Gumtree advertised pay pay everyone thinks its a safer transaction method. It's not. I feel sorry for OP, but better to find out at 17 of 1k then 10k or more over some other scam. It is a learning experience. We are go through it in some way or another. For every good person there are probably many more willing to shaft you and take advantage of you. Sad but true. Chin up OP. There are worse things that can happen to you at the moment. Stay safe.

      Hope you enjoy OZB site more and there's heaps of info on this site and many users that will give your crap over your mistakes. Even from me, but just take it all in as really I think most people on hear do care about people that get ripped and unfortunately most of the time it's our own dam fault. Due diligence is the key on most things and to ask others the right questions or for you to double take your own decisions before you actually do it. If I asked you for 1k as a totally stranger would you give it to me. If you were to why would you do so so freely.

      • thanks very much Dedbny for your contribution,
        ive learnt much through this post and thank you all for this.

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        Gumtree advertised pay pay (PayPal?) everyone thinks its a safer transaction method

        100% agree on this. Really scummy of Gumtree. They advertise it like it is better than cash, while it is the opposite. They are probably paid by PayPal for this advertising, but in the end more trusting people will end up getting scammed thinking "oh it's better to do it through PayPal!"

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          I noticed this as well!
          It does mention that it should only be used face-to-face however.

          Very easy to make the mistake of posting something via it.

          I personally just only do PayPal goods & services with buyer protection.
          If the seller denies, no sale - simple.

        • Scummy? Gumtree are constantly warning people about stuff like this which is why they advise people to use Paypal as It is better than cash as you are protected. If you use common sense you will see that the Paypal transfers are only to be made in person after you have checked the goods. It's not meant to be for people to pay for something they haven't even seen, or in this case, send off goods for money that WAS NOT RECEIVED AS IT WAS NEVER SENT.

          It's there to protect buyer and seller, and it does when you use it properly and Gumtree constantly tell people this. Go through Gumtree, check the goods in person first and pay through paypal. If you buy something in cash you can't get your money back if something goes wrong, but you can with paypal. This protects people against everything except their own stupidity.

          Would you send an item when your bank showed no money had been received? This has nothing to do with paypal as no paypal transaction even took place. The OP sent an item without having receiving payment first. It's 100% on them.

          • @Freezies:

            If you buy something in cash you can't get your money back if something goes wrong, but you can with paypal.

            See, that's exactly why I use cash as a seller.
            I sell working stuff in good condition, with long descriptions and I mention everything that to my knowledge is wrong with it (dents, scratches etc.).
            I go the extra mile to make an honest listing. The only thing that might go wrong after the sale is if the buyer changes his mind.
            I simply do not want to deal with this drama and waste more of my time.

            Paypal transfers are only to be made in person after you have checked the goods.

            Still doesn't change the fact that the buyer can run crying to PayPal screaming "unauthorized transaction/item not working" and in the end your received money will disappear. I sometimes offer buyers to pay me through PayPal with "Friends and Family" as the reason, but so far 100% of people refused it.

            Anyways, maybe I am just a bitter grumpy old-school man who likes to do things the way it's been done for ages.
            Atleast I can say that I haven't been scammed not even once yet on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

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              @Blue Cat: Sellers want cash, buyers want protection incase something goes wrong. Both parties want protection from dodgy sellers/buyers and paypal works better than other payment methods in that regard as far as being equal in fairness to both sides.

              Having dealt with paypal many times, they are really good at knowing what is true and what is not. You can't just run to them and claim you got scammed and you can't just claim a buyer is lying. They look at both sides and communicate with both parties. Somtimes they offer a refund from their "own pocket.

              They have a system in place and they also rely on people notifying them so they can lock out scammers since you need a bank account and real ID to have the account. Scammers can't just keep creating new Paypal accounts without needing new bank accounts. It's a system that works when people use it.

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            If you use common sense you will see that the Paypal transfers are only to be made in person after you have checked the goods. It's not meant to be for people to pay for something they haven't even seen

            Actually, that's exactly what it is for - paying for something you haven't seen. Only an idiot would receive money by PayPal for goods handed over in person. All the buyer has to do is launch an item not received dispute, and if course the seller has no tracking number as it was not sent.

            PayPal is designed for sending money for stuff that someone has to post. Cash is for in person transactions.

            • @Quantumcat: "PayPal is designed for sending money for stuff that someone has to post."

              No it's not. It's amazing how many people have no idea how Paypal works or when and how it's used. Online transactions with delivery and face to face transactions are different things. If you had it and used it as a buyer/seller you'd see how naive you sound.

              Please don't post misinformation when you don't know what you're talking about.

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                @Freezies: Receiving money by PayPal for an in person transaction is absurd.

                Did you even read my post? If the seller wants protection they have to provide a tracking number that is delivered to the buyer.

                How are you going to do that if you handed the item over in person?

                If a seller is stupid enough to use PayPal for an in person transaction the buyer can get the item for free anytime they want if their morals are poor enough.

                PayPal is absolutely NOT for in person transactions.

                And if PayPal is not for posted items, how do you propose to pay for posted items? Bank transfer? Cash in an envelope? Where's the buyer protection? There isn't any. Unless you use PayPal.

                Are you trying to mislead people so you can keep your scams going or something?

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                  @Quantumcat: Have you ever sold online? Do you use paypal regularly as a buyer and seller? From what you are saying it's obvious you don't.

                  I never said Paypal is not for posted items. I said it is not JUST for posted items. Everyone knows Paypal can be used for online shopping and
                  most people already know that Paypal can be used in many stores even to just buy bread and for face to face transactions as it is instant transfer.
                  it is for ALL transaction types. Commercial and personal, online and in person.

                  Instead of arguing something you clearly know nothing about, maybe do a little research and go to the PayPal site itself and learn what you are talking about rather than posting your opinons and impressions as facts to others.

                  • @Freezies:

                    I never said Paypal is not for posted items


                    If you use common sense you will see that the Paypal transfers are only to be made in person after you have checked the goods. It's not meant to be for people to pay for something they haven't even seen

                    So you realise what you said was wrong then. Good.

                • @Quantumcat: Ummm.. it absolutely is for in person transactions aswell. You may want to brush up on what Paypal is and what it does. Everything @Freezies said above is correct.

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                    @Kupotan: So you're ok with your buyer putting in a claim of not received and getting their money back?

                    And what method of payment is for getting items posted to you, if PayPal isn't it?

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                      @Quantumcat: Lol.. You very obviously have no idea what you are talking about or how person to person transactions work. You are looking at all transactions as if they work the same when they all operate differently. You can't claim never received or the like for in person transactions. Paypal will know you are a scammer or an idiot. What level of security do you think a company like Paypal has?
                      Honestly, your lack of understanding makes you sound silly. They have a website where you can read and learn how things work, or you can continue to say stuff that makes you sound like a child..

                      • @Kupotan: Why would you pay a percentage of your taking so that a buyer can do a chargeback, when it is just as easy to give cash? Just stupid. Just cause PayPal is offering doesn't mean it is smart to use it. They want their finger in more pies.

                        If a buyer wants to use PayPal 100% they're going to scam you, no other reason to use it for an in person transaction. As a seller there is definitely no reason to, just opening yourself up to risk for no reward but losing some of your money.

                        • @Quantumcat: You can also just do an instant transfer which is the same as cash with no chargebacks allowed. Instead of constantly responding saying this or that is stupid and showing ~repeatedly~ that you don't know a damn thing about Paypal, it's options, when to use them or understand how it works at all, go read the website or just stop talking nonsense based on your constant assumptions of what it is or does.

                          Have a good weekend.

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                    @Kupotan: Just because someone says you can do it or allows you to, doesn't mean you should.

                    Unless you're a retailer or a seller looking for return and loyal customers, why would you put yourself in a situation where you could be scammed? The time alone isn't worth it. If the buyer initiates a charge back, theres nothing you can do, not even paypal can change a banks mind.

                    Items are sold as it. Once buyer inspects it, its done deal. No warranty, no chargeback, no disputes. Its not done deal for like 6 months (?) if buyer paid via PayPal.

                    Take the path of least (but reasonable) risk for yourself.

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                      @Ughhh: Having used it for many years, I've never had a problem. Many seem to have some vague misunderstanding from the outside on how it works.
                      You can't just initate a chargeback on a P2P transaction and think they will take your word for it. They do this with millions of people all over the world every day and are more hands on than a bank. There are checks in place to prevent all types of scammers and they look at both sides and require more than just your word. If you don't want to be covered incase something goes wrong later, you can simply gift the money as family or friend. It's an instant transfer without needing to carry cash that has many security checks in place protecting all parties. I never intially liked Paypal but over the years they have been more helpful and co-operative than banks and also much more savvy in regards to scammers and disputes.

                      • @Kupotan:

                        Having used it for many years, I've never had a problem.

                        Interesting. So you've never had a problem with chargebacks and Paypal, yet feel qualified to say what will or can happen in such situations? You're basing your answers on what should happen, not what often actually happens.

                        These are a few from Ozb, more on google.

                        • @Ughhh:

                          I never intially liked Paypal but over the years they have been more helpful and co-operative than banks and also much more savvy in regards to scammers and disputes.

                          Suggests they have had problems but are satisfied with assistance provided by paypal.

                          • @randomusername2017: Yes. There are always going to be scammers whether you pay in cash, bank transfer or digital wallet. Even reputable sellers can sometimes be dodgy and other times there are just misunderstandings. Nothing is ever 100% foolproof no matter how savvy you are. With Paypal, you can pay/buy with/without protection. Without protection is the same as cash. A one off instant transfer with no further follow up but it comes with a digital receipt. There is that that option. Most people getting scammed would get scammed no matter their payment method.

                        • +2

                          @Ughhh: I have had a couple of people attempt chargebacks, but this is another known type of scammer and it is very easy to prove your side of things if you've done nothing wrong or stupid. If you stay within the accepted methods, you are always covered.

                          I suggest you read those three cases you linked yourself. In the first one, the seller was scammed in an obvious way. They were was silly enough to deliver the phone themselves and wandered outside of protected protocol. This one was one of the most obvious and common of scams that Paypal constntly warn people about. That said, they know where the scammer lives so something here doesn't quite make sense. Often once a person realises they did something obvious and stupid, they alter bits of their own story when telling it to others.

                          In the second one you can see Paypal did everything they could to help the seller and that the credit card chargeback required the item be sent back to the seller yet wasn't? If you read through the comments you can see the seller had the chance to accept a return send earlier but didn't and let things run its course until it was too late.

                          The third one, the seller deviated from the accepted payment methods and was scammed ny yet another known scam. These methods are there to ensure protection but Paypal can't do anything if the seller wanders outside of that safety zone on their own.

                          For these three examples, and I'm sure there are more, there are millions that go through just fine. Again, it comes down to staying within the accepted and approved channels and accepted methods and of course, using basic common sense which many people tend to lack. Sorry for the long response, but Paypal can't help or protect you if you don't swim between the flags and these sellers were easily lured to deeper waters of known scam methods and should have known better.

                          • @Kupotan:

                            n the second one you can see Paypal did everything they could to help the seller

                            In the end, they said nope, seller protection doesn't apply. Even passed the debt to collections, what angels.

                            that the credit card chargeback required the item be sent back to the seller yet wasn't? If you read through the comments you can see the seller had the chance to accept a return send earlier but didn't and let things run its course until it was too late.

                            "P.S Buyer hasnt contacted me/ returned my mobile which is deemed to be faulty, his account on eBay is no longer operative and paypal has declined to contact the customer on my behalf."

                            Apart from the very first email stating item has battery issues, it looks like there were no other replies. Didn't even reply to say "no, I dont want to deal with warranties, I just want refund".

                            If you sold me something, and I said, it's faulty/not as described, would you
                            1. Reply back with an email, asking whats wrong and try to troubleshoot it or help out with warranty. or
                            2. Don't ask questions and just refund money back?

                            Op did 1., which I think is a reasonable first response many would do. Same thing with retail stores. In addition, legally, as this is a private transaction, it's buyer beware. Op did not have to reply back, but because he accepted Paypal, he was forced into this situation.

                            There are definitely loopholes in the Paypals protection terms, mostly skewed towards buyers.

                            But, if all of the above could be avoided if you don't accept Paypal. Wont have to worry about being in Paypal protocol, gathering evidence and chance of chargeback 6 months later.

                            • +2


                              In the end, they said nope, seller protection doesn't apply. Even passed the debt to collections, what angels

                              Why do people assume the one telling their side of the story is alway telling the complete truth or are always in the right? The seller delivered the phone in person then opted to be paid as a seller. This already voids protection and is one thing you are told not to do. It's already on the seller. They could have opted to be paid without sellers protection which is an instant P2P transfer like cash with no chargebacks later. They didn't. They stupidly ignored all known protocol and were lured outside of Paypals protection by one of the most common and obvious of scams. Scammers will always be scammers so it's all on the seller here. Stop defending stupidity.
                              The strange thing here is that in this case the Credit card company sided with the buyer so there is obviously more to this story. They still could have taken this to court but didn't.

                              Scammers have been around since the dawn of man. They are the ones looking for the loopholes and the stupid and the naive. Banks, credit card companies and digital wallet companies close as many of these loopholes as they can while constantly educating and warning people about what not to do in order to stay protected. Third parties can't be blamed when sellers and buyers ignore this and wander out alone.
                              Nobody can protect people from themselves.

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                        @Kupotan: Should mention that both users need to have paypal linked to their gumtree account. Ideally leave a paper trail in gumtree messaging too.

                        Gumtree P2P payments outside the gumtree app are more readily open to chargebacks and not received claims.

                    • @Ughhh: I am completely with @Ughhh

                      Having been running an online website and also eBay store for 10 years dealing with credit card and PayPal transactions pretty much everyday, I am telling you that I will never ever deal with PayPal transactions for anything I am selling privately.

                      If it is on Gumtree or any other platform, and the buyer wants me to ship it, it is bank transfer and I will only ship it once I receive the money. If they are worry about their risk of me not sending then just don't buy from me.

                      I don't care about whatever seller protection Gumtree or eBay might offer, it is just not worth the time to try and deal with it.

                      End of story.

        • Gumtree & PayPal are owned by eBay.

          • @xuqi: Were owned by ebay. Paypal was spinned off many years ago.

      • +5

        First of all, there was a banner for a long long time because people have no common sense. They pushed Paypal as a safer transaction method because it is, but Paypal have ZERO involvement in this yet seem to be getting the blame. You are ignoring the fact that there was no paypal transaction made here.

        The OP sent an item that their Paypal account would have shown had not been paid for because it hadn't. No amount of photoshopped "evidence" can change what your own account is showing you. Same as your bank account or any other account. Gumtree and Paypal constantly warn and notify against scams and have protection against it and advise how you should do transactions, yet when someone ignores it all and goes against this advice, they somehow still cop the flack for it.

        Simple lesson for the OP. If your Paypal account or bank account or any other account shows no money has been transferred, it's because no money has been transferred.

    • Even with cash, there is a lot of counterfeit dollars around.

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    Troll post imo.. too much detail.

    • +1

      Agree 100%

    • +4

      Yeah, too much doesn't make sense. it's like a story made up by a 10 year old.

      Then again, I am still surprised at the basic lack of common sense I witness a lot, so it's possible this is actually true regardless of how stupid it sounds.

      • Well, he's now 17 so maybe he made it up 7 years ago

  • -2

    Op, you contacted Aus Post & UPS to stop the delivery. Do you blame them for any of this?

    If so, how much do you think manual intervention costs in a systematized delivery process like this? Not the cost of the postage. Also, what is the implication for other packages?

  • +1

    very easy as seller to scam as well on gumtree.

    just post latest brand new sealed iphone or ipad and change your address to remote area, put $400 less from apple store, i bet you get queries from many 20 years old think they will get a good deal.

    then yeah work from there to get the money, you got all the sheep lined up to be eaten.

    • change your address to remote area

      What's next? Do an Ivan Milat on them when they come to collect?

      • +1

        "Selling iPhone XS $500 - Pick up on the highway near the Belanglo State Forest"

  • +1

    Gumtree is for cash only.

  • +3

    A brand new Galaxy S10 Plus 256gb is 700 USD (AUD 1000) on Bestbuy (probably cheaper somewhere else). Why would someone pay the same amount for an older model that has to be shipped overseas? Nothing makes sense in this case. The payment, sending without confirmation… Everything is dodgy… If this is not another troll, then it's obviously a scam.

    • +2

      Someone gets its : another troll .
      Kindergarten 101 to a least check funds in A/C !

  • +4

    Why would someone in America want an Australian phone when so few of their bands are compatible with ours?

    • because no body likes Trump and all the phones are stolen when protesting.

  • In the USA mail fraud is called wire fraud. Contact the Texas police closest to the delivery. And make a complaint to Aust Post as far away as the ombudsman. you paid for tracking and probably insurance, they could have stopped it here

    • Contact the Texas police closest to the delivery

      Do you have their number?

      • i would use that old fashioned internet to find it

        • +3

          Given your need for priority assistance I thought you may have a direct line on speed dial?

        • +3

          Contact the Texas Rangers and maybe Chuck Norris will be available to kick their posterior.

    • You selected: As New Condition
      We will pay you $430.00 Per Unit

      Not as attractive as $1,000 👀

  • +3

    I can do to get my money back.

    We placed an add on Gum-tree

    we told her that we had no money to give

    what do you think i can do


    • ironically if OP is trolling, they are raising awareness

  • +2

    TIL if I was running scams, Ozbargain is the perfect place to look for holes in my scams…lol

    Although I believe poor Harrison here (sorry this is a life lesson learnt and next to no chance of getting money back), this would be a great way to look to see if there is any way to trace anything back to the scammer, and for any flaws in my master plan.

    • +3

      No one is that stupid..

      • +5
        • +3

          It’s one thing to get scammed by a seller wanting you to deliver it to some address in Brisbane, it’s a whole different level of dumb to send a phone to the US

          Phones are cheaper over there, why would you buy a phone here and send over there?! Logically, makes no sense

  • -3

    If you call paypal, and provide all the evidence. They might cam freeze the scammer account and hopefully refund you the money. But do it now, call them now. Paypal Australia.

    • +2

      Why? It has nothing to do with Paypal.

      No money was actually sent through paypal at all so it's just the OPs story. It's like calling your bank over a bank transfer that was never made.

  • Hey OP. Crappy situation. Ignore the morons here giving you grief. They came from Whirlpool.

    • -2

      Haha I agree with that, tossers on that forum.

  • Gumtree is probably the worst place to buy or sell anything. I got scammed 10 years ago buying books that were never sent, I had to deposit money into their account so I had their details, despite this the police wouldn't do anything about it.
    If you have the receipt/phones details - call and report it stolen so the phone will get locked - that way they wont be able to use it. outside of that take it as a lesson - use some form of protection and back up when purchasing or selling things online

    • +2

      No offense but who sends money to strangers via bank deposit? Gumtree advise using paypal for this very reason.Think what you want about Paypal, but one thing they have is very good scam protection, much better than the banks who do nothing.

      • I think even PayPal, they said no buyer protection, only use it when you are exchanging of good in person.

        • +1

          They do have buyer protection. I've used it many times.

          Edit - Anything you buy with paypal has buyer protection unless you send the money as "familly or friend" in which case it's a gift. The seller pays the % for the sale. Both parties are covered if something goes wrong which is why it's pushed as a preferred payment method for face to face transactions aswell as online shopping.

          I don't always like Paypals coversion rates, but they really do have good buyer protection compared to all other payment methods including bank and credit card.

          • @Freezies: Last time when I pay it said my transaction is not protected

            • +1

              @SnoozeAndLose: All sales have buyer protection except for when you just "Send money". The sellers usually either send and invoice via paypal, or you send them the money as a sale transaction where they pay the % as a seller. You must have just sent it to their paypal via email address only as family or friend.

  • "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious"

    Obi-wan Kenobi a.k.a Ben Kenobi

    I agree Gumtree can be a dangerous place for novice users but its sure a fun place to buy and sell stuff from honest sellers and buyers.

  • Spare a thought for the poor guy who advertised some headphones on Gumtree and they turned up, bashed and robbed him, and killed him. The killer was caught

    • What's this? You have a link to this story?

  • Reality is, every single one of us has been scammed at one stage during our lives, its literally live and learn. Just take your learnings from this and be extra careful when selling goods online. Also, trust no one :)

  • +1

    Pretty much 2/3 ads I post on gumtree get a scam offer like this. Good lesson though, if it’s too good to be true….

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