Front Loader Washer Recommendations

Good morning all,

Our 7 year old 7.5kg Samsung bublewash is giving up the ghost.
Bearing/s are shot , sounds like a jet taking off on spincycle and getting worse.
Apart from this the washer has always produced great results.
Alas repair is not an option, even if I do the work I'm still looking at $250+ for parts.

So. What is the ozbargain recommended washer?
8-10kg(the bigger the better to be honest, would like the ability to safely put in large bedding)
Front loader
Under a $1000
Reliable or at least easy warranty.
Not a brand snob.


  • Get another Bubblewash. Under your price requirements and clearly pretty reliable.

    • yeah I agree, if OP is happy with the product why not just get another one.

      Unfortunately the main bearing is a failure point of any washer. I have a old second washer that I thought about replacing the bearing ($50 parts on eBay) but frankly I can't be bothered. You have to take the whole thing apart and they recommend you also replace the mid-drum seal. It would take me at least half a day. Time is more valuable to me than a few hundred dollars.

      • Pretty much the conclusion I came to.
        I'd be spending half a new washer in parts plus my time.
        So looking at the failure as a opportunity to upsize the machine as well.
        7yrs is a good run, considering its done at least 3000 washes.

  • What shops are near you OP?

    • I'm in WA
      So HN GG JB.
      Also looking at appliances online, bought our Bosch dishwasher there 3 months ago was $150 cheaper than the next place and delivered next day.

      • +1

        I can only recommend what I know.

        We have an LG that works great.

        Do you have access to GG Commercial pricing? This LG one WV5-1409W is available for $799

        • LG's might be a bit better than the Samsung due to the LG direct drive feature.

        • Don't have access to commerical pricing.
          AO seem to be doing it for $896
          Will add to short list thank you.

  • +7

    Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer WAW28460AU
    Shop around for this one.

    • It's a small 8kgs though (somehow), so wouldn't recommend for large bedding.

    • +2

      My brother and folks have a 7kg Bosch 14 and 13 yrs old respectively and still going as if they were brand new.

      I'm guessing the consensus is to stay away from the non-german bosches.

    • This was going for only $850 including delivery from GG eBay last year when they had a 20% coupon code plus a cash back offer from Bosch itself.
      Kicking myself for not grabbing it. Never seen it as cheap ever since.

    • Bosch as well.good so far

    • +1 for this Bosch. Our Samsung front loader died earlier this year - notorious issue with the Samsungs. This was our 2nd one in 10 years (for some strange reason I'd purchased extra warranty - first one died about a month shy of the 5 years. 2nd one (replaced under warranty) died just over 5 years. Getting >5yrs from a Samsung is lucky. We swore never again…

      This Bosch is made in Germany. So far we love it (it's only been a month)… We are a family of 5 (11,15,17 y.o. kids). Apparently the Bosch has a different system of shock absorbers -v- other front loaders(?), so apparently they never really take off like the others. (Sorry, can't remember exactly what the system is!)

      We got ours for just >$1K from Winning Appliances in WA.

  • Are you wanting to put sheets in there (bedding) or a duvet?

  • +1

    It may be a bit above your budget but we bought a Miele and it is a beast. Spin cycle gets out every drop.

    We have had it 14 years and hasn't missed a beat. Better value in the long run and does a superior job.

    • +1

      Miele is best investment i reckon

    • True, mine is 20 years old now. Faultless

  • Go for a top loader. I recently had a front loader and wouldn't bother again.

    • What is the reason?
      We have always had top loader but are considering front loader.

      • +1

        If you're buying a new machine, I can only think of 1 reason to consider a top loader: you want a Kleenmaid. Those things are made to last forever.

        Front loaders use less water, detergent and energy; clean better; and are gentler on clothes. There used to be 1 reason to avoid: you can't open door to add clothes during load. They've found a way to resolve that final hurdle, so top loaders are now dead technology….. oh, unless they are cheaper??

    • Have a dryer stacked on current washer, also not a fan of top loaders.
      Mind you only ever had one and while it did what it said on the box, front loaders just wash better.

  • +1

    I bought a Bosch 10 kg front loader this year for $995 from The Good Guys. Omg, BEST machine EVER!!! If you need help they have a 24 hour helpline, too. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is perfect. Ensure you keep the rear plastic knobs as the delivery guys think they are trash. There are four and they go in the holes in the back after transit bits removed - otherwise you'll be left with four holes. Only hook up to cold water as the machine heats it. I would only buy this machine as it has five star reviews. I've seen it priced at $1399, so get the $995 price. Best thing I've ever bought in my life.

    • hello are you still happy with this model? im looking at it, a bit nervous as its not one of the german ones!

      • I don't think you're likely to see any advantages to German-built in first 10 years. It's just the fact that that the German one will give you another 10 years after this one dies. That's the theory.
        We got 13 years from a non-German one, and just replaced it. I'm expecting this German one to outlive me.

  • +1

    WAU28490AU is the Bosch 10 kg front loader machine I got for $995. It was also listed on same GG site for $1399. I no longer need stain remover. You may on the 15 min quickie cycle, but not on the one hour cycles. It is an insanely good machine. You also get back up on the phone if you're an idiot like me who locked the child lock on accidentally while walking and bumping panel. GG and Bosch both helped on the spot. Read the reviews as so many people agree - this machine is incredible! It changed my life.

    • Thank you for this. Will definitely keep it in mind.

      • You are welcome. I did not want to spend $1000 on a washing machine, but now I'm soooo glad I did - and went for the bigger one!

  • +2

    I don't think I'm a brand snob, but my research has led me to believe the Bosch German made (WAW*) is the way to go for front loaders, Kleenmaid for top loaders, and Miele for dishwashers.

    We've been without a washing machine for few weeks - using coin laundry - old Bosch Maxx Classic has started tripping the safety switch. It will do a load, then 2nd load seems to trip when washing starts I think. Seems that if I leave it a couple of weeks (to dry out??) it will do 1 load again. Just dunno whether worth throwing some $$ at it to see if it can easily be repaired??
    If a good sale came up on a new front loader that would make my mind up. Was tempted by the Aldi sale last weekend, but decided a Bosch lasting 10+ years with better features is money better spent.

    • Looking at it all , German Bosch is def the way to go.
      The price jump is considerable though.
      I will visit GG tomorrow see if I can negotiate a good deal.

      • Let us know how you go - post your receipt if you get a good deal :)

        I've asked Bosch for advice whether it's worth have a service call for old machine, and if not can they give me a discount on new. I'll let you know if they play ball.

  • Have been looking to replace our Maytag top loader with a front loader, but feeling like in the future our aging bodies won't like us having to squat/kneel/bend over to do the laundry.

    Any older ozbargainers moved from front loader to top loader for this reason?

    • +1

      I'd put a front loader on a bench before I'd get a top loader.

  • Dont forget to price match OP . I did with appliances online.

  • I'm a all-in-one-load washing person. I don't separate materials or colours.
    I bought the Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart front loader purely because it was the only washing machine I could find that would take "only" an hour for a full load of washing on the "Everyday" setting - combining mixed clothes like cotton and polyester.
    Most machines either take around 2 hours and/or they only let you fill the machine at around half capacity.

    • Our 10 year old Samsung default normal wash is ~42 minutes. Not sure, I never use it.
      I only use the 29 minute wash.

      • Is it a front load washing machine?
        Normal wash usually means only cotton or cotton blended clothes.

        • Yes, WF8750LSW front-loader.

          I was blissfully ignorant of material considerations. Our mixed loads are very…mixed.

          • @Speckled Jim: Seriously surprised that in 2020 one has to hunt for a washing machine that washes under 1 hour for a normal wash, but 10 years ago it was doable…
            Seems consumers don't care as machines usually market their quick wash option…
            Additionally what build quality for it to last 10 years!

            • @KoNpHuSeD: RE longevity, it's used about twice a week on average.

              I've seen reviews noting it sounds like a jet on spin, suggesting the bearings are gone. I'd call it a loud whine, which was like that from new.
              Note that fastest spin is only 1000 rpm.

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