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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black 120K Qantas Points + $275 Cashback after $4000 Spend ($425 Annual Fee)


Very similar to previous ANZ Black card deals, however, ANZ has upped their bonus points to 120k and $275 cash back. Meaning $150 for the black card. I know points are being devalued at the moment, but if you need to spend the money, this card seems like a good deal.

$425 annual card fee ($150 after $275 rebate).
Complimentary QFF Membership if you don't already have it.
Earn 1 Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Bonus Qantas Points $275 credit will be credited within 3 months of the eligible spend criteria being met ($4000).
Minimum credit limit $15,000.
Up to 55 days interest free.

Not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months

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  • +15

    I am waiting for free annual fee, at least for the 1st year.
    Qantas point is of not much use now.

    • -2

      They haven't done this since 2016.

      • -2


        • -1

          Unless you’re an ANZ Progress Saver account holder

          • @muncan: Tell me more? is this an advertised perk or something you need to ask for

            • @Lsocks: There was a time not so long ago where the no annual fee deal was only available to existing customers. So creating a progress saver account was one way to ensure you're an existing customer to get the deal. It's not the case currently, but I'm hanging onto my empty saver account if it becomes the case again in future.

        • … k

    • You can use them for gift cards or Qantas store purchases. The deal definitely has value.

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    This just arrived for me as the deal was posted in the comments of another deal.
    They asked for 6 months of payslips then it arrived a week later, very easy.
    You need to call you get the lounge passes applied to your qff account.

    • +1

      +1 this. Have had only great experiences with ANZ so far - surprisingly, considering the stuff I hear about them from other people.

      • +3

        I’ve been very iffy on ANZ ever since they started charging foreign a transaction fees for certain stores when paying in AUD.

        For example the Nike Australia store processes the transaction off sure so ANZ charges 3% for the privilege of going to an .au website and paying in AUD.

        Normally I wouldn’t be shocked but when it’s something so far I of my control for them to recoup $1 it’s just ridiculous. I wasted about 3 hours of their time trying to get it back!

        • +1

          Its actually not ANZ but basically all the banks started doing this, I remember there was some "explanation" behind it but really it was just another way for them to make money and the worst part was you have no idea which online store will do this and even when you ask customer support, most of the time they dont even know. They just say its processed in AUD so you should be fine and then you arent….

          • @lonewolf: Would be interested to know what the explanation is…

            I've noticed citibank have started doing it too being charged FX fees when I'm being billed in AUD?! E.g. asos

            • @justjack: It was something to do with how if its processed overseas even if its in AUD, it costs the banks more money or some crap, but really they already make so much money from foreign currency fees as well as all their other fees. Its just trying to get even more money / fees from people

    • So even tho it doesn't state the lounge passes, we can still get?

      and how do you redeem them after calling?

      • +1

        It goes straight to your Qantas FF account.

        • +1

          "Account holders may request no more than two Qantas Club Complimentary Invitations in any 12 month period by calling the ANZ Personal Concierge on 1300 580 765. "

    • I just got approved for the card as well. Ill contact them for the lounge passes thanks.
      Though I signed up for the previous deal, do you think they will honour this one?

    • 6 months of payslips

      Wtf? Don't think I've ever had to provide more than the two most recent payslips.

      • +2

        I had similar over zealousness with the Qantas Premier card i got, wanted proof of job contract, bonuses, shares etc, i did not bother at the time and avoided their calls, and eventually they just did a credit check and sent the card, not sure how i will use this dodgyness over them yet

        • Nice one.

          I recall an application earlier this year which asked for more stuff than usual (but not six months of payslips), and I just provided what I felt like providing, which was accepted without question. It was missing at least a couple of the requested items.

      • Was a first for me but easily done. Maybe they are trying to sniff out JobKeeper?

    • +1

      My experience was appalling. I have two jobs which apparently is super confusing for ANZ. They wanted 3 months of pay slips for both jobs then and an income statement from payroll for one of them. Then they wanted a tax return. Then they wanted the previous years tax return. Then they wanted bank statements for 3 quarters. This crap went on for weeks before the card was approved. I went into the bank in person to sort this out as i was sick of waiting on hold and they were more interested in lining me up for a home loan than sorting out my credit card issue… One of the main reasons i applied was because the card had no international transaction fees and i was about to go to Canada for a month. After the last request for documents i told them to cancel the application because i was sick of them wasting my time and i doubted it would arrive before i left. I was told that if i did that it would appear as a mark on my credit score as a failed application which i later found out was untrue.I received the card in Feb. Reached the min spend in Feb. I got my bonus points only a few days ago. Compare to an amex velocity platinum i applied for last year. I was approved within a week and as soon as i hit the min spend the points were in my account. A million times better service.

  • Don't forget the $55 'rewards program fee' they charge.

    Unless there's a way to get out of it. In which case, doh.

    • +5

      The $425 total annual fee comprises a $370 card fee and $55 reward fee.

      This is not a bad deal if someone is chasing Qantas Points Club membership - 120K points are worth at least $1200 anyway

      • -4

        120k points equates to $690 on the Qantas store.

        Not saying it's bad, just pointing out its not $1.2k

        • You can claim qantas points for flights. Then it’s well above $1.2k.
          Search online for qantas points value, I think the current value is 1.9cents a point.

          • +4

            @loadafreak: Points can be valued in a few different ways and the 'correct' valuation is an individual matter. Googling it likely won't be right for anyone's individual preferences.

            The simplest measure is obviously what the points could be redeemed for in cash or cash equivalents like gift vouchers. This sets the floor on their value.

            You could value them based on what a potential buyer would pay for them in a private sale. But that is a fluctuating measure and isn't relevant if you're not planning to sell them.

            You can also value them based on flight redemptions (assuming you want to fly) but again that is a variable measure, not a simplistic points to dollar cost ratio (if you were purchasing the flight outright). A flight may cost the same for different individuals to purchase, but they would each have a different valuation of it based on a number of variables.

            It can potentially be complex to work out, so people often just use a convenient rule of thumb valuation such as 0.75c, 1c, 1.5c, etc. that seems roughly appropriate to them.

            For most people considering this card, it won't be as low as 0.575c (based on gift vouchers) and I'd hazard to guess it wouldn't be as high as 1.9c either, given the current circumstances.

            • +1

              @the splingee: Excellent explanation of points valuation.

              Furthermore, not all points are born equal. Qantas and Velocity point values are usually about equal, but Flybuys and Woollies value theirs differently:

              Typically you can get a $100 Gift Card for 15,000 Qantas or Velocity points; that represents a value of .75c per point (or 150 points per $1 if you prefer to look at it the other way).

              But to get $100 Woollies cash or FlyBuys Dollars, it will cost you 20,000 of their points.

              So not the best value.

              And to make it worse, BEWARE THE POINTS TRANSFER! … e.g. Transferring Flybuys points to Velocity; or transferring Woollies points to Qantas; this will devalue your points dramatically by about half.

              As the great Einstein once said: "That's relativity folks!"

              • @papapanda: Interesting - where can you get $100 gift cards for ~15,000 Qantas points, thought it was more $100 to ~20,000 points?

                • @Gazpacho: Quite right, I'm not sure when it happened, you USED to be able to get $100 GC for 15,000 points, but Qantas have devalued their points and it now costs around 17,000 - 20,000 Qantas points for a $100 GC, depending on what type of Gift Card.

                  And I think Velocity have devalued theirs too, but can't confirm this as they have shut down the Velocity store due to COVID-19 at the moment.

                  Flybuys and Woollies still costs 20,000 points for $100 in store credit.

          • +2

            @loadafreak: Find that very hard to believe considering their private resale value was about 1.1c this time last year when you could actually fly places

            • @ripoffmerchant: Google can find a range of valuations (most or all pre-COVID, don't know if anyone has bothered since), even as high as 5.89 cents per point, but again there is no 'correct' valuation other than what is correct for your own circumstances. There is no point (I see what I did there) debating a specific valuation.

              While most people probably won't, I have no doubt there are some who still value points at 2+ cents each. High status (platinum or chairman's lounge), expecting international travel to resume within 12 months, and keen to do so (perhaps with a large family). Or with different circumstances.

              Either way, to each their own.

            • @ripoffmerchant: Can you please share how to buy privately?

        • +2

          Always been bad value in the store, but the 312k in business class around the world is great value

      • Doh (again). I was thinking of the second lot of $55 for the additional card I got.

        And to the rest of the people in the thread: I'm stockpiling points, too. I'm got about 2 months left on my 12 month exclusion period. Hopefully ANZ doesn't reduce the offer back to the worse offer it had for a month prior to this.

        • The additional cardholder fee of $55 was not clear in the application process. I was successful in getting it refunded (I didn't really need an additional card)

          • @Mightydealzyeh: Yeah i almost fell for that trap in the app process - I had to go back and read the fees before declining the offer in the process.

  • What is the minimum income for this card?

    • +1

      Pretty sure minimum is $75K/year for this type of card (min $15K spending card).

    • -2

      There isn’t a minimum income, just a minimum credit limit of $15,000. I have an income of 45k and got automatically instantly approved for $27,000 with ANZ earlier this year so you never really know I guess.

      • +9

        That seems unlikely unless you're "technically" earning $45k due to some streetwise accounting treatment or are omitting rental / investment income from that figure.

        ANZ would probably be in breach of responsible lending legislation if they gave a $27k credit limit to someone genuinely on $45k gross income.

        • +1

          While it may not seem likely.
          But it’s true that they don’t have a minimum income requirements now. They have moved to another algorithm. Well that’s what the representative told me over the phone.

          That’s why you don’t see the minimum income requirement on the website now. If I recall seeing that it was $75k p.a. For the black.

        • Literally only income was 40k from salary and 5k from family members 🤷‍♂️. Also only 20 years old with no expenses so maybe that’s why.

      • +1

        yikes thats bad, i had this card over a year ago and it was MIN of 75K income when applying

  • -2


  • I was declined on the previous deal.

  • They removed the airport lounge passes :(

    • +1

      No they haven’t did you read the whole content.

  • +10

    points are not being devalued, they just have very little use at the moment.

  • +1

    Pretty decent deal.. Or is there better deals to come??

    • One would think there are better deals to come. Surely in the current climate they will really need to entice people into rewards cards, given the amount of people out of jobs, on reduced incomes, and the lack of use cases for FF points.

  • +1

    Man $4000 is a lot to reach for me. Would be easier if I was working in the city and spending stuff on food.

    • With COVID-19 I hardly go out to eat at the moment. Been saving heaps, $4000 over three months would be ~$1333.33333333333333333333333333333333 average per month. I'm not even spending half of that right now.

      I think I'll personally wait for when I have a lot of upcoming expenses that can be paid with credit before taking up on an offer like this again.

  • +1

    With flights out of the way for the time being, what are people using points for these days? Gift cards were never the most economical. Are there local (ie Australian) hotel chain conversions or bookings people are doing instead?

    • +2

      @arafornelessar - I feel that Covid is here for a few more years. So I’m stockpiling points. Traditionally gift cards aren’t the best value. Your own situation and circumstances could be different to mine.

    • I’m using it for flights to Japan when a travel bubble will be set out for next year.

      • +2

        eh? no definitive date of a travel bubble being set for anywhere in the word at all for australian-based travellers.

        • Uhm I did say next year

          • +1

            @nightelves: Most expert opinions are that a vaccine is at least 18 months away.

            I don't think you'll be flying to Japan, certainly not under any sort of official "travel bubble" sanctioned next year.

          • @nightelves: yep, i know. like I said there is no definitive date. You said "a travel bubble will be set out for next year". There is no travel bubble set for anytime at all, at present.

            • @cam501: While there is no definitive date for a Japan travel bubble one can still make a speculative booking given Qantas has allowed free cancellation of awards booking till the end of October.

      • Japan may have its second wave of COVID.

    • I burned mine on iphone 11 pro, better than parting with $2k, when we can travel again i will have those points back again

    • waiting for flights to come back

  • When do you get your Cashback and Qantas points? I have met the spending requirements but have not received the CB/points. I have had the card for almost 2 months now.

    • +1

      @ohTeri - For a lot of banks it’s generally 1 - 2 statements after you meet the criteria. If you met it on the first billing cycle, it’s usually then on the third statement.

      • Thanks:)

      • I've received the bonus points in the 2nd statement - that after meet the spending requirements.

    • I've had 2 of these cards now. They look at it after the eligibility period, not as soon as you meet the criteria.

  • +1

    Seeing people approved easily must mean their desperate.

    Years ago, I got the Travel Flyer card, minimum income 45k and I earn more and it was a royal pain!
    I had to go in the bank, and even then they complained.

    Worse bank I've ever dealt with, but this deal looks good if you hit minimum spend

    All points are worthless ATM, and by the time flights are up it'll be impossible to get a seat I assume

    What to do hey.

  • Good card.
    Got it last Dec and cancelled in March, so need to wait awhile before getting it again ;(

  • New to this, how long do the points and the qantas lounge passes last for? churp

    • +1

      Points will last as long as you're consistently earning some points throughout the year. Lounge passes will last 12 months.

      • thank u mate

  • Does this card earn points with ATO payment?

  • Just applied, hopefully it gets approved! Does anyone have tips to reach the $4,000 eligible spend criteria?

    Do woolies e-gift card from cashrewards/shopback contribute to spend?
    Do utilities bills such as electrical/water/internet/phone/Council bills contribute to spend?


    • +1

      Yes bill contribute to spend as well

  • Where can you fly?

  • +1

    Depends on award availability for your frequent flyer status level. Our last RTW went Hong Kong, Ireland, Portugal, London, Texas, Utah, San Francisco and Japan. Business class cost is now 318k points and about $1.5k in tax & charges. Had to pay for two of the shorter flights.

    • Just wanted to ask with the one world awards booking are you able to back track and is it hard to book?

      • The Oneworld Classic Flight Reward is not actually a round-the-world ticket, though it can obviously be used for that purpose. Backtracking is possible as there is no requirement to travel in a single direction.

        Based on other people's experiences, it can be an absolute mofo to book. It's rarely (if ever) possible to book online and can frequently involve a lot of time on the phone over multiple calls.

        It can be very worthwhile for the points and $ cost, in normal circumstances. Much less so in the near future (once travel is permitted again) with reduced destinations, reduced schedules, reduced aircraft types, reduced service in premium cabins, etc.

    • so you paid to go to HK and then started the RTW trip from there?

      • +1

        By starting offshore i could split award into two trips:
        . Hong Kong to Sydney (RTW) and later
        . Sydney to Japan return.
        Used more ponts to get to HK to start.

  • Can I upgrade my existing low rate credit card through ANZ online banking and get this offer?

  • +1

    Thanks OP - good deal. Just became eligible again start of this month so good timing. Applied.

  • Thanks OP. I got ANZ Platinum Visa Bonus 60K Qantas Points from last deal but not activation yet. I am not sure whether I can be eligible to upgrade this one, which is better deal for me?

  • +1

    Newbie here. Do ppl get the points then cancel the card before the next annual fee?

    • +1

      Your choice, depends if you see value in the card to continue using it or not. That’s what churners do. Personally at $425 annual fee I couldn’t justify keeping the card.. but $150 for 120k points + 2 lounge passes is a good sign up deal.
      Whatever you choose, don’t cancel the card before you make the eligible spend and receive the points.
      Welcome to the world of cheap holidays.

      • +1

        So is this how ozb reach 1 million points quickly?

      • I've got the points but still keeping it until next CC deal coming out. Since I'm already paid the fee, may as well hold on to it for awhile. It's still gives good earning rate 1point/$1).

        But definitely cancel to avoid annual fee.

    • I cancelled it after 3 months.
      Can then re-apply 12mths from cancellation date.

    • if you have a card that accumulates QFF, i think like @bohn to cancel it after ensure points have received will be likely to get back into the game more quickly.

      Besides, for ANZ card to get the lounge access, you do not need to possess the card to access it. Unlike other similar benefit cards.

    • I know you can cancel the card after you got the bonus points but for me I will hold onto it until just when the second annual fee is around the corner. I know you can get back into the game with that bank quicker but there are a variety of deals that will pop up from different providers anyway.

  • I wish I could jump on this. :(

    Sadly I must wait another 6 months to become eligible again.

  • Looked at the Qantas website and you'll need about 50,000 pts in economy for return flights to Tokyo. Does that sounds similar to what's required pre pandemic?

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