This was posted 1 year 10 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bosch Wet & Dry 15L Vacuum Cleaner - $99.99 Delivered @ Amazon


Normally $150. Down to $99.99

Reviews looks good, suction is strong.

Probably price-matching Supercheap as it's the same price there

This though, is delivered for free and can also get 6% cashback through Cash Rewards for another $6 back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Supercheapauto has it too for that price, like you mention. It's got a lot of good reviews, thought they are probably just scraped from a fake review farm

    • I have one, had to visit three Super Cheap stores to find one that wasn't ex-display. Paired with one of SCA's Toolpro car vacuum accessory kits it works pretty well for keeping the car and garage clean. Very noisy though, you wouldn't want to use it indoors without ear protection!

  • By the sounds of things a good vacuum, the cleaning of the storage area will be a pain though.

  • Any one know if the ozito bags from Bunnings would fit this also?

  • Hi ..can it be used as car vaccum?

    • One of the reviews mentions it doesn't come with a soft brush suitable for cars, but shouldn't be too difficult to pick up one off eBay etc.

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      I appreciate that, but checking my nearest 9 stores, only one has it in stock so opted for Amazon as the main seller.

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    Thoughts on the Bosch vs a Ryobi one from Bunnings? Same price but 5L bigger and 250W more power.

    • also curious about this - was about to buy the ryobi one tomorrow until this post came up!

    • Well if you have other Bosch products apparently it can clip directly to a variety of other products like sanders etc. otherwise for same price and better power, Ryobi?

      • Cool, that's what I was thinking. I've got mostly other Ryobi gear so I might stick with that!

        Ty :)

        • I’m going to guess the clippy thing prob works with ryobi range of tools too.

    • Also curious..

    • Well they in different league in terms of quality by just going by brand name & reputation. Can't really comment on Bosch but I have had 2 Ryobi ones they both didn't last as long.

    • I've got nothing to compare it to but for the price I've been happy with the Ryobi one.

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      Hard to find specs for the Ryobi.

      Hunted down the manual only to surprisingly find Ryobi states a suction power of 17kPa.

      This converts to 170 mbar.

      For reference the Bosch has a suction power of 240 mbar.

      Interestingly, Ryobi Africa lists a 1250W wet and dry vac with a max suction of 150 mbar and max airflow of 1.8 m^3/min.

      The Bosch has a max airflow of 3.9m^3/min.

      Based on that I purchased the Bosch

      • They hide pertinent information like this for that reason. If it were bigger or better than the Bosch it would plastered all over the box.

        Instead they have other marketing spiel. Deceptive.

    • According to Ryobi website (, this tool get 4 years replacement warranty?? At this price and this kind of warranty, you just cant' go wrong.

  • I'm thinking about getting this for my garage and dusty workshop. I've already got a Dyson stick that I use for the house. Love it because it's cordless, but I don't think it's recommended for concrete floors?

    • No matter how good a Dyson is, a wet/dry vacuum is going to have better performance at a fraction of the cost

      • Sure. But my concern with the Dyson is more with damaging the head and rollers on the concrete than sucking power, the convenience of cordless makes up for that (at least for my use case).

      • Why is this?

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          Because a Dyson stick vac is made to be light enough to use easily one handed, compact, quiet(ish), cordless etc…

          Wet and dry vacs are big lumbering screaming things. They make big suck.

    • I use a crappy old Kmart bag vac with simple DIY cyclone bucket for my garage. Not "wasting" the expensive Dyson stuff like having to clean it as regularly and just general wear and tear on a workshop like with saw dust and stuff.

      • Yeah, that's pretty much my line of thinking.

  • Does anyone know if the ryobi one comes with different connections for like cars and furniture?

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    Would this work well as a uphostery cleaner for couches and rugs?

    Was looking at the Bissel spot cleaner but concern of the lack of auction there. Cna anyone who has used it for cleaning soft furniture comment?

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    Who does wet vacuuming ? Like what can be wet vacuumed ?

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      I'm a tiler. I use them to clean out fallen debris in the water filled floor wastes in showers/bathrooms.

      Also for sucking the water out of grout joints before grouting if it has rained on an external tile job.

      Also good for spills as well.

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      I've used mine to empty a fish tank before moving it. Siphoned most of the water out with a garden hose but the vac made it much easier to get out the last few litres.

  • Good deal can it be used without paper filters?

    • If it's anything like similar models I've used, then yes.

  • Also, how does wet vacuuming work with a paper bag?

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      The bag is optional. You're supposed to use it without the bag when wet vacuuming.

  • This one does not have a power outlet, you may not need a power outlet, just saying.

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    I have a Ryobi 20l bought 7 yrs ago at Bunnings.
    Has been used to clean
    - cars
    - car carpets/interiors after using extractor during detailing sessions. To speed up dry time
    - garage floor walls
    - metal shavings
    - engine bays
    - rugs after a powerwash/carpet cleaning
    - drain dishwasher after a pump failed
    - during and after interior painting to clean debris and spilled paint.
    - AC ducts and filters.

    Have a 2nd HEPA filter so I always have a clean and dry filter.
    Has not let me down and I have not been kind to it.

    Wouldn't have any issues recommending it.

    • Did you buy additional cleaning heads for it?

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        Bought the toolpro accessory pack on 50% sale long time ago
        Mainly for the cars. But the power head sees a lot of use on the lounges with the indoor bagless due to us having pets.
        Have an assortment of soft tipped nozzles and brushes acquired over the years.
        Have also used the wide bridges "powerhead" from our indoor Vax for deep clean of rugs outside , has more than enough suction to move it and not get stuck.

        • Awesome, I might pull the trigger in the ryobi with this pack, thanks!

        • Thanks Grpyhn, will wait til that pack goes half price again! at the moment there is similar packs on aliexpress for about half price, but prefer to buy locally.

  • Anyone know which workshop Vac is good for plaster dust? I have tried several different ones and they all clogged up pretty quickly and became useless unless you clean the filter thoroughly. I know there are professional plaster dust Vacs but let’s not go there as they are few thousand dollars each.

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