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Molten GMX, GNX, D4000 Basketballs $45 Delivered @ Molten Australia


$45 Basketball Clearance Sale

Free standard postage Australia wide.

GMX Series Basketballs (Size 7, 6) - $45 (RRP - $89.95)

GNX Series Basketballs (Size 6) - $45 (RRP - $79.95)

D4000 Series Basketballs (Size 6) - $45 (RRP - $89.95)

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Molten Australia

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    Would love a size 7 outdoor basketball, but alas the only size 7 is indoor leather :(


      same here looking for an outdoor size 7 ball :(

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        Imo there is nothing such as "indoor leather"

        Only if you have the funds to use an expensive "indoor" ball outside

        If you play you should have come across someone using the legendary Spalding tf500. That is an "indoor leather" ball

        What happens when you use it outside is that it changes colour because the outside coat gets rough, but more importantly as long as the texture stays good, it's fine.

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          When i said indoor leather i was simply referring to the "Composite Leather Surface provides a soft and tacky feel."

          But thanks for the relatively useless information


            @beade: Lol
            I'm telling you there is nothing such as indoor leather when you refer to it and I'm providing "useless information"?

            There is nothing stopping you from using an indoor ball outside except for money.

            The indoor balls are expensive so you don't want to cut them up outside.

            However if you are a serious outdoor player, all of them use "indoor" expensive balls

            Then I tell u the information about how an "indoor ball" such as the tf500 may change to a weird colour outside but the texture of the ball is still great but again to you that's "useless information"


        the nike true grip one is good..


    have the GM7 from a previous deal, great ball for this price.

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    The GMX7 is $35 at Rebel on clearance with limited stock -


      No stock in Melbourne


    Who actually plays with a size 6 ball?


      Depends on the local regulations but normally Males U12-U16, Females U12-Senior


      Yep we play with size 6 every week in our senior women's comp

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      All women's basketball is played with a size 6 apart from younger ages. Some junior boys basketball uses a size 6 too.


      many mixed comps are size 6


      fiba 3x3 uses size 6 (size 7 weight)


      It's the Worldwide standard size for Womens Basketball - including WNBA, FIBA and Olympics.

      Plus many boys juniors associations ie under 15 age groups use the Size 6 - including Australia's largest junior competitions - ie EDJBA which has well over 1300 teams and 10,000 + players in Melbourne. , and Hills basketball in NSW

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    I bought this from a previous deal.
    Every time I use it,
    Without fail,
    Someone says to me:
    "Bright ball!"


      I only got it the first time I used it (from my brother).


    If you're semi serious about balling, I would stay away from GM7 as it is an undersized ball that is not true to regulation size 7 dimensions.

    All other models are great, we own them all and they perform well. GM6 will last many seasons if used only indoors, GNx wear down quickly cosmetically but hold up structurally outdoors. D4000 is a little too hard/firm and would pick the GN instead.


      They don't have GM6 for sale.