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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 40000mAh Power Bank $49.99, 30000mAh $35.69, 20000mAh $28.04 + More @ Romoss-AU eBay


Back again with another power bank deal and this time it's on 4 fast charging power banks shipping from Romoss AU's eBay store.

Important:"You must access the individual listings from the promotion pages linked below for the discount to be applied automatically at checkout. The discounted price will only show in the cart and at checkout.

All 4 power banks feature multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging they have USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC (excl. some S9/S10), QC2.0, MTK PE and Apple 2.4A, as well as pass-through charging.

Please see each individual listing to see the differences (fast charging, display, dimensions, capacity etc) between them.


Are the 30000mAh and 40000mAh power banks allowed to be taken on planes since they're over 100Wh?

Yes with airline permission as they're both under 160Wh:

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  • Discount doesn't seem to come up for me after I add to the cart?

    • Try the links again please. The 40000mAh should take $10 off and the rest 15% off.

      In the shopping cart you should see a green tick in a circle underneath saying Offer applied.

      • The links don't direct to the individual items…I wanted the 20000mAh, but the link goes to the 40000mAh…

        • Ok, seems to be working now…

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    Would 40000mah be considered a bomb at this point.
    45W output would be great for 40000mah

  • +1

    Can't find the 40000mah

    • Should be good now.

      • +1

        See it now but why is it more expensive per mAh than the 30000mAh?

        30000mAh - $1.19/1000mAh
        40000mAh - $1.25/1000mAh

        Should be the other way round shouldn't it

        • According to Romoss it's a newer model.

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    if they can give $5 more discount on 40000mah, i will make it.

  • Any love for ROMOSS SW20 or + 18W 20000mAh?

    • The LT20 Pro in this deal is an 18W 20000mAh. The SW20 will be in another Amazon deal.

      • Thanks for responding. What is difference between the two please?

  • Thanks grabbed a 40k so now I have
    2 x30k
    1x 26800k
    4x 10k

    • why so many?? please say that you charge them all at work them bring them home for free power :-)

    • +2

      Since we're comparing sizes, I (will) have:

      1 x 40,000
      4 x 26,800

      So, you're at 186,800 total and I'm at 147,200 which puts you ahead


      when looking at averages yours is 20,756 and mine is 29,440.

      I guess the upshot is…I have a bigger average pack. I know, a bigger THAN average pack would be more impressive.

  • Hey OP, 20000mah is coming as $32.99. How do i get thr price u saying $28.04?

    • You must add it to your cart for the discount to show.

      • It worked , got it. Thanks

      • I did add to the cart and no sign of the discount.
        Something is not quite right.
        Please see my note to eBay seller.

        • +2

          It does not work in the ebay app. It worked for me on chrome browser in mobile.

      • Hey OP, just realised bigger is cheaper. Can u cancel my order 12-05425-77787, so i can order 40000mah. Thanks

        • You'll have to contact the store. My only affiliation is to post the deals.

          • @Clear: I did contact the store last night.
            No response.

            • @Party_Pete: As I've mentioned below if you're struggling to get the discount just make an offer on the listing with the discounted price and they'll accept the offer.

  • Literally just checked Ozbargain for this exact type of deal. Winning! now what size, decisions decisions??
    Thanks OP

  • I can't seem to get the discount applied even when i go to checkout. i have tried adding to car from the links provided and also adding to cart when clicking on "see item description". Trying through PC based chrome browser. am i doing something wrong?

    edit: I was only able to get the discount by checking out as a guest…

  • If you're having trouble getting the correct price try making an offer on the listing and Romoss will accept.

  • Is there any benefit to the 10,000mAh over the Xiaomi 2s other than the type c charging?

  • @Clear Do you know when this promo ended?
    I want to get 40000mAh, but waiting for a chance of extra cashback from either Cashrewards or Shopback…

  • Bought one thanks

  • +1

    Is anyone experiencing this strange problem with 40+mAh powerbank. Mine works fine until its 60% then discharges rapid fast to 0%. Same is the case when chathing the powerbank back.it recharges fast like 20% in 10 minutes until its 60% then the normal charging rate.

    • I just got mine, and it drops from 30% to 0%
      And likewise, in 30mins it charged to 60% then normal charging rate

      Defective product :(

      I bought using a guest account, and I'm basically screwed because I can't contact them for an exchange or refund :(