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Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $599 Delivered for Gearbite Members ($619 Otherwise) @ Gearbite


Greetings everyone, Our Gearbite store offer best price ever for popular monitor.
Update 6/8/2020, all orders were dispatched. Limit stock available now.

Update 30/7/2020, all orders were dispatched. All order after will ship next week.

Current stock was out.If you order after 10am 21/7/2020, we will ship out next week.

We also have Gearbite Member Exclusive Deal price for $599 for this wonderful game monitor. Please follow below instruction.

1.Please join our facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive' at Here

2.Follow easy instruction there to get $599 price.

Come with 2 years Warranty.


  • 21:9 wide panoramic view. The 21:9 format of the game interface is 30% wider than the average 16:9
    screen player's field of view, especially in RTS and FPS games, the field of vision is extremely wide.

  • Ultra clear image with clear details. 3440×1440 ultra-clear resolution, every corner of the scene can
    be realistic and delicate, and the game world is spectacular and exquisite.

  • High brightness, high contrast, and vivid picture quality. The display brightness is up to 300 nits,
    with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, the game screen is from bright white to deep black, clear and
    beautiful, vivid and vivid.

  • 1500R large curvature surrounded visual field, gives you an immersive experience. The 1500R's
    extremely large curvature design, the line of sight is surrounded by the screen, showing a
    panoramic view of the overall immersion; the curved screen has a smaller visual tilt angle, and
    the eyes are almost equidistant, reducing visual distortion, fully restore the true Horizons of each corner.

  • 144Hz high refresh rate, fast responses, every action is faster. 144Hz high refresh rate, 4ms response
    time, effectively reduce game picture stagnation and smear. Shooting games that require quick
    response are more likely to lock the target and hit the enemy with precisions.

  • AMD Free-Sync, the picture is smooth, not stuck, not tearing. AMD Free-Sync technology can
    consistently match the screen display at high frame rate input, reducing problems such as stucking
    or tearing during game play, improving visual fluency and greatly enhancing player competitiveness.

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As Alway, Enjoy and stay safe.

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  • IPS panel?

    • +1

      VA panel.

  • +4

    Is text blurry on this monitor like other VA monitors? This is what concerns me…

  • do afterpay or other pay later enjoy first?

  • +1

    What is your dead/stuck pixel policy?

    • +2

      Will replace if have dead pixel.

  • Is pick up available?

    • Was told pickup not available due to covid. Express post is $15

      • Express $15 delivery on something this large? That's a good deal in itself.

  • +2

    If I need to send this back for warranty, where do I need to send it and who covers the cost?

  • Ordered express. Here's hoping it comes within the week!

  • Thanks! Bought one this time, miss twice of deals from previous posts!

  • +1

    Can this be mounted?

    • +8

      Depends on what style you're comfortable with… Doggy or…?

  • +2

    Allphone better hurry on the shipment 😊

  • How long does standard shipping take??

    • What are you locate.

      • Metro South Australia

        • Around 3- 5 business day.

  • +1

    For under 600 and being able to connect two inputs won me over instead of two monitors

  • Any ultrawide but not curved?

  • got mine. Thanks OP

  • Does anyone know how easy it is to return a monitor that I have been used for a couple of weeks to Amazon?

    Seriously considering this one if I can have it returned…

    • Had no issues to returning to Amazon via storage king. Forgot which company they used but you basically but there's local stores you can lodge them without going to the post office.

      • Thanks. So basically return it shouldn't bean issue as long as you have all accessories back in the box?

    • Amazon rules say: item must be sealed!

    • Not sure if you've posted back yet, but Amazon have notoriously been pretty lax with return (to the consumers advantage).

      • Good to know - from a customer's perspective.

        I just sent it this morning… will see what happens. Hopefully turns out to be a result I wish for.

        • I returned an AVR amp, they refunded me as soon as i lodged it at the post office. Good luck

  • +3

    With this shipping now, Im wondering if its easy to cancel with my mobileciti order and order this now.

  • Me too 😊

  • ordered one, cheers!

  • So do you bring fish with the monitor, or do I have to leave it in water?

  • I've been looking for a new gaming monitor, and have been looking at all 1440p 125hz/144hz monitors.
    I have a 1080 Gfx card, but plan to upgrade to a 2080 or 2080ti at some point soon.

    I mostly play FPS games with low light, like Hunt Showdown, GTFO, and I have always had an issue with seeing things in the darker areas.
    Currently playing on a 27" Dell Ultrasharp @ 1440p/60hz, and seem to get a bit of tearing during high movement action in these darker areas.

    Would this be a good upgrade, or are there better value monitors? Is it definitely worth getting a high refresh monitor with G-Sync?

    • With this monitor darkness might be a bit of an issue as it is VA (you'll have better contrast but you might get ghosting). If you plan to play FPS with twitchy movement in dark scenes IPS might be better gameplay wise.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        Are there any IPS monitors around this price point that you would recommend?

        • I would recommend you have a look at the LG UltraGear 34GL750-B as it's 34" 144Hz IPS. Seems like a really good monitor. I'm in the same boat, looking for a new gaming monitor and it seems the general consensus is VA panels are bad for FPS's.

          That might change in a few months/years though after samsung released their odyssey monitors which use VA panels. People seems to say they're good for gaming.

    • I personally was juggling between Xiaomi VA and the IPS linked here


      IPS 144hz 1440p UWQHD

      but either one has good recommendations, only difference is if you get affected by darkness (I don't)

  • +1

    Would this be good for ps5 and new Xbox?

    • +1

      No the aspect ratio would leave black bars on the side, great for PC but black bars on the sides for consoles.

      • +3

        phew thanks man - just trying to find something for gaming since the 48 inch LG CX isnt coming to AUS :(

        • Same man. I might just have to settle for the 55inch

        • Sony one might still come if we're lucky

  • +1

    Hi rep, would you be able to tell us how much stock you have left? I have requested to cancel my order with Allphones as it seems you guys have better customer service/warranty from the comments.

    • Just wondering how you were able to judge customer service and warranty?

      • Gearbite has a reputation on ozbargain. I've only had great experiences with them.

        • Ah I see, did not know that. Is it better than allphones/mobileciti? I only ask because Allphones/mobileciti seem to be much larger and older.

          Thanks :)

          • @Daemos: Yeah can only go off the comments, I haven't had experience with either. As of posting this I'm waiting for the rep of Allphones to comment if they will match the warranty of Gearbite (0 dead pixels over 2 years, paid return postage by seller).

          • @Daemos: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/mobileciti

            If you ordered already I'd just stick with Allphones/mobileciti. Gearbite is offering free returns though… Not sure about mobileciti. But then again if you pay with PayPal you get free returns anyway.

  • Just missed the last deal so was stoked to see this, have bought, cheers gearbite

  • Does it work with G sync?

    • Interested to know this too as some Free Sync monitors are also G Sync compatible?

    • No one knows, people buy this without a decent review…crazy!

    • looks like it does by my searching internet comment reviews.

  • Jumped on this because its beautiful and I need to upgrade off my old Imac desktop.

    Now to find a good PC deal that isn't techfast that can make good use of this :)

  • Great Price, look forward to seeing how well it performs

  • Thank you OP ordered

  • Does this have height adjustment? It doesn't say in the description.

    • Yes, you can adjust height.

  • Is this the same monitor as the one @spaceback posted last week for Mobicity?

    • Yes it is.

  • Current stock was out.If you order after 10am 21/7/2020, we will ship out next week.
    For people that ordered befored 10am when do you expect to ship, and are these units from Au distributor or grey imports?
    For people that order after 10am will those units be from Au distributor or grey imports?

  • How come it says $799 for me?

    • +1

      You can apple coupon code CURVED to get $619.

      We also have Gearbite Member Exclusive Deal price for $599 for this wonderful game monitor. Please follow below instruction.

      1.Please join our facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive' at Here

      2.Follow easy instruction there to get $599 price.

      • Hi OP,

        I don't have facebook. Is there another way I can become a Member and get the Member Exclusive price?


      • hi OP, i have sent request to join the group, could you help approve ? Daniel Wu

  • From Allphones:

    "Thank you for your email.

    Unfortunately we are unable to match that price as they are selling different stock from us.

    The other sellers are selling with Overseas grey import stock which it doesn't come with the local manufacturer warranty.The ones we are selling are genuine Australian stock with GST tax invoice and comes with local manufacturer warranty.

    Australian stocks are fully compliant to Australian standards. For any manufacturer issue, you can simply return it to your nearest Mi-store/service center within Australia or return back to us for warranty services with proof of purchase.

    We strongly recommend you to purchase genuine Australian stock as they are the best value/price for Australian stock.However if you wish not to proceed with the order.

    We can cancel and refund your current order.Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    • Wait a sec isnt this one the exact same "Australian stock" since its being shipped from Melbourne with local warranty? Genuinely curious as I have an order with Allphones as well.

    • +1

      Yeah I got that email too.
      I’m curious about this gearbite one as they’ve not explicitly stated it is actually genuine AU stock yet :/

      • Yep I'll wait for stock confirmation before cancelling and ordering from here. What difference does it make when it comes to Australian or Overseas stock anyway, since they both come from China?

        • I think genuine AU stock from a big Australian company is safer than Grey import with the promise of the same length warranty from a smaller company. That’s my view.
          But please make up your own mind.

          Unless of course these are not grey import and are AU stock, that changes things.

          • +2

            @imnotarobot: I just wish Allphones would match the Warranty claims of Gearbite. Not promising that theyre asking us to return to a official Mi store when there isnt a service center or physical store here.

            • @ohhidayo: I get what you’re saying. I think I’d be more comfortable with a larger retailer though. So I might stick with allphones for now.
              Hopefully all the monitors are fine and have no issues.

      • The fact they haven't - when they've answered other questions - tells you all you need to know.

      • Looking at the list of official resellers and gearbite isnt on the list but mobileciti is.


        • Is Allphones part of MobileCiti?

          • @ohhidayo: yep, MobileCiti bought Allphones back in 2017

            • @RodS: Oh sweet as, the fact that theyre in parramatta is pretty good.

    • +3

      "We strongly recommend you to purchase genuine Australian stock as they are the best value/price for Australian stock."

      Well with water tight logic like that, how could any one argue anything else?

    • +3

      I think the difference is the one sold by Allphones are recognised by Xiaomi Australia but this one is not, so if you need to do a warranty claim, you have to go directly to Gearbite. However, from the details given by OP and the same warranty timeframe, there is no reason to pay more for "Au Stock" imo

      • +3

        You should go through the store you purchased it anyway

    • +4

      Thanks for your share. We suppose unnecessarily to response from other sellers because what we are looking for are providing our customers with great products with great value. However, some people keep confusing our customers with unethical claims. Thus, we would like to clarify here:

      Gearbite has been offering many deals at ozbargain for years. Gearbite was traded under the Company Lengos Trading Pty Ltd since 2012. Our ABN: 82 160 909 053, which is very easily found online. You are welcomed to check online and please feel free to ask for the TAX Invoices. We reserve right to our legal team if someone keeps to slander Gearbite with unethical rumors.

      Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at lowest possible price. This business belief has never changed since our company had been set up and we will keep doing it in the future.

      To assure you have a pleasant and worry-free shopping experience with us, Gearbite offers 30 days money back guarantee, fast and free delivery, prompt response on requests, and industry best after-sale warranty.

      For this monitor, we offer 2 years 0 deal pixel local warranty. Our Gearbite Member Exclusive Program will offer a better warranty service for our customer and will announce at Here

      Furthermore, Gearbite Member Exclusive Program will have price match for our members.

      We are dedicating to delivering best deals for our customers in the future. Thank you very much for all our customers with your support and understand. We will try our best to do even better for proving you every pleasant shopping experience!

      Some reference for our hard work. Here

      • Is it grey import stock though?

        • +2

          I'd say yes. They are not specifically saying yes or no.
          In any case, it's the same thing, and they cover it with their own warranty so I don't see any real tangible difference. As long as their warranty procedure is good (people seem to rate them well)