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Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker $249.95 Delivered @ Bose


Looks like the offer is back. Earlier-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/538781

Nice price for this unique item.

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    Looks dumb again

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    I have had this for several weeks having got this deal last time around. I LOVE it and use it daily. I use it to listen to music or audiobooks while I walk the dog. I can hear all the ambient noise of cars etc to be careful and I don't bother anyone. Don't wear it in shops etc because it would annoy others - just when I'm out walking, or around the house.

    Also a very specific workplace use that might apply to a small minority: I am a school teacher and use it to record audio for my teaching videos on my Windows computer in Microsoft Teams when I am doing a live lesson but some students are away. It is ideal for recording video on a computer while walking around or making a video in OneNote - the microphone is great, and if a remote learner is participating, the students in the class can actually hear them talk if they ask a question. For me it's much better than a bluetooth earbud, which interferes with my ability to hear students in the room. Although most people won't care about this use case - just in case there are any other teachers out there who record their lessons, this thing is fantastic.

    So, if you have the use case to justify it, go for it - sound is great.

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      Agree its a good but niche product.
      Some additional points:
      - great for things like listening to podcasts whilst doing housework, cooking dinner. Its particularly good because the sound follows you around (like headphones) without disconnecting you from your surrounding environment. Particularly good if you have kids you need to keep an ear out for.
      - can hear them like a normal bluetooth speaker. Comes in handy, for example, if you're halfway through a podcast and want to jump in the shower (not waterproof though). But not really good/loud enough to share music at a gathering.
      - the sound it good but not great. I put on headphones if I want to specifically sit down and listen to music.
      - it connects to two devices simultaneously (e.g. phone and tv). Good for footy when the missus wants some quiet.
      - phone calls are good. I hate talking through headphones (feels like you are talking to someone underwater). This is more natural. Better than a car handsfree because no feedback that I can tell.

      At $250, its a good buy for people with specific needs.

    • good work teacher

  • Hmmm.. Tempting.. Impulse buy

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      Not for a music goer.
      Also bought for a half price and
      It is the only audio product that has ever returned from my end.
      But the decision is yours..

      Feedback from below products user:
      BOSE Home Speaker 300
      Soundlink Revolve Plus
      Soundlink Mini
      JBL Flip 3 x 2
      Sony WH1000XM3
      Samsung Galaxy Buds

    • So.. I bought one.. But it arrived today DOA.

      It doesn't turn on, doesn't charge. Anyone else have issues?

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    Bought it during the last deal. Absolutely love it. Super useful while working from home. Can attend meetings and not have a headache because of my older earplugs. Definitely worth 250.

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      How are they for calls?

      It's an interesting proposition for working from home and using for calls. My main concerns would be looking like an idiot on calls and the mic not being as good as my headset.

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        Mic is not bad, not good. Never had anyone complain they could not hear me. My partner sits about 6-7 feet away from me, at around 30% volume, she doesn’t hear people speaking to me but I hear them well.

        And working from home in winter, I generally tuck it under my hoodie. Tend it to forget it’s even on after a while!

        • Doesn't the mic have issues if it's under your hoddie?

          I might try and out and see.

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            @C0mbat: The mic is all the way at the pointy end on both sides. It sticks out from the hoodie in my case.

            I initially expected the mic to pick up noise from the moving cloth every time I turn, but hasn’t been the case.

            If you are in meetings a lot, this is life saver! I’m generally on calls 2-3 hours a day and was getting drained out before I got this. Ears don’t fatigue as much with this on.

  • Not being able to use for tv is a dealbreaker. Hopefully for their next model they add aptx low latency. The JBL soundgear has it, but is too close in price to the Bose to make it a clear winner.

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    Thanks OP,. all these good reviews made me impulse buy this D:

  • Finally bought one, hopefully it doesn't just collect dust

  • Been reading soem reviews.. If u care about sound don't waste ur money…

    Edit : review link https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/bose/soundwear-com...

  • waiting for the sony xm4 to launch. I think it will be at the end of this month

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    I think this works perfectly with social distancing in place. If people say they can hear your playlist, just tell them that they're too close.

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    Good way to blow my last Jobseeker pay before I have to go back to bumming smokes off Darren at the station

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    Thanks OP, just bought one.
    Thought I'd try one with the 90-day RISK-FREE TRIAL

    I speculate I'll enjoy using it while working from home :)

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    I've been using these since launch date and can say these are alright.

    Mainly use these for work for conference calls due to the battery life but the microphone is a hit and miss.

    Im currently on my second one as I had issues with the microphone due to people complaining about my voice being muffled. Since I only had it for less then a year, warrenty replacement was no issues "this was before Bose went online stores only". In very quiet areas, it's great but go into a server room and it's a hit and miss. "Thought I'd give it a test as I usually use the QC35s"

    Every once in a while I still get the occasional "I can't hear you properly/your voice is muffled. These devices gather quite the amount of dust so I would recommend taking the cover off and clean it every month or so "painful to take on and off". Bose do sell replacement covers for approx $30 from memory.

    The audio quality is good and loud, a lot better then listening/watching things on your phone/tablet.

    For this price, I would jump on it as I paid $499 on launch.

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    I have been using this product every work day for a year. It is terrific for those of us who spend a lot of time on calls. When I am in meeting I raise the volume and use it as a shared speaker phone in the middle of the table. Not ideal for a shared workspace, as the sound is audible but these days that is not an issue The sound is great, not as good as enclosed headphones obviously. I use it on walks where I want to mix the outside sounds with my music where it strikes a perfect balance or pump up the volume and drown out the surrounding sounds. Great value at this price!

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    I've had one for over a year, haven't used it much recently with working from home but I think it is a great (and very niche) product. My main use for it has been when the kids have been sitting watching a film, I'll pop these on and potter around the house listening to my music. It's better than earphones or headphones as I can still hear if the kids need me (or start arguing).

    Also excellent for using for Skype/Zoom/Team meetings, the sound and microphone are very clear from my experience.

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    Bought one…though I have never considered this ever in my imagination…I will try it will not another technology which go in my tech junk drawer 😄

  • Waited over five months for a non-disputed refund from the bose.com.au store which took a lot of phone calls, emails and messages through social media platforms. Will never shop Bose, particularly through their online store ever again.

    • I had the same no response issues with bose support but I still love their products regardless.

      If they don’t improve their customer service I’m sure people will move to other brands.

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    Anyone tried these $32 knock-offs on Amazon? Would be interesting to know if the Bose are worth 15x the price (based on the $499.95 RRP!)

    • Interesting I might buy one or them and sell the Bose ones.

  • If you like bass, don't buy this.
    I bought it and returned.

  • Just received mine today. I'm really underwhelmed by them. Probably more so than any other piece of audio equipment I've ever bought. The bass is terrible. They actually sound awesome if you hold them up to your ears but dropping them a few inches to your shoulders makes it sound muddy and really bass weak. They're going straight back.

    On the plus side if you really only want these for calls them then the mic is pretty good and the audio is actually nicer than using over the ear or in ear headsets. However, I can verify that you do indeed look silly and you'd be forever getting asked what you're wearing!

  • Received today….and they are going straight back

  • +1

    I just received it yesterday and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    After a short while I already forgot it's there. It's great to use around my toddler so I don't lose touch with what's happening, and I get a consistent audio moving around instead of blasting my speakers. I also feel fatigue relief from using the headphone all the time and this is a refreshing change.

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