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Free Speed Boost for nbn Fixed Line Customers (Modem Reboot Required, Selected Areas)


Hi all. From the outset, please note this may not work for everyone but has certainly worked for me and a few others I've asked to test. Let us know in the comments how it went for you. Read this article on Whirlpool so gave it a go. Previously getting 46/17Mbps on Speedtest but now getting 54/18Mbps after a modem power cycle. Not sure what the '15% overprovisioning' really means, so I'll let the experts comment below. This article has a lot more information. Hope it works for you. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit: Telstra announcement.

Mod Note: This is not specific to Telstra, the deal is just linked to a Speedtest hosted by Telstra.

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              certainly mods pet, for sure.

              this is not primary school.
              move on…

  • AussieBB went from 44 to 50.8 on speed test after restart.

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    On TPG hfc no change for me

  • Optus HFC was 92/35 now 107/35.

    Not that I've noticed a difference.

  • Point Cook, VIC, no change in speed.

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    Just hit 56.58Mbps with Aussie Broadband and I'm on the 50Mbps plan. 👍🏼

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    On Telstra 100/40 HFC. Was getting 90/36 now getting 106/36 on speedtest.

    Nice deal!

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    Confirmed working on my Telstra 100/40 plan. Tried a test before a router restart and was getting 95/37.9. After a restart I'm now getting 109/38


  • Anyone know if this applies to Telstra Velocity communities (non-NBN). I am renting and believe it is FTTP but the upload speed is shocking.

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      NBN only.

  • on FTTC ABB no difference :( South Morang POI

    Connection Kick
    Modem & Router Restart

  • I signed up with ABB mid last month as soon as NBN got provisioned and get 89/37 FTTC. I haven't rebooted the NBN connection since connecting and it has been rock solid. I think that ABB over provisioned before I signed up and the slower speeds could be to do with my antiquated copper.

    But wait there's more: I've just rebooted and got no NBN although the correct lights coming up. Called ABB turns out there was something changed on the other end and it may not get re-authentication until tomorrow morning.

    Fortunately the Telstra cable has not yet stopped working and I have reconnected to that (already cancelled payments and have a credit in my account +bonus $20 yesterday for speed boost, don't know why but hope my account keeps increasing by $20 a month). I would prefer to have my NBN running properly again because at peak times my Telstra cable 100/5 runs at 10/4 and non peak 115/4.5. Which is why I jumped ship to the NBN as soon as I could

    • ABB back up now and no change to speed (not unexpected)

  • So do you only need to restart your modem for this to take effect?

    • Yup, and don't forget to buy itunes gift card too j/k

  • Launtel - No changes after Modem Restart (Newtown POI).

  • Optus FTTC plan 50/20 was 46/17 now 53/18
    i have not rebooted NBN modem… but I did reboot my Router 2 days ago

  • I am on Exetel 50/20 plan. I know normally my sync rate on 55 as I think to compensate the overhead.
    But now I can see I am synced at 60/18 with my modem last reconnect 5 days ago.
    Is 60 what everyone getting on 50/20 plan?

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    Worked for me on Telstra HFC NBN, Metro Eastern VIC. 94/32 to 108/32


  • Faaak I just realized the really expensive ($88, that's expensive as fack to me, more than my router) powerline adapter I bought with "600Mbps" capabilities has a crappy 100Mbps port! 😭

    Edit: But wait! It gets worse! My Wi-Fi router doesn't support past 100Mbps over ethernet either!

    Edit 2: BUT WAIT! IT GETS EVEN WORSE! My Wi-Fi router doesn't even support 100Mbps over WAN, not just LAN!

    Crazy how dumb I was 2 years ago lol. I will update with results anyway, should be able to hit 97-99 from my 92Mbps if this does work.

    • No change on Optus FTTP (apartment block) in northern Parkville, but it could just be down to all the shit I mentioned above lol.

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    Awesome! I just tested it. Before power cycle 94/37. After power cycle 109/37!

    In VIC on HFC.


  • Anyone know off hand whether Superloop have enabled this? I'll contact them once they're open but thought is ask here first.

    • Superloop SA here, up from 27.7Mbps to 45.3Mbps

      • Holy shit that's a jump. You sure there aren't any other variables at play?

        • Of course I’m not sure

    • Also with superloop. I haven’t changed from low 90’s after modem reboot. Let me know how you go.

      • Just off the phone with Superloop, basically told me there’s no official announcement to have this implemented as its “a very new thing” but will more than likely be a staggered roll out and no time frame given. I’m on the Campbelltown POI. I did tell them that ABB and other Superloop customers have seen the increase already.

        I wonder if this is worth a move to ABB and lose my grandfathered 100/40 plan to get the extra speed?

        • Definitely not worth the move if you are on grandfathered pricing. No guarantee your POI has been done yet for any provider.

          You'll be saving approximately 10 seconds of your time on a gigabyte file if you are on 100/40.

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    Thanks TA. Hadn't heard this before. No change for me. iiNet FTTC 50/20 - actual 47/19 before and after, but will keep an eye on it now.

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    worked for me, HFC ABB. download has gone from high 40's to between 50-52.

  • I'm not on Telstra but I've definitely noticed the over provisioning. I'm on Superloop and a fibre connection.

    on the 100/20 plan I used to get between 88-92 down, now I get 106.

    I also used to get poor upload speeds for some reason. around 8-12 up, now I get 18-19.

    Really hope NBN doesnt remove the over provisioning when they deem COVID has calmed down like they claimed they will. It's nice to get the proper speed advertised or whats the bloody point saying they are 25/50/100 plans.

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      Over prov is here to stay.

      • That's good to hear, if true.

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          It's true :-)

          What is due to expire next month is the bonus CVC NBN offered to ISPs at no extra cost. The offer could be extended.

  • I am with ABB on 25/5 plan on FTTN, I have been getting 30/6.4 Sync for a while but started hitting 27.4ish down and 4.9 up for few days already.

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    Nice, on 100/40, after reboot, speedtest showing 109/38, previous was under 100

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    THANKS TA it worked for me on ABB FTTP ……turned off Router for 20 minutes then tested again here ABB friendly http://speed.aussiebroadband.com.au/

  • Powered off and back on modem after minute. Optus FTTN slacks creek node. Still 86/36 after cycle. Should I leave modem off for longer?

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      You're probably too far away from the node to get any faster. This is only for people who have their speed capped artificially not because of stupid policy choices by the Liberal Party….I'm mean technology.

    • Try again in a month.

  • No overprovisioning here yet - even after factory resetting the cable modem:


    HFC / Brisbane West (Goodna POI)

  • Anyone know if this applies to belong HFC, I was on an unlimited 50 plan for $60/month and consistently got ~46Mbps max.

    Just did a speed test, and first hits ~46 then shaped to 32-35Mbps.

    Edit: Just looked into my account, after the initial 6 month plan which I must have taken up over a year ago looks like i'm now month to month on the 'starter' speed plan
    30 Mbps download. Will have to see if there are any better deal around, don't use heaps of quota and a bit more speed would be alright but is probably still fine for the price.

  • Can confirm optus fttn seems to have gone up to 54mbps here in Thornbury Victoria but I didn't have to reboot anything. Upload speed still just under 20 no change

    • This speed increase is for download only.

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    Thanks TA, worked for me on Telstra FTTP. Previously 48/10, it’s 55/11 now. Cheers

  • I went from ADSL at around 22Mbs (good) to FTTC with a consistent 47Kbs which is better than excellent & cost little extra. I am a huge down-loader! I don't understand all of the wingers in this thread? Why this compulsive never ending quest for more speed, isn't it more about bragging rights really?

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      A household with up to 6 adults and 12 devices connected at the same time - including 3 TVs streaming HD content the extra bandwidth can make all the difference between slightly annoying delays/lag/buffering and a totally seamless experience whereby how devices are connected doesn't even enter your mind.
      For a lot of people 50Mbps is excessive to their needs but there are many more situations that benefit from the increased bandwidth being available.
      Some people also ask the question of why some others are so invested in being a huge downloader when much of the data is available other ways.
      Individual preference and need/want rather than bragging rights.

      • Ah yes, that standard six adult Australian household.

        • +2

          Where exactly did I claim that my household was anywhere near typical?

          I did actually point out that "For a lot of people 50Mbps is excessive to their needs but there are many more situations that benefit from the increased bandwidth being available."
          ie just because an individual does not have a need/want for a specific use it does not mean there are no others that may.
          Kevin Coleman was offering his opinion/thoughts on "I don't understand all of the wingers in this thread?" so I offered one alternate usage for him.

      • Dare I suggest that some of the "six adults" pitch in & pay for a second NBN connection? Sounds to me like you are expecting a commercial service on a household connection?

        • +1

          Dare I say - the connection cost is shared and no way do I need a commercial connection - what I have meets our needs adequately. Just because someone elses family and needs are dig=fferent to yours you seem to have difficulty seeing someone elses point of view.
          This tends to indicate the issue is your perceptions and assumptions rather than the reality of varaiability in peoples lives.

  • Remotely rebooted the router and still nothing on Mate NBN FTTP. Like others, do we need to leave it off for ~15mins and reboot the NTD as well?

    • Your ISP has to apply the changes on their end. Try again in a month.

      • I emailed and they seemed unaware, could just of been the rep I was given..

        • Have you tried again this month? Anything further from Mate NBN?

          • @Heybargain: Yeah no change still

          • @Heybargain: Confirmed with Mate they have no update. Contacted Vocus and they said Mate need to request or make the change from their end. Don't think this will happen.

    • same here. No change!

  • Unfortunately, for me, my DL actually dropped immediately after the overprovisioning happened.
    Had a rock solid 90+Mbps pretty much any time of day on HFC (with ABB) before it was applied.
    From the very next day I now get a range from 70 - 80 Mbps.
    Support could only say - "NBN will not bother looking at it if we raise it with them as it's not slow enough - get back to us if it gets closer to half what you pay for".
    I know it's still better than what many are able to get with the NBN - just a little annoying but not enough to spend much of my time on at the moment.
    Just letting people know that the NBN overprovisioning isn't a guarantee of better speeds.

    • Tell them to prorata bill you at 80 or sort it out. Its counter intuitive to the purpose of overprovisioning if they can then keep saying its acceptable when your speed drops instead of improving as a result of steps to get you exactly what you pay for. Your line is clearly capable of the old speeds at least.

      Ive heard Aussie Broadbands so called best ISP reputation is overrated, at least now, and their support leaves a lot to be desired in situations like yours. May have been true when they were starting out, all based on having excess allocations, but now they will resemble the other big ones and coast on that rep. I bet the 80% capacity cap or whatever it was will end up fudged too, if not already.

      Its not relevant that some people are worse off, its not your issue. Thats the result of the dogs breakfast of Turnbull net. You still should get what you pay for, and they should be forced to prorata bill any customer that is short changed on the plan they pay for, based on performance. Then watch how quick they get NBN to act, or at least get it noticed so NBN has to act, instead of fobbing you off.

  • Worked for me! I'm syncing at 60/22 (Belong 50/20 plan). Thanks.

    • Which area are you based in? I am also with Belong 50/20 plan but still getting 47/18 in Blacktown 2148 FTTP.

  • I'm seeing the higher speeds but I didn't need to reboot anything.

  • +1

    I always thought that me getting 78 on a 100 plan with Aussie was me hitting the limit of my copper.
    Kicked and rebooted but no change.

    • If you are on FTTN you will probably not see a speed increase from this change.

  • +1

    With Telstra here and I am on HFC in Perth and this worked for me now getting 109/38 instead of 95/36

  • Thanks for the tip. I forgot to do this after being notified before that NBN was doing some upgrades. My download speed went from 92 Mbps to 108.92 Mbps. First time it has ever gone over the 100Mbps paid for. Upload is 37.92Mbps.

  • Seems to have worked for me. Now getting 54/19 on a 50/20 plan.

  • I have 100/40 Optus HFC and this post reminded me I hadn't done a speedtest in a while. I normally get 89-93 down, 37 up. Just ran it now (10.10am) and got 109.93/38. Nice!

  • Still getting same results on a 100/40 FTTP plan with Telstra in Seddon 3011.
    Having said that, my speeds have always been very good and consistent.

  • -1

    I'd love to do this, let me just kick my connec…..oh hang on. Thats right, I'm on FTTN. Still getting 42Mbits down. So yeah, thanks Tony Abbott!

  • Doesn't work for me. Pre test was 47/19 on a 50/20 HFC connection with ABB. After power cycles the results are the same..

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    I've had this for over 2 years on my MyRepublic service. Initially synced at 55/22 on my 50MBit plan, now on 100Mbit plan, I sync at 110/22. I did have to upgrade the internal wiring (put a brand new socket in) in order to get 100Mbit though, could only sync at about 70Mbit with the old socket

    • +1

      Modem sync speed & over prov are two different things. Over prov became available within the last month.

      Your modem synced at 55/22 but you never get that on a speedtest.

      Now you get over 50 or 100 on a speedtest if the ISP has done the changes on their end.

  • I've had this speedboost since the beginning of June and thought it was a glitch while upgrading to 100/20 plan. i currently get 115/19

    I'm connected to Prospect POI, with Aussie Broadband.

  • Isn't this a PSA?
    Not really a deal as everyone gets it and nothing needs to be done

  • I seem to have gone backwards.
    NBN FTTN Erskineville on TPG 50/20 usually on 45/19
    Now:8ms 35/12 . Have tried it on both laptops and both bad.

    • I'd say congestion

      • You are probably right as every >how do you identify yourself sexually< and their dog is working from home around here.

        I also think the TPG standard TP-Link AC1600 modem might be a pile of manure.

        Any suggestions for FTTN compatible upgrade gratefully accepted.

        • Telstra TG799ac or Gen2 DJA0231 is probably one of the best for fttn because of their broadcom chipset. Plus can get picked up super cheap

          • aslong as you don't use VoiP or you will also need to add a ATA

          • I'm actually not sure how tpg works but you might be stuck with their hardware for VoiP

          • @Dezeption: Ex Telstra modems are not suitable for TPG.

            • @Twix: Do they still need vlan tagging?

              • @Dezeption: Yeah buddy.

                • @Twix: Dam TPG still stuck on that shit, does iinet do the same?

                  Always the 799 and Gen1 can be rooted tk allow for vlan tagging and Voip. Theirs custom firmware around for it. Still working I believe and nothing I've seen for the Gen2 yet

                  • @Dezeption: Internode & iinet both use VLAN 802.1q.

                    Yeah if you have the know how on loading custom firmware it's possible.

          • @Dezeption: I don't use VOIP. Mobile phone all the time.


            • @brad1-8tsi: Load custom firmware or change providers. Those ex Telstra modems won't work otherwise.

  • +5

    This officially explains what's going on:


    Overprovisioning started rolling out NBN-wide last month. Why is this a "bargain"?

  • My [email protected] FTTN is still [email protected] Possibly 15% [email protected], who knows.

  • I've noticed this for a couple weeks now, I'm with ABB and have been getting around 108Mbps on speedtests whereas I used to get around 96Mbps :)

  • With FTTP Aussie Broadband from 44 Mbps to 51 Mbps. Thanks!

  • I've read it but still not sure what to do, just restart modem?

    • Restart modem. If nothing changes try again in a month.

      • I didn't restart the modem and it's still gone up. On Telstra NBN HFC.

        • Speed can go up by itself. A restart forces it.

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