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Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse US$32.99 (~A$46.52), Razer Viper Mini Mouse US$28.99 (~A$41.38) @ GeekBuying


These two popular gaming mice are back on sale by demand with the Logitech G304 available in both Black and White. AU priority shipping has also been made free for both mice.

The Logitech G304 Lightspeed features include a 12,000 adjustable DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, onboard memory for profiles, on the fly DPI, 1ms report rate, up to 250 hours of battery li the Razer Viper Mini fe with one AA battery, USB wireless receiver and Logitech G HUB software support.

The Razer Viper Mini features a 61g ultra-light design, 8500 DPI optical sensor, 6 programmable buttons, on-the-fly adjustable DPI, on-board memory profiles, Razer Chroma RGB underglow and Razer Synapse 3 enabled.

Click Proceed to checkout in the cart to choose Australia Priority Line shipping before payment. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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    Good price for Razer Mini!

    • +1

      i think i'll stick to mach 3

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        Thanks for letting us know

  • Hi,

    Is this any good for normal office use?

    • Yep it'll do fine.

    • Co-workers might get pissed at you because the clicks are quite loud. Though if you're okay with pulling it apart it's a pretty easy fix.

      • Which one the Logitech or Razer?

        • I have the g304 and the clicks are pretty loud *comparatively to other mice I've had

        • Logitech.

      • Surely you've got to be clicking like crazy to annoy them via mouse clicks? Or you're Starcraft'ing at at work?

        • Yeah look I haven't actually used mine at work, but the first thing I noticed was the loud clicks when I started using it at home, and it annoyed me enough to pull the mouse open and fix it.

          • @matictac: How did you end up fixing it? Mines also pretty loud, especially the scroll wheel.

            • +2

              @ajropey: I used the method in this video: https://youtu.be/q6shyzh8bLk

              Basically there's a tiny piece of metal in physical switch part that needs to be pushed down a tiny amount. The actual disassembly of the g304 is obviously a little different to whatever mouse is on that vid, however the actual switch part looked pretty much the same. If you google g304/g305 disassembly you should be able to find some pics.

              • @matictac: Thanks. Did you notice much of a difference in the clickiness after the mod?

                • @ajropey: MUCH quieter. I'd say if the noise is bothering you it's worth a crack.

                  I did have issues getting the little square switch housing open the way they do in the video. I ended up just gripping into it with some needle nose pliers and wiggling them off. Worked just fine and didn't seem to cause any damage.

    • +3

      If you can afford a good quality vertical mouse, it might be a better choice. I started developing mild carpal tunnel syndrome after decades of normal office work, recently switched to MX Vertical, and I really wish I could do it years ago. Normal office use does not require great speed and accuracy of mouse movements, so the gaming mouse does not really offer any sensible benefits, but the vertical mouse can save your health and boost productivity short-term and long-term.

  • last time deal is AUD 49.75
    very nice small wireless mouse for my laptop

  • Price was $47+ for me but I grabbed one anyway. Was literally talking about getting another wireless mouse tonight, thanks!

    • Did you use the code?

  • It says $64 for me?

    • +6

      put in the code

  • +1

    There is razer deathadder mini ver2.0, in which i tried to post it last week but apparentlu, everyone made fun of me :(

    Anyway, its on the way.

    I am just new to how to post a thread…

    • +2

      Calm down little one, the force is strong with this one. You need to go to the Jedi temple more often. I have balanced the neg for you :)

  • Does anyone know how the G304 is size wise compared to the Razer DeathAdder Essential? I really like the Razer's size as some smaller mice I tend to hit the thumb buttons when positioning the mouse.

    • +1

      I have regular sized hands, for a 5 9, and the mouse is small so when I'm touching tips off the buttons, the palm base is lifted from the mouse. When accessing side buttons with thumb, I have to turn the mouse to left a little. I am a coder and the mouse is really accurate, light and fast for a 6-8 hours of daily use, just that smaller in size can be a put off. Make sure to have lesser angle between your hand and wrist to avoid strain.

    • +1

      You can have a quick check here:


      The website has most of the gaming mice on the market

  • -1

    If Razer made a wireless mini mouse, it would sell out instantly.

  • Any chance of a deal on the g402?

  • Nice just got the 304 in white. Been waiting months for a deal on this mouse. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Oh awesome thanks OP, was just looking around for the G304. If anyone's wondering, G304 and G305 are interchangeable model names for the same mouse and apparently these were not technically being imported into Australia according to this tweet by Logitech (could've changed though).

    Pretty well recommended by a host of YouTubers — a common hack is to use an AAA adapter (or a wad of aluminium foil) and AAA lithium battery to save about 15-20g in weight and extend battery life (example).

    • dont use aluminium foil btw, unless u want a fire

  • Awesome but I’ve got G903 already.

  • Dayum this mouse is so awesome paid 90 bucks 2 months ago

  • Great deal OP, ordered this a few days ago for $58 from Geekbuying

  • +1

    very nice i was just looking to buy this exact mouse for $74 on ebay this arvo.

  • Thanks op, bought G304. The price now shows $47.96 but pulled the trigger.

    • +4

      PayPal will flog you with their currency conversion fee. At payment you can select your card to use its own conversion rate through PayPal which usually gives a better rate if it's one without conversion fees.

      • Clear!

      • Hi there when u say select your card through paypal, u mean still pay using PayPal but just select the card that's linked to the PayPal which may not have a conversion rate?

        • You have to select the card AND force Paypal to make the transaction in USD (otherwise it converts the transaction into AUD using Paypal rates).

  • nice mouse with good wireless. Just an FYI, it is quite small so if u have big hand this might not suite you. Also, make sure to choose Aus priority line shipping, I didn't in the last deal and had to wait for a month to get it.

    • Going off the spec the 304 is a smidge larger than my Logitech M510, unless you meant the Razer… Im on my 3rd 510, left click dies quick on them, every click is a double now.

    • Thanks. This is what I was looking for. I can hold a bbal in a hand so won’t be suitable

  • Thanks OP ordered one.

  • Does this have the new hero sensor?

    • I'd think not

      • +1

        Yes it does. See the description.

        • +1

          But the Hero sensor is 16k dpi.. this one isn't

          Edit: looks like they do a 12k hero sensor, I wonder what the difference is between the sensor models other than dpi

          • +1

            @scottySK: I have no idea but I checked that it has Hero sensor before I ordered it.

    • Yes it does. See the description.

  • I have the 703 was thinking getting another one for home as I work with the 703 and wona leave it in the office. Will this be similar ? Is it smaler less quality ect.

    Also looking to buy a 703 any deals on it plus wireless charging pad??

    • Its smaller, lighter, ambidextrous and doesn't have a rechargeable battery built in. For most users the sensor will perform as good as the g703 I'd assume

  • i bought the razer mini in the last deal they had, I am a large hand fingertip mouse user and thought the mini would be too small but its perfect. This is the best mouse i've ever used!

  • The mouse is great - ordered from the last deal. However, note that it does take a few weeks to ship. I got mine in ~3 weeks despite the priority shipping.

    • same here, but I didn't choose priority shipping. Looks like 3weeks is their standard now

  • Thanks OP ordered a logitech

  • So many upvotes
    Should I replace my mx master with this logitech for gaming? I like the weightyness of the mx master

    • Technically the MX Master has "bad" sensor for gaming. Don't know if it is bad enough to make a noticeable difference for you to spend $47~ though.

      LinusTechTips offhand showed a comparison of this.

  • Got one OP, thanks for the discount.

  • Can anyone help pointing out the keyboard range that will work with the same receiver other than the G613 and G915 ?

  • Shame that the logitech doesn't have bluetooth. Want to switch between my laptop/keyboard on the go just like I can with the mx master.

  • Is this website safe as I am a first time user of this site and wanted to get some assurance from other customers

    • Yes, I have purchased from them twice without a problem

      • thanks for that. One more question. How long did it take to get to you??

        • Around 2 weeks

  • Damn no Bluetooth? Have to use an adapter connected to laptop?

    • Correct.

  • Thanks for this! Was wanting a white g304 since the last deal got posted :))

  • The Viper Mini is a fantastic mouse - easily replaced my G102. Bought last time it was offered from GB. Lighter, similar size, better cord, and better primary buttons. Highly recommend. The G304 is great too (wireless version of G102 which I loved) but I just can't go back to the heavier weight personally. The weight affects my accuracy way more than the presence of a cable.

  • Any special deal on G502 Hero Wireless?

  • Bought the viper mini on the last deal. It came after 2-3 weeks. Really good mouse for FPS and super light weight.

  • How's shipping from Geekbuying? Fast? Will my stuffs be delivered before Xmas?

    • Looking at about 2 weeks with priority.

  • Razer Viper Mini coupon NNNDBRA appears to be used up, get "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times."

    • Yeah sold out sorry.

  • Logitech Code also used up :(

    "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times."

    Deal expired…

    • +1

      Yeah there was a limit of 500 on each. I won't be able to extend the deal at this stage unfortunately.

  • Anyone got their order shipped?

    • Mine is still processing.

      • Don't think we are getting this in 2 weeks.

        • I'm still waiting for an amazon order from China that has been 2 months so yeah 2 weeks is unlikely.

          • +1

            @pomchu: Yes but the OP said the timeline is around 2 weeks. Disappointing.

    • Nope. Purchased on 23rd. The confirmation email said some confusing things about dispatch times so who knows. 2 weeks might be a stretch.

    • Nope. I contacted their support today, and was told it will be shipped this week. Not really what I expected from the so called "Australia priority line shipping", but will see how it goes. If they don't ship it within this week I'll cancel the order.

      • might do the same. I was also unable to use the new user login code for some reason.

  • +1

    Order got shipped out just now.

  • Order just got shipped out as well!

    • Mine got shipped but no tracking on Aus post.

      • Still not shipped.

      • Got Mine today, regional WA. Working well. Knew I had to wait so ok with shipping time

  • Order marked as shipped a couple of days ago, but Auspost website doesn't know the whereabouts of it. I suppose it's expected as the item should first reach Australia before Auspost will be able to provide information about it. I hope it reaches in a week or so (email says estimated delivery is in 5 to 8 business days).

    • +2

      Use 17track.net/en and change the courier to UBI as they handle the China arm for Auspost.

      • Thanks for that, mate!

      • Thanks. My item reached CHULLORA.

        Should be here around mid of the week.

        • Spoke too soon.
          no updates from Auspost for 3 days. Guess next week it is then.

  • +4

    My order still hasn't been shipped yet.