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[eBay Plus] LG 55" BX 4K Smart OLED TV OLED55BXPTA $2241 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay ($2999 RRP)


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Been looking to get a new TV and was interested in OLED, looks like a good deal considering most stores have it at $2995.

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    would go for CX if possible as I think BX has last year internal

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      fair old jump in price though.

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      Great deal and it isn’t last years internals, the BX is almost identical to the cx and lots of review confirmed the same even rtings. The BX just comes out of the box not calibrated to the level of the cx but given the massive price difference this is definitely a killer deal.

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        can you share the links for bx reviews i havent found any online yet

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        Why don't you upvote the deal if it's a killer deal?
        Thanks for your input.

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      BX has an a7 processor vs CX has the a9. Physical difference is really just the stand, the CX's is heavier and different design.

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    I'm torn between getting a 55 OLED or a 75 LCD.

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      How and where you use it should help you decide that and also what features are important to you. If it’s mainly for movies and tv and I’m a bright room then the 75 led likely a better choice. Dark room and a bit of everything and maybe some gaming in which hdmi 2.1 will be handy the the lg OLED are the way to go.

      I use my tv as a monitor a lot so haven’t went OLED just yet but will be this year.

    • you should be selecting a size based on viewing distance. the old viewing distance vs. resolution charts are not accurate, you can definitely notice a difference in image quality between a 55" 1080 and a 55" 4K TV even as far away as 3 metres.

      a 55" OLED is going to be significantly sharper image with deeper blacks than any LCD, and those two qualities make a bigger difference than size.

      the only thing to consider with OLED is that the 0ms response time tends to make anything less than 60fps require some level of motion interpolation to look 'normal'.

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        "you can definitely notice a difference"

        Correction, image quality purists (including me) can notice a difference. Many punters don't. I have this debate with friends often but most of them don't see much benefit in 4K.

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          Yes, punters exactly!
          I remember the same kind of people telling me that DVD and VHS picture quality is about the same!

        • Yep, I would not reccomend OLED to many of my friends for this reason, the extra cost and care required isn't worth it. For my on the other hand though, wouldn't even consider an LCD haha

          • @onlinepred: What care is needed, I just bought a OLED?

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              @firebladez: If you leave it with static images for hours on end. Like channel logos.. news tickers. You might get burn in.

          • @onlinepred: I think when the B9 55" was $1500, I'd say the extra cost was worth it for many people. The care depends on the individual I guess. For your average (or below average) person who doesn't care about leaving a TV with a static image for 8 hours at a time, OLED is not a good fit. I think they're at a point now where they're a good solution for many people though.

            • @captaincabinets: Yea anyone who watches a lot of tv, live tv, movies or games. They will all create uneven wear especially if your watch more than 6 hours a day

    • +4

      I have an oled55c9 and the picture is just great but if I had to choose between black levels and TV size, I'd take TV size anytime

    • If your living space can comfortably fit a 75" then it's too large for 55". All things being equal, I'd pick OLED over LCD 9 times out of 10, but display size comes first.

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    Ineligible for cashback as you are using a promo code.

    • Thanks Updated :)

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    Heartbroken they still don’t ship to WA

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      Try good guys Midland, they were very negotiable, I got 65" CX $3600 delivered about a month ago.

  • Any views on whether this would do ok in a brightly lit (lots of windows) living room? Presently have a Samsung Q75R but keen to make the switch to OLED if ok in a brighter room.

    • QLED is always recommended over OLED for very bright rooms. Consider the shift to OLED / vampirism.

    • If it's pure daylight and you are using the TV outside, then LCD. To be honest, you won't be very picky about picture quality if you are using it in a bright room anyway, so just stay LCD.

  • Any ideas why it's telling me they won't send to my post code? I've bought from them before. Never had an issue

    • So just as an FYI if anyone reads this. The reason I suddenly can't buy it at all is because the eBay plus deal restricts the delivery range for some stupid reason. I can't even select local pick up for them to arrange delivery. How dumb

  • Would we rate the OLED65BXPTA for $3078?

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      Depends how desperate you are. C9 65" hit ~$2600 pre-corona.

      • +1

        Think we'll get to the the post-corona days? All electrical prices are still fetching a premium 3-4 months in… and deeper appliance discounts are less frequent.

        • Definitely. Bar some sort of next-level WW3 event, I think technology will trend back towards getting more for less as it has done for the last couple of decades. The only question is how long it will take to get back to pre-corona prices.

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    It's amazing how these things are going up in price rather than down because from year the year the picture quality is barely changing if at all. I have the B8 and it will be almost indistinguishable from this BX picture and I paid only $1600 for mine 18 months ago.

    TV R&D teams are struggling to bring upgrades even more than smartphone ones.

    • They have been removing features as well, they got rid of DTS this year, they don't even allow passthrough.

      • I assumed most disable it anyway, unless you are into that kinda thing

      • most people go device -> amp -> TV these days anyway if you are worried about things like DTS. Passthrough via the TV was a big problem for me pre HDMI amp but now it's a non issue for most cases.

  • Got the 55" CX from good guys a couple of weeks ago for $2900, amazing TV.

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    Last year did the 55” B9 or C9 hit the lowest price & what was it?

    • +2

      Yeah around $1600 something for a B9. Staggering how much prices have gone up…

    • +2

      I got a C9 for $1736 from Good Guys Ebay at the end of last year.

      • +2

        Thanks, that gives me an idea what price to wait for on the BX/CX

    • This was pre-pandemic. Anyone saying that prices will drop anytime soon is full of BS.

      Factories, labour, parts, demand, offer, transport, R&D, everything has changed because of COVID and this is not even close to be over yet.

      My advice is to grab the first deal you see and don’t use pre-COVID pricing as your parameter.

      • I checked last year’s deals & it’s in line with the prices in July last year
        Seems to drop $100 each month on average
        Should be $1600 - $1800 in November/December

      • +1

        LG display’s new 8.5-generation factory in Guangzhou, China has just started producing panels this month with mass production scheduled at the 2nd half of this year. This will essentially double LG’s oled panel production. I’d say prices will likely drop sooner than later

        • Nice, happy to hear that. Hoping to buy one or the other at the end of the year sales :D

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    So is this a cute price or wait for 1999?

    • +1

      This price will definitely drop, though it could be a few months. I think $2200 is steep. I remember the B8 65" being around that price with an eBay coupon just over half a year ago.

      • (repost)
        I checked last year’s deals & it’s in line with the prices in July last year
        Seems to drop $100 each month on average
        Should be $1600 - $1800 in November/December

  • does the %10 off apply to all the TV's being sold by appliance central?
    this makes the Q8 65" $1,728 (so close to the 1500 mark, thats when ill bite)
    $4,041 for the 85 inch lol damn thats crazy good if your in the market for something this size

    • When I searched "TV" in the promo this was the only one that came up, so not sure

  • +1

    Thanks for posting this deal. Was after the LG CX 55" and got it for $2691 using the code. A pretty awesome price, considering Good guys has it for $3295.

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