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[Prime] Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen $10 for New Prime Customers ($6.99/Month) @ Amazon AU


Get an Echo Dot for $10 when you join Prime
Amazon Prime includes fast, free delivery on eligible orders, great entertainment and more.
For a limited time, new Prime members can get one Echo Dot (3rd gen) for $10 (RRP $79) – our most popular smart speaker with

Plus if you signup / pay with Amex you also will get Qantas point

Terms and Conditions: Echo Dot for $10 when you join Amazon Prime

This offer (the “Offer”) entitles an eligible “New to Prime Customer” (defined below), to purchase a single Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Charcoal Fabric, Heather Grey, Plum Fabric or Sandstone Fabric on Amazon.com.au (the “Qualifying Item”) for $10.00 when they first sign up for a Prime membership (monthly or annual) between 23 July 2020 1:00 PM AEST and 6 August 2020 11:59 PM AEST. See redemption instructions below.

A “New to Prime Customer” for the purposes of this Offer, means a customer who is not currently an Amazon Prime Australia member.

Prime members who cancel during the offer period and re-join will not be eligible.

This Offer excludes Echo Dot with Clock.

This Offer is valid only for the Qualifying Item identified in these terms and conditions. If a New to Prime Customer does not sign up to Prime between 23 July 2020 1:00 PM AEST and 6 August 2020 11:59 PM AEST., the Offer will not apply.

This Offer only applies to items sold by Amazon AU at the website www.amazon.com.au. The offer does not apply to products sold by third party sellers (including Amazon US and even if fulfilled by Amazon AU).

To redeem the offer, a New to Prime Customer must sign up to a trial or paid membership to Amazon Prime Australia. You will then receive an email confirmation that a credit has been automatically applied to your account within 48 hours. Following receipt of this email, add the Qualifying Item to your cart, and at checkout, the price of the Qualifying Item will be automatically adjusted using the credit to $10.

Offer limited to a maximum of 1 (one) Qualifying Item listed in these terms and conditions, per customer. If Amazon considers a customer to be operating multiple accounts, those accounts will, for the purposes of this offer, be treated as one customer.

This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders.

This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.

Shipping will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies.

If you cancel or return any items purchased pursuant to the offer, you will only be refunded the price paid for those items.

Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.

If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.

Offer limited to the first 24,000 customers.

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                  • @eckers19: Maybe you were, maybe not, but guarantee many people are doing it

                    • @RogueWolf: The mass manufacturing cost for amazon will probably be around that price itself - 10$. Plus they get to spy on more people. No point in not abusing it ;)

              • -1

                @18: It was a joke lol

                • @eckers19: These were for $19 in TGG a month ago
                  Another TGG had them for $29.
                  So good to those who are trying to make $xx

  • +5

    Any smarties worked out how to get this for current prime members.

    • +1

      Make a new email address

    • +3

      hmmm get nothing if you're already a member instead of a member for trial period! Nice!

    • +1

      I reckon go on chat & complain the offer is not available for Long term prime members & they will honour it

      • Seriously doubt it. The whole point of this exercise is to get new members on. Not the ones who are on the hook already. They know you will not cancel because of this.
        BTW - I must say one of the best membership I signed for, getting more value than from any other.

        • I’d still ask, I’ve had the membership few years now bit annoying no offer but don’t need so won’t bother

          • +1

            @RogueWolf: Easier to just create a new account for the offer than asking on chat.

            • @truetypezk: don't really need it, so not that fussed, just think they should offer those that have had a membership something to

              • @RogueWolf: I've been subscribing prime for a long time and I just made a new throw-away account. Took abt 5 mins. Don't really need it either (have a Bose) but feels like I am missing out on a good deal so yeah.

                • @truetypezk: Yeah that’s fair enough, should have got something for paying all this time, instead they are giving it to 1000 throw away ozbargain accounts lol

  • +1

    Not sure why but mine was $4.00. Thanks

    • +1

      put a screenshot on imgur and share the link

      • https://imgur.com/a/RUyD3ts It says gift certificate/card but I didn't have one nor did I input one. Not sure where it came from.

        • you got previous price discount and automatically applied.

    • +1

      Share screen shot

      • Above

    • Not sure why but mine was $0.00. Thanks

      • Put a screenshot on imgur and share it here

  • +9

    Sorry Alexa, my heart belongs to google already

  • Thanks OP! First time Prime member. Any other things to try/order while I have Prime for the first time?

    • +1

      Try out prime video, it is free and has some good shows

      • and you get free shipping on some orders, in case you wanted to grab something

        • thanks!

      • do you know if one still able to watch the downloaded movie files after prime membership ended ?

        is the downloaded movie files stored somewhere that can be backup locally ?

  • I ordered one, this is my second echo dot, good to have around the house, I bought my first one for $8 6 months ago when they made a pricing error on the site

  • Ordered one .. I had used Amazon Prime last year .. but I still got the offer .. incase anyone wants to know

    • yes

  • How long does it take until dispatch usually?

  • I ordered this echo dot and cancelled my prime, worked, but they only refunded me $3.50 from the $6.99, and the order is still coming through

    • So works out better, less money paid, but I don't have any prime benefits anymore

    • Dont you get 30 days free trial?

      • nah, forced me to pay, even though I never used prime

        • +1

          I ordered this echo dot and not cancelled my trial prime, i paid $0.00.

  • was previously a prime member in the past and managed to sign up to another free trial and still get the $10 offer (cancelled prime again after). thanks op!

  • does amazon check for credit card number? can it be reused over multiple new accounts?

    • I believe they do now, IP address as well. Address is still fine.

  • Good that I have two Amazon accounts, just got mine for $10 + 7 dollar membership. Thanks OP

    • You can cancel your membership and get a refund and the item will still come

      • oh wow thanks for the tip haha

    • Why not use trial?

  • Thanks OP. Got a Charcoal one

  • Am I eligible? My prime member expried last week?

    • renew it… (pay for it) then cancel/refund it. will stop get the link sent to your email

  • Any real difference between this and the Nest Mini?

    • +3

      One is google one is Alexa

    • From which platform would you prefer to get ads based on what you say around the house? At least Amazon are probably only building the profile for their own selling needs not sure about Big Google

  • +1

    IMPORTANTLY You can cancel your membership and get a refund and the item will still come

    • Can I cancel, and get refunded AFTER it comes? …just trying to be sure ;)

      • Not sure about that

    • Apparently you only get $3.5 refund back.

      • i got full refund

        • Hmm, is that full amount shown on the page when you cancel?

          Or it showed $3.5, but you get full refund anyway?

          • @victorheaven: on my commbank app it showed that 6.99 was pending but now its not anymore

          • @victorheaven: I cancel prime soon after I order $10 echo and get full refund (page shown $6.99 refund).
            amazon message said because I did not use any prime service.
            In this case I did not revived "welcome prime email message"

            Another account only showed $3.50 refund when I logged in again after one hour or so.

            • @koakun: Probably I was a bit too slow with cancelling.

              Maybe I should have cancelled and made the order after.

  • Got it for signing up on an existing account.

  • Seems all gone, the deal ad is removed.

    • Ah, got one already so it is not showing for me, but after logging out can still see the deal.

      • Just signed up for prime.. cart is still coming as $79

        Edit: just activated through email.. got one cheers OP

        • you have to go all the way into checkout and it shows your promotional discount.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Goes well with the Kogan bulbs. Kids will surely enjoy.

  • Amazing deal!

  • must. resist. another. one.

  • I enjoyed Bosch, 6 seasons, with Amazon Prime app.

  • Still available ?

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • +1

    Don't worry about existing customers! What a crock.

    • +2

      Create new account and get prime trial

  • Is there a link? I can't see it for $10 and I'm a current member, or its new members only? What a joke!!!! I've been a Prime member for a year!

    • So have I, but I just made a second account and got one. Took me 5min.

  • Thank you!!! :)

  • thanks got one and cancelled immediately after placing the order.

  • Usually my card gets charged as soon as I place the order if the seller is amazon and if the item is in stock, this time it isnt charged yet for some reason.

    • +1

      Been a Prime member since day one and have only ever been charged once item has been sent. Never when ordered.

      • Hmm, ok, maybe i got it wrong then.

  • I am on free prime trial. It shows $79 to me.
    Is there anything I am missing?

    • Did you add a credit card when you activated the free trial?
      I sent up a new account for this deal and the discount didn't show until I added a cc.
      Unless it's sold out?

      • +2

        Once activated through promotional email received, it worked.

    • I went to checkout and $69 credit was applied on last screen.

  • great deal op. Got 2 for studio pairing goodness.

    • Say does studio pairing sound good?

  • Thanks OP - got one!

  • thanks op! got one

  • +2

    I did sign up for the free prime trial months ago, and then cancelled it after a month.
    I also already bought an 3rd gen echo dot around November last year, (think they were selling them for around$40ish)

    So I just happened to be browsing stuff on amazon today and noticed they were offering this deal. I wasnt logged in at first, figured my account probably wouldn't be eligible but logged in anyway…

    I paid 6.99 or whatever it is again today for prime membership (seeing as I'd already used my trial months ago). A couple of minutes later I couldn't see anything more regarding the offer on Amazon's site so I thought screw it.. and cancelled my prime membership. It asked if I want to use it till the entire month is up orr cancel/refund the 6.99 immediately. I chose the latter.

    I then found that when I subscribed they had actually sent a link to my email immediately saying "Thank you for signing up to Amazon Prime. A credit has been applied to your account, entitling you to purchase an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $10."

    Even though i cancelled the prime I was still able to put the dot in my cart, it then changed from 79 to 10$. I ordered it with free standard shipping.

    My partner has had an Amazon account for couple years and never used the prime trial yet, only bought stuff maybe once ages ago. He was able to start the free trial, got the link, all worked fine, only difference was he was able to choose prime option for delivery for fREE

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