Best Free Photo Editor

Hey guys! Whats the best free and easy photo editor out there?

Preferably desktop but app is fine also.

I tried BeFunky but some feature need paid signup.

I need to make thumbnails for Ebay listing etc. So some pics added together and some text.

I have a .edu email if that helps.


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    GNU Image Manipulation Program

    I use it myself, and frequently see it touted as the "FLOSS Photoshop".

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    Gimp - Open source, feature full, but not so user friendly (photoshop like).
    Paint . NET. - Less features, but more user friendly.

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    +1 Paint.NET

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    Adobe has a new free editing package online, it's not bad.
    I hate GIMP, it drives me nuts, Paint.NET is great for what you want to do, if you are on Windows.
    Photoscape has good batch tools for making thumbnails:

    • Any software based on GTK gives me headache.

  • Canva might work for you, easy to use - loads of templates. Free option, though there is a paid option as well.

  • Desktop - GIMP
    Online -
    Design - Canva

    All tools I'd use fairly regularly

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    Thanks Everyone! Have a great weekend.

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