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Cascade Mesh Chair - Ergonomic Office Chair $199 Free Metro Shipping @ Epic Office Furniture


This chair is listed at $249.00 on their website, however, the chat rep said they will be able to honour last month's deal for all OzBargainers. Enter the promo code at checkout and remove shipping insurance to bring the total down to $199.00.

Powerful Synchro Mechanism
Breathable black mesh backing
120kg weight rating
10 year warranty

Free Metro Shipping!

Edit: This deal really kicked off and they've received a large number of orders from OzB. I have received the following email from them, "We're sending out all the Cascades we have, but yours may be delayed depending on what time you placed your order. Don't worry though, the next shipment of Cascades will be arriving in 3-4 weeks, so delays will be kept to a minimum." If you place an order now, expect to wait a while for it.

If you're looking for something to arrive sooner, perhaps look into the following deal for a similar chair at Winc: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/554561

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                  @fortunecookie: Rang Buro as well - they hadn't heard of that before. As far as they're concerned, the only part difference is the base itself.

                  • @Doy: Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Are you going for the nylon base then?

                    • @fortunecookie: No probs. I think I might post a new deal with this info too - I really do think it's a better bargain than the one posted here.

                      And, yep, going to get the nylon base! Both Winc and Buro basically said that if I found the cushion relatively lacking in quality, to get in touch and they'll sort it out

    • @Vinbie Did you go with the Buro or Cascade? Tried looking up reviews but they aren't as descriptive so far

      • I'm going with another Buro for my partner. As I said before, currently have a 2014 aluminum Buro and it's still going great. Just looks a step up from this, particularly the big thicc deep seat cushion.

        • +1

          Cheers mate, Buro it is! Thanks

  • Thanks bought one

  • -2

    It's not that ergonomic. The seat is almost flat, the back doesn't enough lumbar support aka curvature. Also what's with the thick seat?

    • A lot of negativity from someone who haven’t even tried the chair don’t you think? If you’re sitting on a seat for 8+ hours a day, it better be thicc.

      • My office has an ergonomic chair that has a thin base and you can still sitn8 hours a day without feeling restless.

  • Any recs for short people who need to be jacked up fairly high with no arms?!

  • +1

    Thanks ops bought one for a new computer setup yet to be built

  • +1

    Have this chair in the office - it is brilliant.

  • +2

    I have the Buro Metro Chair,

    The seat is too big/wide for me to be comfortable,

    Anyone know if this is any better for shorter/slimmer individuals?

    • +1

      It's just so tough to be shorter, come on.

      I can build my own table, but chairs are difficult to build our own.

    • +1

      Have a look at Steelcase chairs

  • How's the foam on the seat?

    I got one to replace my current chair, the upholstery and the foam on the seat is wearing out.

    • +1

      its good

    • +1

      my ass is fat. i weigh 114kg. im sitting on one now, its comfortable.

      note im fussy, i returned an IKEA chair due to insufficient padding - so am happy with this chair.

    • foam is included in the 10 yr warranty as per cust support

  • Ordered 1 last month and it has been great so far. I’m using Steelcase too but without an armrest as opposed to this one.

    • How does it compare to your Steelcase? I bought a Leap V2 for my partner whom has had neck/back surgery. I, however, don’t sit for as long, nor have neck/back issues, hence am hoping the Cascade will be suffice!?

      • +1

        My missus is using the Cascade from 9 to 5 for a week now because it has an armrest. For what’s it worth of $199, it is a decent chair.

        • Thanks for your response! :)

  • Thanks Op. Ordered one.
    Need to find a good printer now, to complete my home office setup.

    • same, need an printer/scanner/copy combo, let me know if you find a good one.

  • How is the foam density on the seat?

  • -2

    Are the arms removable on this?

    • -1

      Check the product page..

  • Thanks just brought one. Wife took the leather Markus I brought, hope this one is great too

    • +4

      You brought one where?

      • To Funky Town. Won’t you take me too?

  • anyone know how long shipping takes to metro melbourne. Thanks.

  • +1

    Any herman miller alternative? looking for a decent full mesh ergonomic chair under $400.

    • +1

      One thing I've noticed about the Herman Miller Aeron is that it doesn't really wear out because it's all mesh. So I think a used Aeron could be a good choice if you can find one.

      • yes, I have the Aeron at work for many years. Still in a very good condition! Just looking for one at home hopefully can match that. I'm so used to that chair :(

      • The plastic will wear your jeans before it wears off

  • Promo code expired

    • Works for me, just bought one.

      • It popped up saying the coupon code has exhausted as it reached its limit. However it seems to be working now, bought one.

  • Bought

  • This one has pretty comparable specs. Any thoughts? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/ergolux-smart-mesh-office-chair...

    • I don’t know anything about the product but the duration of the warranty is often a good indicator. The Cascade 10 years, Ergolux 1 year.

      • +2

        Good luck making a warranty claim with Kogan.
        Might as well be 0 years actual warranty + 1 year required to mention warranty.

  • People on here saying they are replacing the Markus with this…Why would you? The Markus is the same grade of chair, with the similar pricing, Markus being slightly more expensive.
    At best, this is a sidegrade to the Markus, at worst, its a slight downgrade.

    • Per the comments, Markus isn’t good for shorter than avg people. Have another read.

    • -1

      They explained why. Clearly. Comprehension, optional obviously.

    • I hated Markus, the legs are too wide (wider than the seat). Most of the chairs out there aren't that wide. Probably IKEA just want to make sure they are very safe for heavy people (sorry).

  • Ordered one. Cheers OP!

  • +1

    In the previous deal it was possible to stack the new user coupon with this purchase.

    I think it's not possible anymore because this time is actually required to take the price down to $199.

    Anyone had any luck with coupons this time around?

  • bought one thanks

  • ordered. thanks Op

  • +2


    Hi there,

    Thank you for your Cascade order! Thanks to a huge response from a post on OzBargain.com.au, we sold over a thousand Cascades online in a 24-hour period.

    Our team are currently working overtime to get on top of them all and start sending them out. But as a small family-run business, we simply don't have the capacity to process and ship so many orders instantly.

    As this is an unprecedented level of demand, we aren't holding enough chairs in our warehouse right now to cover all the orders.

    We're sending out all the Cascades we have, but yours may be delayed depending on what time you placed your order.

    Don't worry though, the next shipment of Cascades will be arriving in 3-4 weeks, so delays will be kept to a minimum.

    We're happy to discuss alternative solutions if the timeframe doesn't work, but given the unprecedented amount of orders we appreciate your patience.

    Thank you for your support! We're working around the clock to make sure you can get your chair ASAP.

    Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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      Already pinned in the first comment

      • +1

        No, it has more info.

  • customer service from this supplier is excellent.

  • +1

    1000+ sales but only 140 upvotes? What am I missing here.

    • You don't need an ozb account to view/click on deals

  • I find mesh/plastic office chairs eventually worn out my jeans :-)

    Looks like delivery will push back 3-4 weeks.

  • +1

    I ordered at around 2000 last night and my delivery will be in the 3-4 week bracket. Thanks Patrick for your great customer service!

    • +1

      what are you going ot do with 2000 chairs?

      • I think @carlenet meant 8pm

        • lols….got ya

  • +1

    Thanks OP just purchased one

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just ordered one, discount code worked

  • +2

    Now we have a competition.

    Buro Metro

    Which one Buro (faster delivery) but $50 more expensive or Cascade?
    - is the Buro wirth $50 more?

    Both have 10 yrs warranty

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just bought one. I can wait 3-4 weeks. Also ordered a chair mat with it - no bargain @ $79, but was included in the free delivery.

    • +2

      It’s $199 including tax. You mean the insurance? You can exclude it

  • +1

    Free metro shipping, but doesn't ship to Hobart, Tasmania (a metro region). Disappointing.

    • +1

      Damn. Was trying to decide between this and the Buro Metro, I guess they decided for me.

  • -1

    Sent these guys a message last night to see if I could try sit in this at there warehouse, there nearest location does not have this chair on display.

    They said you can't take the chair back if you don't find it comfortable. You can only return an unopneed chair and they charge a 25% restcoking fee plus $50 delivery back to them (I think you can drop it off to them though). Unless someone would purchase the chair off me if I don't like it, hard to commit to this one when I have no idea how comfortable it is.

    On a positive they said the cushion is covered by the 10 year warranty, so I am still on the fence between this one and the Bruno.

    Although I do want arms and there is no price on the Bruno with arms yet?

    Does anyone know if this OW chat is comparable? https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/profession...

    15 year warranty and I should be able to sit on one before I buy it.

    • -1

      see if I could try sit in this at there warehouse
      Unless someone would purchase the chair off me if I don't like it

      What on Earth………. you are too cheapskate for ozbargain and for humanity.

    • +1

      Just go to IKEA or OW, then. #Sorted

  • -1

    How does this chair compare with chairs from here?


    • +1

      Are you serious? How does this 1 chair compare to every single chair on their website?

      • How does this chair compare to ALL the chairs?

  • Sorry I meant this chair 'https://www.eliteofficefurniture.com.au/collections/mesh-office-chairs/products/kaltask'

  • +5

    Chair arrived yesterday. Fairly easy to assemble. Seat height is quite low though so if your table is not adjustable and high then you're in trouble. But I think the adjustable armrests come in handy for this putting my arms parallel than on an angle. I'm 1.68cm/73kg and the front of my feet is able to be planted on the ground but not the heel if I sit fully back. Resting it on the legs of the chair pushes against your calf. Back is good, sturdy, would've liked more adjustment for lumbar to go slightly lower but will do. Flat/smooth and comfy and thick seat.
    Tilt works well with the "stiffness" adjustment feature (forget what it's called) but if you're lightweight <50kg like my partner you will have alot of trouble tilting back even with the loosest settings.

    Overall quite happy, decent for a $199 chair, but I would hesitate to pay full price $250.

    • Cant you adjust the height of chair?
      In chair desciption it says height from 460mm which is standard. Looking for good alternative as the delivery is delayed.

      • I'm on the highest setting already

        • The highest height for the cascade is 525mm whereas my previous markus was 570mm if that's helpful to anyone. I can feel the difference with my resting arms and slightly tilted head to look at the screen

          • @RockyK9: I am fine with 460mm height with my computer desk as it has keyboard drawer.
            Only bad thing is that I have to wait for over 3 weeks for this.

          • @RockyK9: The Markus is quite popular, how do they compare in your opinion? Do you prefer one over the other?

            The seat height adjustment for this chair is quite narrow at 460-525mm, needing a lower seat myself I think I'll be fine, I also have some glides I can use which will lower it a little more.

            • +1

              @Hiphopopotamus: If you're at least 180cm the markus could be comfortable. But for me being shorter the headrest doesn't allow me to lean my head back, and the lumber support (unadjustable) sits high on my back. The seat is nice but the front of it is kind of slanted so I tend to lean forward or "slide" off. Not sure why it's popular, but I bought into the hype and didn't have a good outcome. Perhaps I'm too picky.

              For me I would prefer the cascade, because it stops me from slouching forward. Would be perfect if the height went up to at least 560mm. The tilt of the cascade is not as great as the markus however. Let's say it may not be safe tilting really far back (like when I do a big stretch) on the cascade as it doesn't feel as sturdy, there's not an end to the tilt and I feel as if the whole chair will flip me backwards.

    • We share similar height/weight, good to see you're finding it comfortable and easy to plant feet flat on the ground.

      I have the Buro Metro and i find the seat to large and too high, so hoping this chair is a good replacement.

  • does anyone find the chair in the upright position, if you lock it in its highest spot, and lean back it will go back maybe an inch back and forth?

    • Tighten the tension knob all the way to the left

  • Are these shipping from Victoria? Im guessing we might cop a bit of a delay beyond the initial 3-4 week email.

    • Their mailing address per their website is QLD. It also states they have warehouses in NSW, QLD, VIC & WA.

  • Still on track for delivery between the provided ETA of 3-4 weeks?

    • it says on websie sept / early sept i guess

  • Any comments or anyone use this chair from officeworks?

    Also comes with 10 yr warranty, same price at $199 but it has more adjustable feature but without an armrest.

  • Bought one. Thanks op

  • Can we please have an update OP? It's been 3 weeks. Thanks

    • I'm still waiting on mine too, and I would've been one of the first ones. I messaged them last week and they said the first shipment of stock should be arriving to them this week. They will then ship it on to the purchasers on a first come, first serve basis.

      • They gave an update on the first page. They should have posted it as a new comment so everyone saw it.. but anyway.. Check here

        Hi Ozbargainers,

        We want to make sure we're keeping you all up-to-date on the status of the Cascade Chairs. Thank you again for your patience!

        We've been advised by our freight carrier that while the container is still due in this weekend, they are experiencing some delays in clearing customs due to pay disputes with border officials at the Brisbane port. We are hoping this doesn't affect the Cascades, however we want to be as transparent as possible.

        The following is an excerpt from the Industrial Action Update from DP World Terminals:

        "We regret we have been unable to reach agreement with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), who have given notice to DP World Australia (DPWA) of further Protected Industrial Action (PIA) at DPWA Terminals.

        The effect of the bans varies across terminals and advised PIA includes work stoppages, limited various bans on employees working in tasks above their normal grade, overtime, shift extensions, accepting late call-ins, and ceasing advanced or delayed start times."

        If anything changes we will let you know!

        Thanks again for your patience and understanding - we're doing everything we can to get these chairs to you ASAP!

        The Sales Team,
        Epic Office Furniture

        • +3

          By Monday next week if they are not shipped, I am going to request for a refund and buy it locally, god know how long you have to wait I need the chair 2 weeks ago, I ordered on 27/07

    • +2

      Please see our latest update here

  • +1

    Any update on whether they cleared customs on the weekend and are due for delivery this week?

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