Primary Monitor upgrade suggestions

I'm currently running two AOC monitors, I bought my computer last year and got a good deal on a 31.5 inch. I thought the 31.5" size would mean that a secondary wouldn't be required but I missed having the ability to multitask.

Main: AOC 31.5" Q32V3 (75hz 2k)
Secondary: AOC 27" Q27P1 (60hz 2k)
I bought a 2k monitor with a low refresh rate as my secondary but I'm thinking a 144hz would be nice to replace my 31.5" which I would sell. I play football manager (mainly) and occasionally AOE/GTA but the PC is primarily used for web browsing & watching youtube. I'm thinking about a VESA mount set up (two 27" would look nice) and selling my primary (31.5). I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on this as it's 1080p. Is 144hz overkill for my needs?

Current setup:


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    65 inch 4K tv to replace that painting on the wall.

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    Can you tell the difference between your current 75hz and 60hz monitors - in terms of smoothness when scrolling, animation, flicker, ghosting? If you can, get the 144hz.

    If I were you, I'd sell the Q27P1 and get another Q32V3. Or sell them both and replace them with a 43" 4K IPS.

    • Two 32s was my initial thought but it's too big for my desk. Regarding the HZ difference, not really.

  • I did some brief research recently: As a guide I used Resolution - 24" 1080, 27" 2k, 32"+ 4k. Refresh rate pends gaming and how smooth you want things to look. Then factor in cost! Plus multiple monitors - Curved vs Flat. I ended up with 2 x 27" 144Mhz curved monitors. Can't fault it.

    • what did you get? I am in the hunt for dual 27" setup as well

      • Samsung LC27JG54QQEXXY.
        Coming from asus gsync 27” and 2 x 23” 1080p. Don’t game much. Productivity and due an upgrade. So bright, and the curved is a highlight.

    • Thanks for this, how do you find two curved monitors? I was hesitant to buy one for a dual setup.

      • I really like it, preferable experience than flat. It just wraps around your vision. Definitely recommend curve (these are 1800R)

  • that $500 xiaomi curve..

    • with the 27"? it looks so nice.

  • wow so jealous lots of money there during this time

  • A could also do with a USB switch so you can use the one keyboard.

    • Similar predicament to the monitor situation, I started with a Logitech wireless set and got gifted a mouse and got a cheap mechanical on sale here.

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