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MSI GTX1650 Super Aero ITC OC $257.25 + Delivery (Free with Amazon Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Been hanging out for a cheap 1650 super deal and finally pulled the trigger on this one.

Not the cheapest 1650 super, Galax branded ones are available from Umart for $249 + post but I think the price is good for MSI branded and especially in a smaller form factor.

Do note this is the Super not the standard 1650. Roughly equivalent to a gtx1060 or an rx570/80 with less power requirements (100w only)

Don't forget 5% cashback from cashrewards/shopback!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Are they the same as 1060 3GB or a bit better?

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      I certainly wouldn't upgrade to a 1650 super if I had a 1060 3gb because the difference will be small but the 1650 super is the better card.

      Currently second hand prices for GPUs are a bit crazy which I think make these cards better buys right at the moment than an old 1060. Will all change when new generation stuff is released (end of this year… maybe?)


        I certainly wouldn't upgrade to a 1650 super

        Yeah understanding just wondering would it be good in HTPC to play game on TV, i7 2600 CPU only on HTPC.

        I have 1060 3GB on my own desktop PC.


          Buy something fancier for your desktop and throw the 1060 in the htpc!

          I think this card would be fine for the use you're saying, but a cheaper rx570/580 would do the job just as well if you don't care about power draw


    Worth upgrading my ancient GTX 660ti to this? I mainly game on 1080p.

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      Depends how much future proofing you want to do - I think these cards are in a pretty sweet spot for 1080p gaming


      Good for 1080p Highfor newer games. The Vram probably prevents you from going ultra settings. Still a very good value card.

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      I'd go with the 2060 at Shopping Express for $459



        so, double the price? lol

  • +2 votes

    Been hanging out for a cheap 1650 super deal

    I mean it's MSRP, but ok.


      It's the cheapest version of this card I could find,and I think cheapest outright currently with delivery if you have prime?

      I do agree though, wish things were cheaper



        $7 more expensive delivered, likely better cooling and lower noise.

        It's the cheapest, but keep in mind that if you can hold out until November, you have an option of a 3060, likely for $450ish, or waiting to January should net you a 3050 (yes, ray tracing and DLSS in this price bracket).

        Either card would be an enormous performance jump comparatively. But if you have to buy today, in this price bracket, I suppose those are the options.