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Seagate 10TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $283.75 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


The price of the Seagate 10TB shuckable keeps dropping.

This was posted earlier in the month https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551231.

Someone reported in the thread that the drive inside is a Seagate Exos X16 10TB 7200 RPM. I've previously shucked one and gotten a barracuda pro.
Majority of the internal drives are barracuda pros with a slim chance of either an ironwolf or exos drive.

The seagate external drives come with AU plugs. So stop asking.

Highly recommended to do a write check to see if there are bad sectors before shucking. Use a program like HD Tune. Takes close to two days.


Video tutorials on shucking

Don't forget 5% cashback and discounted gift cards if you have them.

[jace88 edit 11/08/2020: back in stock at $283.47 but cashback no longer applicable on this category]

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Confirming I bought in the last round from Amazon US, very fast delivery. 2x ST10000DM0004-2GR11L running happily in my PC after shucking.

    • When I do my next pc I'll be doing a media drive this way.

    • Do you still have to mess around with one of the pins?

      • +1

        No not for this drive.

    • +2

      How noisy are the drives?

  • +3

    Yep I got the X16 inside mine and so did one other poster in that thread. Bit of a lottery!

    CDM: https://ibb.co/tMCYCKY

    • +1

      So reading into it, the exos gets 2,500,000hrs MTBF. Bloody incredible, lucky you. Was there a manufacture date on anything that you noticed?

      • +1

        Manufactured May 2020
        Made in Thailand.

        Not sure what the other guy had with his though.

        • Thanks. I'm wondering if Seagate is putting the Exos in the 10tb desktop drives. It seems like a win/big win.

          • @Caped Baldy: Sorry what do you mean? Isn’t this an Exos in the 10TB desktop drive?

            Seagate have been dropping some Ironwolfs into the Backup Plus range according to r/DataHoarder.

            • +1

              @jace88: Oh sorry, wasn't too clear. I meant using Exos instead of the Barracuda Pros.

              At one point both the 10TB Seagate Expansion desktop and 10TB Backup Plus Desk Hub only used Barracuda Pros and I thought that was still the case.

              • @Caped Baldy: Ah got it. I actually bought the external drive looking for the 10TB Barracuda Pro to use in my rig as a Steam Drive given the specs which seem to be an outlier in terms of reliability/performance. Now I am tossing up between what to use in my NAS!

      • Reviews seem to be not so good on amazon.com for exos drives. Lot of 1 star rating.

    • +1

      Wow nicely done!

      I'm very much not a fan of Seagate, however I'd use their Exos drives any day. Those are great drives.

  • +1

    waiting for it to get down to the ~260 range again so i can get some, just finishing up my custom unraid NAS with some spare drives till they come back down then ill do some upgrades :D

    • This, still not enticing enough. Building an OMV box.

    • +1

      I bought it at that price and am waiting for another deal - maybe Black Friday. We do have 5% CR and 3.75% GC from auspost (have to wait for physical cards so stock up).

  • +4

    I have more drives than I need from all these deals but I can't help it, guess I'll buy another.

    • +4

      Can never have enough drives for Linux ISO's

  • was just looking for one of these deals today and this popped up! put my order through thanks!

  • It is a bit noisy compared to my WD, I got one from last deal.

    • 7200rpm disks are noisy, if you want a quieter disk, go for 5400 rpm models, like a wd red

  • +2

    So, is it cheaper to buy these ones and remove the drive inside to use it on your pc, that to buy just the drive alone?

    • Yes, i have 2, 3rd is on the way, and see this deal again,…

      • I am keen to do this. Is this a simple process? or are there some technical hurdles?

        • +1

          Nah pretty easy. Lots of tutorials.

          Get a flat head screw driver or butter knife to pry it open and remove the drive. There is a header interface attached to the drive's sata and power ports that you need to remove.

          Highly recommended to do a write check for the whole drive to ensure the drive doesn't errors or faults.

        • +3

          It's quite tedious compared to the WD desktop drives but still doable. I've gotten used to it but it took me a while to do the first time. These are the videos I watched when I tried it the first time.

  • +3

    Thanks bought. Last time I bought two from Amazon they came with absolutely no padding and the box was dropped onto my concrete floor by delivery guy who couldn't be bothered to bend down at all - just dropped it. :( Hopefully will be better this time. Yes I know the heads are parked. Still…..

    • +1

      Yeah, literally. It wasn't a Seagate but my last WD was shipping in it's retail packaging.

    • My 10TB Seagate from the last deal was in a plastic shipping bag but the 12TB came in a box with those air filled plastic pocket things. I made sure I ran some tests overnight on the Seagate and it came back no bad sectors.

      Had to ask WD for an Australian power plug so I haven’t been able to test it yet. I would jump on this deal if I didn’t have the WD, I have no need for so many TB… yet

    • My two HDs were the 10TB WD on OzBargain from a year or two ago. I asked for an Australian plug, they agreed to send it out, but didn't. I rang again six months later and the whole per supply was sent. Afaik all HD power supplies are 12V 1.5A so if you have anything in the house at those specs, it would be usable. Or you can get an Australian plug converter from eBay for a couple of bucks.

  • +1

    Discounted gift cards?

    • I clearly need to up my OzBargain game and learn more about this too.

    • Check your bank/energy/super to see if they have "rewards" portal. Suncorp (AAMI for me) has 3% off.

  • How does this compare to the Seagate Barracuda 8TB HDD for internal storage? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07H289S7C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i... Only slightly more expensive per TB

    • +3

      You're comparing an internal drive with warranty/etc with an external drive to be shucked. Historically most people have found the drive inside to be a Barracuda Pro 10TB which has had glowing reviews for it's endurance/performance ratings.

    • This one is 2TB bigger

      (couldn't resist)

      I'm not all that familiar with Seagate's lineup but I think the non-pro is 5400rpm, the pro is 7200rpm (could be wrong). So the Pro is faster and runs hotter, could be a pro or con for you. There's nothing wrong with 5400rpm in NAS, that's all I've ever used and prefer. However in this case the Pro is a superior drive for endurance etc too, so it's the better pick if that's what you get in the case.

      • +1

        For what it's worth, given the Barracuda Pro's specs, I intended to shuck and use it as an internal drive in my gaming rig and replace an old WD80EMAZ (shucked from an 8TB Mybook) which can go into a NAS.

        The spanner in the works is the drive in my Seagate External turned out to be an X16 enterprise grade drive and it seems wasteful to use it in my desktop PC now…

        • +2

          Ah that's a pickle of a situation. I see what you mean. I guess there's not much alternative unless you were building a NAS using 10TB which you aren't. Desktop use is probably better than external backup use, or is it? Given it will be loud I'm guessing maybe backup storage is a better application. Still a little sad to be designating such a quality drive to that task but in a way its sensible. Backups are important and that drive is up to the challenge.

  • I bought one a few months ago and when it's connected to my PC is constantly "reads" and the blue light flashes.

    Does anyone know what the issue could possibly be?

    I thought it might be because it was new and windows was doing some sort of indexing. After 24 hours it was still reading though. There are no systems files on there, only a small amount of media (50gb).

    • +1

      Hoping someone replies to your question.
      I know that problem of the light flashing and you go to work and come home later thinking that it'll be finished what it's doing and yet it's still flashing and running. Frustrating.

      • Did you ever find a fix for this mate? My hdd has been powered up for 48 hours now, not showing any activity in Resource Monitor yet it's still "working" away. I'm gonna return it tbh.

        • It probably not a file related thing with read or write access.

          From my experience if I can't unmount a drive, because something is using the drive, formatting it does nothing at all. However, if you unallocate/delete the volume for the whole drive, it will allow you to unmount. The second you add a volume back to the drive, you can't unmount it again.

          Probably a subsystem related process such as hard disk sentinel. Best test it on another computer, or another OS like Linux from your Linux repository.

          • @imcold: Thanks for the help mate, I appreciate it. I have no trouble unmounting it, the problem is that the drive is constantly "working" (spinning with led flashing) even though it shows no activity in Resource Manager. It's got me pulling my hair out!

            • @bataleon: Only thing I can think off you can do is test it in safe mode, or try using windows performance recorder if you happen to have lots of spare time to analyse the problem

    • +1

      Assuming Windows 10 :
      Task Manager > Performance tab > Open Resource Monitor.

      Then in Resource Monitor :
      Disk tab > Disk Activity dropdown
      Sort by Total (B/sec)

      to see exactly what processes are reading and writing which files on your drives.

      • Thanks mate, that's very helpful and I've taken a look. G: - which is the 10TB external, isn't showing on that list at all. The only active processes are those in C: - where windows is installed, so that makes sense. Something doesn't add up… it's not showing any disk activity, yet I can hear it clicking away (with blue light flashing). It just doesn't stop. Ever. It's so distracting that I have to unmount it when I don't need it.

  • +3

    i bought 2 on the last deal
    got barracuda pros
    still a good deal

  • This looks cheap for 10tb! God dam, I just don't download much anymore and external portables are easily to deal with.

    It seems those are the same price, just wanted 2-5tb for my PS4 Pro lol

  • Can I claim price protection on Amazon AU via US stuff?

    • My question too….

    • +1

      I'm curious too… Amazon sometimes will refund you the difference if you ask nicely but not always.

  • +1

    Any good deal on Seagate portable 4tb or 5tb?

  • +2

    I recently bought 2x of these for this price (from Amazon) wasn't sure it was enough of a bargain to post though!

    I also bought a Synology DS220j from Landmark Computers for $255, plan is for a raid 1 at 7200rpm for photos and video.

    Setting it up this weekend, will share what drive I got.

    • I feel the target is <$26/TB these days. I recently got a few 12TB drives under $25/TB so these feel less of a bargain to me too.

    • +1

      Suggest you set it up in SHR if you don't mind the negligible performance impact in exchange for flexibility should you wish to upgrade to larger drives in the future.

      • Yep, did this - great option.

    • Both Barracuda Pros

  • Everybody on Amazon complaining about the US power pack/plug. I was actually thinking of using this as is, so just be aware of you're planning to buy and NOT shuck.

    • +5

      It actually comes with a little adapter with Australian plug (and other countries) I guess they got sick of the people complaining.

      WD on the other hand comes with a US plug only

      • +2

        True. Mine came with the collection of plugs.

      • +2

        Yup that was my experience too. Must be the smaller capacities.

    • +2

      I laughed at how numerous reviews blamed OzBargain for promoting it on an Australian website… I mean even the title says US Plug. But I guess that's why they started including the pack in, and also the slip of paper on Australian consumer guarantees.

      I was also surprised at one of the reviews complaining about receiving an SMR drive inside… yes it is a performance downgrade but it was in an external drive enclosure which made no promises on performance, and given the target use case, I don't think that would really be grounds to argue misleading conduct.

    • i dont know why they are complaining
      the last 2 i bought came with adapters so it worked within AU
      its was within the retail box, so it seems seagate just provides 1 dc adapter with changeable pins

  • Can you hook this up with a Xbox console ?

  • I shucked a 4TB one of these 3 months ago…. it just died in my Synology.

    • It probably wasn't barracuda pro and likely a SMR drive which don't cope well lots of writes when it's full…..

    • +1

      Not all drives inside are the same (even within the same model) - but the smaller capacity drives were likely SMR and definitely not well suited to NAS use.

      • Any recommendations for a drive to replace it? Need it fast before the other one fails…

        • Come down to budget and what your needs are.

          Ironwolf or Red Pro obviously are well suited to NAS use but if you’re willing to gamble a bit and take a risk then shucking one of these seagate 10TB drives or the 12TB WD Expansions might give you a decent alternative.

          If you're only looking at the <8TB range, then even a cheap Ironwolf drive might suffice.

          • @jace88: Thanks for the response. So the drives in the sub 8TB range in external hard drives are less likely to be sufficient? I guess it depends how much of a dice roll the 10 or 12TBs are as to whether it is worth it. I already feel like I'm $100 down in the situations.

        • Cop the price and buy a local 4TB Seagate Ironwolf or WD Red EFRX for roughly $170. (Avoid the newer WD Red EFAX)

  • +1

    What drives can you possibly get from this?

    Based on the comments, I think Seagate Exos X16 10TB 7200 RPM is the best followed by barracuda pro?

    Could I end up with worst drives if I buy this? Sorry, shulking is new and I didn't know it was something people do.

    Also, not familiar which HDD and what's good.

    • +4

      Only a guess but I honestly think the people who got Exos only did because they ran out of Barra Pros at the time. Exos are more expensive (obviously) and it's not a sound business module to ship enterprise drives in external cases. So what I'm saying it, it's likely extremely rare and those who got one should consider getting a lotto ticket.

      Both drives will be fine. Your order of thinking is correct.

      • +1

        Cheers. So worst case I get the barracuda pro which is likely and still a great drive. Best case if I am lucky, I get the Seagate exo?

        • +3

          Yeah pretty much. I believe some people have gotten ironwolfs. There are some complaints on amazon that the Exos don't have warranty and have died soon after purchase.

          Before shucking you should run a write check for the whole drive to find bad sectors and return if that's the case. If it's all good, shuck it.

          • @Caped Baldy: Might be a silly question but I'm new to shucking too. How do we write check? Just copy 10tb of data to it? Or should we use a specific software for this check?

            • +4

              @saurabhgoyal93: Not a silly question. Use a program like HD Tune. It does the copying for you and checks for errors and reports back. iirc it took almost two days for mine to finish.

              Should be via the "error scan" tab.


              • +1

                @Caped Baldy: Thank you so much!

                • +3

                  @saurabhgoyal93: Yeah everything Caped Baldy said was on point.

                  I just surface tested my 4 x 12TB drives which took 40 hours each so mathematics suggest you're looking at around 33-34 hours if my times were typical. Any issues, you send them back.

  • +1

    This can be used as an external drive right? It doesn't have to be shucked?

    Also mentioned Gift cards and cashback they don't stack right?

    • +1

      Yes, can be external.

      I was under the impression you could use GCs for cashback. It's normally difficult to buy from ebay using coupons and cashback

    • Haha, sometimes we forget that external drives were intended/marketed to be used as external drives :)

      ps. FWIW, after buying quite a few hard drives lately (thanks OzBargain) of both WD and Seagate variety, if I had to have an external drive, the Seagate definitely looks a lot better and the casing feels better built. I'm not sure why and looks are subjective, but something about this Seagate Expansion drive leaves a more positive impression than the WD Essentials with the curved edge.

  • I bought one of this locally and it says ST10000DM0004-2GR11L on CrystalDiskInfo. Thanks OP.

  • Whats a good price for the 8TB?

    • +1

      Check camel - but keep in mind the reason why we all jump on Seagate 10TB deals is because they have Barracuda Pros or in some limited cases, Exos X16 drives - both are great drives for either high end desktop or NAS use.

      The 8TB drives however are regular Barracuda/consumer drives and are less exciting, hence not so much discussion on them here.

      • Yeah I dont wanna shuck them, I need to replace an 8 year old 2TB Expansion drive sometime soon, thats why on the lookout for some deals. Thats why was hoping for under 200 deals for 8TB drives

        • +2

          I think $230-ish seems to be the going rate for say a WD external drive 8TB. I've bought these in the past before I shifted to buying 10/12TB drives.

          ps. I actually have a similarly aged Seagate 2TB Expansion too. I shucked it not long ago and it was a Barracuda Green with manufacturing date of June 2011!

  • Pulled the trigger on this after watching it for weeks.
    I don't think it can go much lower.

    Do we think that a full HD Tune scan is absolutely necessary?
    (Is the Crystal Disk Info "Health Status" reading meaningful at all?)


  • This or $281 - Western Digital Ultrastar DC SATA HDD - 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 3.5" DC HC320 8TB https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07H4PR6HN/ref=cm_sw_r_other_ap...

    I am planing to use it on my PC. I know WD is made for data center/NAS so does it make it more durable? It claims "Designed with a workload rating up to 550TB per year"

    • +3

      I'd go for the extra 2TB

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