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Free - 50,000 Pizzas between 3-7 August 2020 (10,000 Per Day, Online Pick-up) @ Pizza Hut


Similar deals to these ones. First in gets a freebie.

3/8 — All out for today
4/8 — All out for today
5/8 — All out for today
6/8 — All out for today

Terms and Conditions:

Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st of August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please see T&Cs for full terms and conditions and click here to see our Privacy Policy.

  1. To enter, an Entrant must during the Entry Period enter their name and email address into a webform on the website between 4:00pm to 6:00pm (AEST).
  2. Provided the Entrant is one of the first 10, 000 web users to enter their email address into the webform on the Pizza Hut website (“the website”), the Entrant will receive a free large pizza voucher with a voucher code emailed to their specified email address.
  3. The free large pizza voucher is available for redemption by entering the voucher code when the Entrant accesses the website and is prompted for the voucher code.
  4. Subject to redeeming the free large pizza voucher by the specified timeframe, the free large pizza voucher entitles the Entrant to receive a free large pizza with a pan base from a selection available on the website of Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Hawaiian and Cheese Lovers.
  5. The Entrant has until 31 August 2020 to 23:59 hrs AEST or the store closure time (whichever is the earliest) to redeem the free large pizza voucher, via pick up only from the location specified by the Entrant on the website.
  6. The free large pizza voucher cannot be redeemed with other meal deals or offers and no customisation of the free large pizza will be permitted.

Full T&Cs

It is advisable to complete / finalize the order once the voucher is applied on the ordering form. The voucher is considered 'used' once it has been entered online, not when the order is completed.

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      • you don't want to know?

      • +1

        Philanthropy I guess

      • It's just bug testing their programming, they should be grateful, so next competition they can add more checks

    • +1

      I added the code, then clicked on a pizza without adding, then went to look at a different pizza. Now it says voucher not found when I try to add the code again and I can't add the pizza. I tried adding one of the pizzas, but it wants to charge full amount. Burnt my voucher without using it. They may have "fixed" it.

      • This happened to me too

        • I guess they "fixed" it.

      • +3

        There was a disclaimer when ordering, says this can happen and to wait 60 mins and try again

        • Thanks. I'll do that. Didn't see that

    • lmfao. so how many pizzas did you ordered in one go?

      • +2

        Just 2. I wasn't sure who foots the bill for Pizza + plus don't want the store to close down.

        • I just tried, doesn't seem to work. they might have fixed it

  • +1

    It's funny reading greedy folk trying to justify their 'right' to taking multiple codes. Typical

  • Anyone received their email today? I have a feeling you can't use your own private domains and need to use gmail, hotmail, etc…

  • My voucher from yesterday isn't working. It says "voucher not found". I've tried adding it before the pizza as well as after.
    I don't have an account so I'm not sure if that is the problem.
    Anyone else in a similar position and if so, did you get it to work?

  • I accidentally got 2. There was an error when I entered my personal email (private domain), so I refreshed and tried again and tapped the autofill on my phone for my work address. Both vouchers arrived.

    • -2

      Well then guess I'm not getting any vouchers if they still haven't arrived after 25 minutes…

  • ooof this promo is giving me eBay Plus deal vibes and those are bad vibes

  • -2

    If you use gmail, place a random (.) anywhere within your address name to use the same account multiple times. I got two pizzas this time.

    • +3

      one titty ? where's the other ?

  • +1

    Have 2 pizzas to giveaway, please pm if you want.

    • Hi, can you pm me pls?

    • Could i have one please

    • this is definitely someone's smurf account.. joined 19 minutes ago hmmm

      • Understandable but I didn't want people not getting any, while I've had some :/

  • +2

    don't be a fool like me and leave your discount code preloaded on the pizza hut screen. The page auto refreshed and now the code is invalid. Make sure to only apply the code, when you are about to order .

    • Wait an hour, it may be locked temporarily.

      • will do thanks!

    • I just had the same thing happen to me just now :(, might have lost my free pizza -_-

  • +1

    This promo seems to be making people hate pizza hut. As opposed to the promo run by dominoes.

  • Hmmm.

    No, am not sour, I actually got a code today.

    And yes, it's free, so beggars can't be choosy and all that.

    And yes, it's their promotion, so they can run it as they see fit.

    But: I don't care if people are using bots, there is no way Pizza Hut are giving away 10,000 pizzas in the space of less than ninety seconds. Clearly, they are giving away far fewer than what is being claimed.

    • All it takes is 1000 people to claim 10 pizzas each or 2000 people to claim 5 pizzas each and it's gone. It's no surprise they're gone in 90 seconds.

    • +1

      Have you realised that this post has almost 20k clicks?

    • -2

      Same with Dominos they might not be giving away 10,000 pizza daily. Maybe 5,000.

    • why is that inconcievable? think about how much traffic there is to this post (as Greg said above) and that this deal is posted on websites like 7 news and that awareness of it probably increases with word of mouth each day as everyone brags about free pizza… it would EASILY be gone in <2 mins if you do the math

      • -1

        Could you please show the equation below.
        Dominos Wasn't that known, nothing in the news.

      • The main variable isn't really the popularity of the offer. It's the tiny and precise window of time in which such a large number of people would need to be processing forms. Coupled with how all three days so far have seemed to involve an almost identical length of time. Even factoring in normal variances alone would mean that shouldn't really be happening.

        Within the absolute realms of possibility? Well, sure.
        Likely? Not really.

    • You do know how many people live in this country right? This promo is also promoted on Facebook so it's not even just click-throughs on this website. You would have to multiply the click-throughs here by at least 20-30 times. 10,000 people redeeming a free pizza in the span of 90 seconds isn't so far fetched.

  • pizza hut website does not seem to load on the three browsers on mobile but its an old IOS version, maybe that is why.

  • For those who want to get a pizza today, there is a trick.

    All I'll say is, when everyone is waiting for the door to open, the trick is to be a minute early and get the ball before the door 'opens'.

  • +1

    I have tried multiple times to redeem my voucher and each time says voucher not found.
    I have waited at least an hour before retrying.
    Is it a matter of continuing to try until its accepted, or is there some trick involved.
    As per other posters I am much more impressed by how dominos are running their giveaway.

  • +6

    Found out how to redeem coupons.
    Does not work if you pick a pizza and then enter code.
    Does work if you click on empty cart, will prompt you to enter code then redirects to a page listing the eligible pizzas.

  • Finally got 1 after 2 days…

  • +1

    Grabbed my first free pizza (luckily I remembered and was free at the time). It wouldn't work so I kept clicking the button until it worked.

    Stoked! Pizza Hut > Domino's all day every day.

  • +1

    Error when submitting the form

    • +1

      Assuming you entered your details right at 4:00pm or a few seconds after you should just keep clicking the button. I kept getting an error until it eventually said I got one.

      • +1

        Bugger, will try again tomorrow.

  • Wouldn't let me get one today. Said there was a problem. I got one yesterday. I used a different email address, but same name. Should I use a different name?

    • keep hitting that submit button. got mine eventually

  • +3

    Error as well :(

    Edit: Eventually worked after spamming button

  • Error?

  • -2

    Lol nothing today, error submitting and then all vouchers gone

  • Keep getting error submitting form! Anyone else with same issue? Just tried on mobile and get "Campaign not found" either… looks like will/have missed out today.

    • You just had to keep clicking it. I am assuming it's because of how many people were spamming that button at the same time which would cause the error.

      • +1

        Thanks for explaining, will try again tomorrow

  • Wouldn't let me get one today. Said there was a problem. I got one yesterday. I used a different email address, but same name. Should I use a different name?

    • Used a different IP address then yesterday. Thought maybe that would be sneaky. Apparently…. not.

      • They don't have the bandwidth to process the contest properly, forget algos to verify IP :-)

  • i didnt get anything today! Error!

  • Welcome to Glitchville. Population, us.

  • -3

    Gone because of people like this

    • yet ur comment got removed cause ur causing trouble, didnt state he had more then one, even if he did its one per day-

  • so… i managed to get three today - first time ive tried.
    If anyone hasn't gotten a code at all in the last few days, let me know and ill send you one of the ones i got.

    • can i have one please? :)

    • would like one if you have spare code..

    • I couldn't get despite of trying hard.. Can I please get one? Thanks heaps :)

    • codes gone

    • I tried for 3 days but no luck…

  • Classic Pizza Hut - lets you down everytime.

  • +1

    such a joke, was right on 4pm and it didnt work

  • error, now gone….

  • Got one normally.

  • +1

    I did it at 4pm sharp and it says max no of vouchers exceeded. I call bs on it!

    • +1

      check your pm ive sent you a code ;)

      • Thanks Ahly92

    • +2

      I got it to work, it kept saying 'whoops there was an error submitting your form" so I just started mashing the mouse button and it finally worked after like 30 seconds


  • I managed to get 1.

  • I managed to snag one.. got 'error submitting the form' a few times, but after the 3rd or 4th try it went through

  • Why is it that Domino's lastest over half an hour and Pizza Hut is out within a couple minutes? Seems suss.

    • +4

      Because Dominos has the shitty 1 per Facebook account for the whole promotional period.

      • +2

        It's not shitty, it's much more fair than people mass botting pizza hut

    • Clearly because Pizza Hut is much better than Domino's.

      • In the past 5 or so years I've found Domino's > Pizza Hut

  • +3

    Managed to finally get 1 today, you have to spam it. good luck tomorrow everybody. to those who managed to get more than 1, please let others have an opportunity