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Water Cooled 2060 Super & Ryzen 5 3600XT Computer $1799 + Shipping @ Titan Tech


Hey OzBargainers

I am proud to let you guys know we have partnered with a local PC shop in Sydney who is helping us to build PC's as soon as orders come in. We are aiming to dispatch within 2-4 business days using a courier service now, as opposed to Auspost who are very busy. Although this is an estimate I would like to place an emphasis on the commitment we have to providing you guys with a smooth and streamlined purchase and although our last deal did not entirely represent that goal, it is our intention. (For all those people speculating we are a one man operation, we have now gone from a 3 man operation to a 7 man operation, So hopefully we can start offering prices to rival even the mighty techfast)

We also have a shopfront you can visit if you need to come buy parts, get your old PC repaired or just have a look at the custom builds we have in stock.

If you need to contact us urgently
please message us on our facebook page; www.facebook.com/TechTitanIT

-Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro Wi-Fi. Full ATX with RGB accents, Integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus extra expansion slots.

-CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600XT with 6 cores & 12 threads at 3.8ghz base speed. AMD's latest release that came out this month.

-CPU Watercooler: Deep Cool Gammaxx L240 V2. 240mm Closed loop CPU water cooler.

-GPU: RTX Nvidia 2060 Super 8GB Dual Fan - 1x DVI, 1x HDMI & 1x Display Port.

-RAM: Kingston 16gb 3200mhz RGB (2x8gb)

-SSD: Kingston A2000 500GB NVMe

-PSU: Thermaltake 600w Gold Rated 80+ Power Supply

-Tower: Deepcool Matrexx 50 Tempered Glass Window and 3x Pre installed RGB fans.

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    • Generally not as loud as extra fans, The XT range is better for overclocking so naturally goes well with a water-cooler.

    • Definitely fan noise, don't believe the reviewers. The stock heatsink fan is audible and makes a kind of buzzing noise.

  • If you guys had this with a 5700XT instead of a 2060 Super for the same price it would be a great deal. But it's still decent nonetheless

    • +2

      Happy to use a 5700XT instrad just mention this in the order notes :)

      • For the same price? For real? Which 5700XT would you use? Thanks for the reply

      • Would definitely be interested in the pricing and type of 5700xt available too

  • Hi Isaac,

    Was about to pull the triger with Techfast today, my ideal specs as following,

    1. i7 10700k with water cooler
    2. GPU 2070/2080 Super
    3. 16G 3200 RAM
    4. 1TB m.2 NVME SSD
      Plus good quality MB, PSU and Case.

    Please let me know if you can come up a good deal with similar specs. Many Thanks.

    Warm Regards

    • Hey HillsKing!

      Funny you mention those specs, We have almost that exact listing!


      Give us a message if you have any questions or want to change anything.


      • Thanks for your prompt reply Isaac.
        Can you throw in a 2070super?
        With i7+2070s, will a 600w PSU be enough?

        • I wouldn't recommend the i7-10700K, Gamers Nexus says it's a useless middleground, and the i5-10600K performs almost the same in games if not better when you tune it with a Z490 board. It'd be silly to pair a K-series CPU with a B460 board anyway.

      • Thanks Isaac,

        Please check out the following specs, see if you can do a deal,

        1. i5-10600k
        2. GPU 2070 Super
        3. Z490 MB
        4. 1TB m.2 NVME SSD
        5. Need a better case than Deepcool Matrexx 30 (50 is ok)


        • Give us a message on the website and I can give you a custom quote!

        • Looks like the 10600k is only available for pre order at the moment, Anything else you would like instead?

  • 3600XT, objectively a bad value part, do not buy one over a 3600 unless the 3600 and the 3600X is completely out of stock, and you're completely desperate, and I just don't forsee that scenario being real. So I'll use a 3600 because that is an objectively superior part, otherwise I'll copy the list.

    I also don't think an AIO is good value as well.

    Even still, I come out only $100 ahead, so, pay $100 for an AIO, Windows, have it installed and a warranty, seems to check out. I do like testing SIs, but this one has a fair deal if you ask me.

    Still like my parts better, but it's basically the same performing system


    • +1

      The 3600 is unfortunately out of stock at a lot of major suppliers. 3600xt is paired with the watercooler in this deal aimed at people wanting to overclock.

      • Pretty sweet deal at Amazon right now, just saying. Haven't seen the stock issues, might be different at the SI level though which is fair enough, 3600 > 3600X > 3600XT for value.

        Even overclocked the 3600 doesn't need a lot of cooling power, so, a 3600 with a decent after market air* cooler would be good to see, since you're obviously providing good value given the parts, it could be an even more competitive package if it were, $100 less without an AIO. Just saying, as you can see I didn't use an AIO and I did use a 3600, and I was still only $100 cheaper so… You've definitely got the potential here, but, AIO isn't bad, please mount the tubes toward the bottom of the case to avoid air bubbles circulating into the pump though.

  • HI Op,

    Two questions.
    1. you mentioned you are using a courier service instead of Aus post, however the delivery on website still only shows Aus post standard/express/local pick up.
    2. Pre-build windows 10 not activated, is that means I still have to pay to activate this particular model and how much would that be?

    • +2

      Thank you for pointing that out. Shipping details will be updated! TNT will be the courier we are using as they provide cover / shipping insurance.

      You can pick up a license key from 10$-150$. Just do not buy any OEM license keys as they are not meant to be sold.

  • +1

    There a lot of ragging on techfast. FWIW Galax is a big player it's just that many people don't know. Yeah the psu is junk but hey.

    • +3

      End of day no reason Techfast can't choose to match or beat a new competitor.

      Techfast should know the major issues people have had so it's their choice if they fix the power supplies, choosing to not name brands and meeting delivery times - that's as a casual onlooker I have picked up those issues yet they seem to of continued for the past 2+ years.

      Extra competition can only be positive for the consumer.

      • Yeah.. But I don't think you get supply issues on large orders either. Clearly there's a market for cheap too. So i don't think it's really a fair comment.

        FWIW I haven't bought a techfast pc or anything. I'm more likely to build my next system than buy assembled

        • "there's a market" is probably the most important thing in your reply.

          It's up to the suppliers to meet the market if they so choose. Clients and potential clients will provide feedback and it's best practice to try and meet that feedback to entice more customers. But ultimately it's the individual business' choice.

          From what I've seen with Techfast with times is it's more not meeting the production time they post on the advertisement. There would be no legitimate way to complain if an advertisement said "4 weeks" and you deliver in that time period. It's when you say "2 weeks" and don't meet the expectation you created that customers get cranky.

    • Can you blame them though, a ton of late deliveries and complaints.

  • +1

    My current PC from TechFast is serving me well, but its nice to see a competitor offering decent components as the default option!

  • -2

    3600XT, 2060 Super $1800

    3500X, 2060 $1000

    $800 extra for a bit extra performance, na, no way this is competing with Techfast lol

    • +6

      I understand why you might think that, But then again you do play Teemo! Lol

  • +2

    How long is the warranty?
    Do you pay for shipping both ways on warranty returns?

    • +4

      Yes we will pay shipping both ways. 1 year store warranty up to 3 years manufacturer warranty on certain parts.

  • +4

    +1 for having branded components. This is the opposite direction of TechFast but it gives us more options.

  • +2

    Does that video card really only have three ports on it? My rx 580 8GB, which was a budget card at the time, lets me connect like six displays at once. And if you use the HDMI for audio only, then that leaves you zero other HDMI for anything else.

  • Do you have a regular 3600 on a cheaper graphic card for a budget productivity pc? Want to still have high quality mobo and PSU and all other components.

    • +1

      I will have something posted later tonight for something just like this!

  • Hi Op
    I've been in the market recently looking for a mid range pc.
    Do you have anything similar but without the bells and whistles like rgb?

    Also a question for anyone technical is 5700xt sufficient, too much or would higher end gpu be more beneficial long term?

    Mainly for general use and a bit of gaming.


    • 5700XT is more than enough for your average gamer. It depends on your needs, what resolution do you want to play at and sort of settings and frame rates do you want to achieve? and in what sort of games?

      • not sure tbh but I dontplay FPS games.

        would you suggest a better cpu in this case?

        • CPU here is more than enough for general use and gaming. You could even opt for a cheaper CPU such as a ryzen 3300x to save some money.
          What sort of monitor do you have? I'm assuming it is 1080p and in that case 5700XT will run that on ultra settings on most games with no sweat. Could opt for a cheaper GPU depending on your use case.
          You can get a system much cheaper than the one listed here imo (You honestly don't need water cooling and RGB like you said. It's all just added aesthetic stuff that can save you money if you take it out)
          All depends on your use case, having higher-end parts can be future-proofing in a sense but I guess it all depends if you plan on utilising it. Plus there are rumoured new CPUs and GPUs being released by the end of this year so that is something to keep in mind.

          • @jezza10: The toughest part is finding the PC with the specs I'm after.
            I thought about building it myself but the risk of faulty parts, warranty hassles and time is not worth the saving.
            Happy to wait but will pull the trigger if I come across something I'm after.

            • @Pufff: It can seem daunting and a bit of a hassle but it is actually not that hard and can be quite enjoyable! You can save quite a decent amount if you shop around with the bargains that pop up here every now and then. Otherwise I'm sure if you msg Titan Tech on Facebook they should be able to sort you out with something you're after. They seem to have pretty good customer service and response times.

              • @jezza10: I don't have the tools and won't be doing a another build for ages.

                No response so far so I'll keep looking around.

                • @Pufff: Sorry for the late response I have been pretty swamped lately. We do not have a lot of alternatives without the RGB but feel free to contact us on the website chat or Facebook and we can work together to build something that suits your needs and possibly leave it up for sale for others with similar requirements!

                  • @Titan Tech: No worries.
                    Hoping to get opinion of others regarding this build.
                    I'm not too fussed with specifics apart from cpu and gpu.
                    Will look to include a decent monitor too.

                    • @Pufff: Looks fine except for the fact you are using the american PCPP haha, I personally would use the gigabyte version of that motherboard or an aorus one but thats up to you really.

                      • @Titan Tech: LOL sorry forgot to chuck in the au.

                        Thanks for the feed back.

                        You mentioned builds for some others who asked. Will you be posting them on ozb or on your site? I'm keen to have a look at them.

  • Keep this up and OzBargain will have a new favourite PC vendor.

  • Paid first week of July and is still waiting for PC to end up in VIC. But Issac has been answering all along, but 25 days with $3K out of pocket and no PC isnt flying well at home :(

    • +1

      Really? I have purchased a 3600x from cgbsolutions.com.au/product-page/exo-xt-white and still waiting for 5 weeks plus. If you have been waiting for 25 days, then the 2-4 days isn't true?

      • Oh then i should stop winging ;)

        I shall wait more.

    • +7

      If I am thinking of the right order, This was a completely custom built PC which required all the parts to be specially ordered in, Plus you live in Melbourne which is just the worst for shipping right now. I had to cancel the original Auspost delivery and swap to a courier service which should hopefully be arriving today or early next week.

      Regardless, It was slow delivery by us and does not represent the service we aim to provide.

      I can assure you since we have teamed up with our new partners this will not happen again.


      • Agree Isaac. I know you have delivered some other order to my friend. So i dont doubt you. Some times its hard to get your Mrs to be patient on a large purchase and you did it for yourself :)

        I havent received TNT order tracking number yet.

  • +1

    Oh man.
    I hope you post some more deals in the upcoming months!

    • OP said yesterday that other options would be posted tonight. Fingers crossed!

      • https://www.titantechit.com/gaming-pcs

        Few new options posted here, Will update with official ozbargain post now.

        • Purchased a 2070S with upgraded 32gb ram, 1tb SSD & the 3800xt CPU.

          I'm looking forward to my new PC!

  • Any deals for 2080 super coming soon?

  • Isaac,

    Can you do a deal with Radeon VII or Nvidia RTX 2080 and 32Gb RAM?
    I want to run Microsoft Flight Simulator at 4K and apparently that's the ideal spec:
    CPU: Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X / Intel i7-9800X
    GPU: Radeon VII / Nvidia RTX 2080
    VRAM: 8GB
    RAM: 32GB

    Something reliable that you can deliver in Sydney Metro before 18th of August (when MSFS is released) :)

    Many thanks,

  • Just got this deal yesterday but still waiting on the email with confirmation and details, how long until you send these emails out?

    • Can I please get your order number? Generally an invoice email is sent straight away and shipping confirmation is send upon dispatch.

  • hi Issac,

    The specs on OzBargain state : GPU: RTX Nvidia 2060 Super 8GB Dual Fan - 1x DVI, 1x HDMI & 1x Display Port.
    But on the TItantechit page https://www.titantechit.com/product-page/2060-super-ryzen-36... it is listed as : GPU: RTX Nvidia 2060 6GB Dual Fan - 1x DVI, 1x HDMI & 1x Display Port.

    Can you clear that up for me please?

    • +1

      Updated to the correct 2060 super 8GB, It was a lazy copy paste. Thank you Dubrave.

      • +1

        Thanks Issac, ordered a unit. Cheers.

  • All of you guys received yours? Your opinions?

  • Not a bad motherboard but I wouldn't be choosing a B450 now.

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