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Free Samsung Galaxy A11 32GB Black for New and Port-in Customers on $49 Telstra 12-Month Plan @ The Good Guys


When you port to or get new number from Telstra with GoodGuys on 12 months plan of $49. It includes 30GB + peace of mind data.

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The Good Guys

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    Thanks OP. But the phone is very sub par with only 2GB ram.

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      jesus people are crying about 2gb of ram these days on a phone, i mean sure if live your entire life on your phone it may pay to get more, but for the average guy you won't even notice the difference

      • This is a $200 phone at best RRP at $300.

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    piece of mind data

    Which piece is that?

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      Frontal lobes, so the purchaser is lobotomised, just like the phone.

    • When you finish 30 GB limit, you still can access unlimited data but at around 1 or 2 MBPS.

      • He’s playing with your wording. Peace of mind instead of piece

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    I would say the JB offer I got for $45 Is a better option with 45gb and $200 GC

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      All the offers before the new ones came were better

    • when did you get that

      • 26th July it should still be on its in-store only

  • Telstra has been quietly increasing prices. Big booo to that in times like these.
    I've moved to Optus and they are waaaay better now.
    Seems like they actually invested in new towers and I used to get 0 reception.

    • Optus has always been really good in my state(QLD) with their mobile and broadband services. But seems they are also following the price increase trend…

    • I feel like Optus have been stagnant in terms of pricing and deals for years now.

    • I get 2 bars and sometimes 1 but Telstra has 4-3 bars.

      Unless Optus improve on their network coverage I ain't going back to the sleepless nights when the internet drops out

      • I'm the opposite with Telstra and everywhere I go in qld I get 1-2 bars Optus seems to have better coverage

        • aah, I am in Sydney.

          Telstra has better coverage and way faster speed. Its old but surprised I get ~30mb/s vs ~20mb/s

          • +1

            @DisabledUser345744: Optus really sucks in Sydney. I have no reception in most places particularly in doors. Telstra is far superior when it comes to inside building performance in Sydney.

            • @maverickjohn: 100% agreed. Been with Optus for the past 15 years, been a loyal customers then I had a problem and Optus screwed me. I flip Optus the bird (verbally) and vouch to ever return to Optus given their shithouse customer service, network and their treatment of loyal customers.

              I poped the Telstra sim in my phone and my mind was blown that such speed and coverage is possible. I always told myself, its not Optus that is the issue its the device gonna save up and buy a new one next year but I was proven wrong

            • @maverickjohn: the 4g network coverage is so shitthouse that it occasionally drops to 3g with 3 bars, like their 15 year old network has not reached its potential.

  • Sorry, but $540 for this phone and 12 months of access doesn't seem like a good deal to me. Especially if you live in a capital city, I feel that other providers have really caught up in terms of coverage.
    Do people really use 30Gb a month? I'm on my phone all the time and don't get close to half of that.

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      Do people really use 30Gb a month?

      Yes.. 12y/o youtube etc >50Gb p/m

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      I read and watch fb constantly use less than 10gb and sometimes 5 gb a month. Don't see a point. But hey may be suited for someone who streams Netflix 12 hours a day.

    • I’m on amaysim 100gb plan p/m and even after testing speeds all over Sydney I barely cracked 20gb for a few months in a row.

      I mainly have the extra data in case the nbn drops out or I’m working onsite at a client who has shitty internet and I hotspot to phone data.

      Coverage is so so… but can’t complain for price. Speed of regular text messages is a little delayed (5 seconds on average).but not a deal breaker.

      If I could Get the same from Telstra I’d be cheering but I don’t think that will happen in this lifetime.

      FYI, it was the OzBargain $30 hookup

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