Buying iPhone 4S for gf before she fly overseas and get tax refund

hi all, need advise.
my plan: buy iphone 4s with my credit card, then give it to gf, she claim gst on airport ALONE next week (refund will be paid to HER credit card) i thought this scenario is doable, until see below:
"You should note that it is a legal requirement that the person who purchases the goods must be the person who makes the claim for a refund of GST."

what should i do now?


  • Can she not purchase it with her cc? Or have you already carried out step 1…

    • she lives far from apple store… and this is gift for her.
      how about:
      can i pay with my cc but ask apple store to put my gf name on invoice?

      • anything more than $300 you need have a special invoice from the retailer for this gst refund. on this invoice should mentioned the name of the purchaser and the address. so in this case, better u ask apple to reissue a new invoice with your gf name.

        • i havent buy one yet, but yes thanks i will ask apple staff to put her name and address !

  • Ask the store for a replacement invoice, say it's a gift and they need the receipt. I'm sure the store will not mind.

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    You should be able to buy it in her name on your credit card. I've bought a camera for my sister from JB Hifi using my credit card in her name so she could claim her GST back.

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    I wouldnt worry bout it as long as its in her name

  • Can you pay cash - then she'll get a cash refund?

    • i can but prefer CC (points :) but according to all post above, the most important is to have MY GF NAME IN THE INVOICE. eventho i use my CC to purchase, she can give her CC at airport and say "please refund to this CC"

  • when you get the receipt from apple emailed to you it says 'duplicate tax invoice' i dont know if that is a problem ?

  • the refund is on the ccredit card
    and u must have that credit card there

    so pay in cash
    and i think they send ya a cheque

    • the credit card for gst refund can be different the one that you used to purchase the item. i purchase the item for my father before using my cc, but on the invoice under his name, when he claimed the gst, he used his own credit card.

      if you pay cash, you still have the choice to be refund in the form of direct transfer to your australia bank account, credit card and cheque


    Get HER to purchase it using HER credit card. Then she claims the GST credit

    It's not that hard

  • if you buy items to give a total over $1000

    ie 64gb iphone plus extras then you also need her name AND address on the invoice, from the TRS rules

  • No suppositions please

    If someone like the OP buys this phone, and then takes it OS (Self or GF) and successfully claims back the GST.

    Then is this amount that they claimed - eg $800 phone ($80 back) included in the duty free allowance when they (or GF) return?

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      nope mate, duty free allowance only for item that you bought from overseas and bring back to australia.

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      My understanding is yes. Customs ask you to declare if you are bringing the Australian goods back into the country on return, and this counts towards your $900 'general goods' allowance.

      see: under 'General Goods' - The phone is essentially 'purchased in Australia on a tax/duty free basis' after you claim back GST.

      As a side note, the amount you claim back will be 1/11th of the price. As we commonly quote prices to include GST, your $800 phone is actually $727.28 + $72.72 in GST. A $880 phone is actually $800 + $80 GST.

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        Given the two conflicting reports I decided to stop being lazy and research myself….

        And the winner is ….

        bac0n (also right on GST calc)

        I found this quote from the Customs document.
        found here

        "For other goods, limits apply. These include goods that are purchased overseas and goods that are purchased in Australia duty or tax free (that have been previously exported), or from an inwards duty free shop on arrival into Australia.
        Also included are goods for which a TRS claim has been made. Duty free concessions do not apply to commercial goods"

        And the duty free allowance is also only $900 for incoming travellers (not $1000)

        Now I wonder if the GF will be impressed knowing she has just lost her DF allowance. Unless she only buys things of personal nature like "…new clothing, footwear, and articles for personal hygiene and grooming (excluding fur and perfume concentrates)"

  • where is your GF going to? if its china, i'd be very careful that she doesn't bring the new phone with the packaging as china is quite stringent with import goods and you maybe slugged with import tax upon arrival.

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