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30% off All Coffee Orders @ Norm Core Coffee


30% discount available - This weekend only(1/8 ~ 2/8).
All coffees will come as 30% discounted price.
Free delivery available over $40.

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  • Love the DG blend. Strong and plenty of crema. Perfect as a milk coffee.

    • Thanks heaps! That's what it is for!

    • hi mate. have you tried any of their other blends for milk coffee? anything else you'd recommend?

      • +1

        The DG(damn good) blend is a dark roast one, and the CS(cornerstone) blend is the medium roast. These two are good for milk coffee.

      • I tried the CS, but it wasn't for me. Depth of flavour in the DG is awesome. Makes a great cup.

    • I hated it. A dark roast that kept coming out clumpy.ive got an ek43s fyi.

      • Oh if you don't like dark roast, have you tried the medium roast blend? CS blend has a similar flavour profile but just in medium roast.

      • That's ok. Each to their own.

  • This is an excellent roaster, bought from the last deal. My wife reckons the best we bought (the dark roast blend)

    • Thank you very much! We love the dark roast(Damn Good Blend) too!

  • Is it free to pick up? And what are the opening hours of each pick-up location?

    • +1

      Yes, you can select 'pick up' for free, and the pick up is available from one of our stores in Town Hall(M-F, 7-5), Wynyard(M-F, 7-4) and Ashfield(M-F, 630-2).

  • Great roaster, bought geisha from you guys before during on sale. Loved it!

    • That's awesome! Thanks heaps!

  • good name

  • +1

    I like the Coffee Guide Chart on your website.

    • Thank you so much! Enjoy!