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LEGO 71369 Super Mario Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set - $129 Delivered @ Kmart


Good deal considering it is a brand new release and comes with free delivery. Don't forget to collect flybuys points at checkout

Also many of the other new sets are available at a decent discount given it is a new release

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    All the sets are at a slight discount from rrp (amazon lego shop etc) for those interested.

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    This is more of a toy for kids than a traditional set.

  • If you get all the sets in the Lego Mario line , including the "NES and TV" set it comes to over $1100 . Thats before discounts.

    That doesnt include all the little random figure packs. (can't really call them minifigs)

    • Worth something 20 years?

      • That's exactly where I am at the moment. Bought the Nintendo and Mario starter kit. Probability won't open it but now unsure if I wanna drop another 700 and have the complete set

        • Should of got the piano if investing is your go. Good quick flip. Far too early to buy any Mario/ Nintendo stuff. Wait till close to EOL for that.

          • @furiousgeorge: Piano is sold out atm

            • @Joey4:

              Piano is sold out atm

              That's how it's gotten flipped.. it's too late to buy it now…

            • @Joey4: Reckon it'll come to normal stores? Too expensive at full price

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