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Fitness Massage Gun $89.99 @ ALDI Special Buys

  • Strong percussion massage with powerful high torque motor
  • 3 massage intensities
  • 5 interchangeable massage heads
  • Charging Base Included

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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    I feel like this would sell really well in the US.

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      The right to bare arms…

      • Is that legitimate?

        • For $300USD, it better be legitimate.

      • Assuming that's real (and I have no reason to doubt), what astounds me is the minimum age limit of 8+

  • I got one from Ebay recently, $65 delivered and works well. Very quiet

    • mine sharing a link? :)

      • I made an offer of $65 - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-LCD-Massage-Gun-Theragun-TimT...

        Just saw this one for $43 which looks to be the same one - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/6-Heads-LCD-Massage-Gun-Percussi...?

        Edit - Just seen they claim 6h battery, you wont get anywhere near that. Maybe 60 - 90 mins depending on power level

        • With or without LCD makes a big difference on price, is the LCD really necessary?

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          Managed to find the exact product. 100-120% margin landed in Australia. Not too shabby for the business owner.

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            @DisabledUser359790: That price isn't landed, it's pre shipping. Cheapest shipping on a single unit is $39.36 USD. $62 USD in total.

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              @shtgnjns: As a business shipping through Air is extremely expensive. That is why many companies ship through freight. So lets calculate expected profit via freight.
              Note numbers are in USD.

              The shipping of a 40 ft container will cost approximately $1800 USD from China to Sydney.

              The volume of a single package size is 0.0108 meters cubed(36cm x 25cm x 12 cm) as stated in the description.

              The volume of a 40 ft container is 67.5 meters cubed.

              So 6250 packages will fit inside a container.(67.5/0.0108)

              At that volume each package will be 20.99 USD. Cost of total package is $131187.5 USD
              Listed price on eBay is $59.11 USD. Total Revenue would be $369437.5
              Total Profit:$369437.5-$131187.5-$1800=$236450 USD
              Total Profit for each unit:$37.832 USD OR $53 AUD
              Note: Offloading cost has not been factored into this forecast. However, that would simply cost an additional $2000-$3000 AUD. Profit could have been higher if there was more efficient packaging instead of single product packaging.

        • Maybe 60 - 90 mins depending on power level

          You really think people need that long? My wife goes numb after 10!

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          I went incognito mode for nothin

        • risky click!

    • also got mine from ebay for around that price.

    • A link would be very much appreciated!

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      It'll improve your game too. My wife stopped taking private tennis lessons after buying this miracle device. She said she didn't need them anymore.

      • -3

        You tried… Unfortunately, I think this joke went over everyone's head

      • Also she stopped getting the guy in to clean the pool, right?

      • I feel maybe some ppl just buy it for that XD its a good cover story too lol

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    Are these whatever brand is fine? or need to look at the specs closely?

    • Pretty much. It's a jig saw with a massage head attachment. Don't get ones that are in the hundreds. Rip off really. I've seen ones with a heating mechanism in the head although I don't think it's that necessary.

      • The heated ones are great after you come back from a long walk in the cold and you have a frosty cougar.

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    can it be used for other purposes? asking for a friend

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      too strong, unless your friend is super hardcore lover….

    • -7

      yes your friend can massage their groin and rectal areas

      • -5

        @drezy obviously you were downvoted because you said ''your friend'' when you should have used second person narrative and replied to the person asking the question as ''yes, you can massage your groin and rectal areas" and it would have been correct and you would not have been downvoted :)

      • +1

        or maybe the people down voting you for massaging groin and rectal areas are just a pain in the arse.

    • Mrs. Palmer?

    • I think I saw a review online, something something Asa Akira ;)

  • Hmmm I might buy it and see if it works. Since it's Aldi I know I can get a refund if it doesn't work.

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      Yes Aldi have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on this massager.

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        Yes Aldi have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on this massager.

        Emphasis on "satisfaction".

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          For 60 days though? I wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards.

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      Feel sorry for the person that buys an opened box.

      • +1

        same hygiene practise apply as if it’s fresh out of factory, you just don’t know what it has touched before it’s been sealed in plastic and cardboard box breeding bacteria for months.

        • +3

          I think some factory testing is very different to the uses some people are implying in these comments…

  • This is gonna be explosive in the right area

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    Note that these sold out very quickly last time Aldi offered them.

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      I saw some pensioners fighting over the last one at my local store.

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    I've seen my wife's boyfriend with one of these. Are they any good?

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      Why not ask your wife's boyfriend.

    • ex-wife you meant?

    • +1


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        I think they just meant to post that comment over at Reddit.

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    This thing looks absolutely massive in the photo? Look at the size of the person's hand.
    Doesn't look comfortable to use at all.

    • +3

      They are large.

      • +1

        That's what he said

    • +21

      It's the black version

      • No one's ever going back…

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    AliExpress didn’t show me any similar Theraguns, it did show me this though…
    AU $0.68 30% Off | Silicone Rubber Face Slimmer Massage Muscle Tightener Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Mouth

    • +17

      I recognise the girl in the 4th photo, it's one of those Queensland Covid Teenagers that lied about their border hopping.

      I love the name of that vendor - "HJ" Makeup Store, lol.

    • +1

      "Great for a gift"

      You know what would be great? Seeing the reaction of whoever this was given to as a gift.

      • +1

        Belated birthday gift to the wife now sorted!

    • Welp gonna have to send this to an excoworker who always sucked up to management…

  • for better marketing the thumbnail should show a female, imo

    • +3

      Pretty sure that's a girl in the photo mate

      • lol

      • -1

        Difficult to tell nowdays.

        • You can tell from those well maintained cuticles.

  • +7

    I seriously thought the photo was of a person holding a nail gun to their arm

    • +3

      hope the person doesn't get pins and needles in their arm after using it.

    • +1

      Use it if you want to have a massage gun and acupuncture combo.

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    Yeah I'm into fitness…Fitness massage gun down my pants

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    (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    These aren’t a good replacement to a high amplitude massage gun like Firas Zahabi’s one. I returned it last time I got it, I have a TimTam tech one. You can make a similar one yourself if you have a jigsaw.

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    I have one of these from the last sale. A little less ergonomic than the high end brands and seem to be a little less powerful/versatile, but overall a great product. Definitely recommend!

  • Sex.

  • Anyone got details or tried the pre workout?… seems cheap

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    5 interchangable heads, nice, it's a his and her massager.

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    Has anyone ever utilised one of these for the purpose shown in the thumbnail, and not entendred in the comments?

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      Yes, I have a vybe brand one that I imported from the US, and regularly use it to release notchy muscles before/after playing badminton. It's been quite helpful.

      • Dude, OT but where do you buy your badminton gear on the cheap? Ali?

        • Not cheaping out on the baddie gear. That's against the spirit of ozbargain, I know. I get my stuff from local stores that I know are selling original goods. Some of the places I've purchased from are stadium sports, calibre sports, badminton academy of Vic, pro fitness badminton, etc.

          • @CocaKoala: Hotdamn man. I just got a Li-ning shoes from Ali and they are excellent at my level (beginner 2 years).

            • @Naigrabzo: Whatever works for you, mate. I'm going to buy mine locally as I'm afraid there are far too many fakes out there.

  • So I run a bit and I got one of these last time and it works great… three settings but be careful if you hit bone, like knee with it ;)

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    I'm sure you guys know this can't be used for that sort of self pleasure… It's not a vibration based massager

    • +2

      Not with that attitude

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    If be tempted to go for the one on Amazon at this price to be honest. $74.98 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07X8NNCHH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...

    • Thanks for the link but price is $82.99. Might actually look into this since it’s similar to what my gym had and the ALDI one looks strange. Plus don’t have to queue up during stage 4 lockdown and have to fight all the frat boys for one.

    • I just bought 2 of those at $11.60 each. With free shipping.

      Thanks for that link.

      • Yeah, that seller "quxinyuanxinb" is a new account, has bad feedback and both reviews are about a refund and fake products. Also the discount to the normal price is unbelievably high. I wouldn't order from there…

        • Oh sheet.

          • +1

            @katman666: I got burned by something similar. If the status isn't "shipped" yet Amazon will allow you to lodge a cancellation request. Otherwise you can roll the dice and see what you get. Amazon have good buyer protection though so you should be ok either way. Just might take time to get a refund if you get a pair of dirty socks instead of two massage guns

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    Does this accept SDS bits?

  • Catalogue me!!!

  • +3

    Does this actually work reasonably well as a massager on muscles?

  • -1

    I think it's too short, you know, for my back hmm muscles, can it be extended?

  • here's a great instructional video for a similar product - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXqLWqCqDHc

  • +8

    This post taught me the OZB is compiled of frat boys

    • +2

      I know, eh? I saw the post and immediately thought, "Imagine the comments…". I wasn't disappointed.