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OzBargain Exclusive: 100GB SIM Only Mobile Plan $10/Month for 3 Months (Save $28 x 3) @ Circles.Life


Ozbargain Exclusive - 100GB for $10 every month for 3 months

  • $28/mth discount for 3 months on our 100GB plan (U.P. $38/mth)
  • Plan includes unlimited standard national talk & text

Use this code during signup: OZBARGAINEXCL
Offer ends 11.59pm AEST, 16 August 2020

Start your sign up here (code will be prefilled): https://au-shop.circles.life/plan/pre_checkout?reset=true&da...

Find out more here: https://www.circles.life/au/ozbargain-exclusive/

Ozbargain Exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee - Give us a go and if you're not happy with the experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. Head to our form for more details: https://forms.gle/g5pDzECVDk8gA8V4A

Critical Information Summary: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...
T&Cs: https://circles-legal.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/au/cir...

Only open to new customers. Reverts to $38/mth after 3 months. All for use in AU, resets monthly. Excess data: $0.01/MB. T&Cs apply.

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • +1

    Please please stay away from this company , I am not able to cancel my service with them . They will ignore you and won’t let you cancel the service .

  • i was about to buy, but read all the comments and wow. i will not be buying anymore. my current plan will end at the end of this month, and i am looking for a new plan. I had the kogan year plan 2 years ago and currently about to finish the catch 12 month plan im on. so looking for a sim plan preferable for a year, or get one of these monthly plans until i get a deal from kogan since i cant do catch again that i am not a new member anymore.

    what do you guys recommend?

    • Hi there - we hope you'll give us a shot! We recognise the hesitation so we've created a Satisfaction Guarantee for this Ozargain Exclusive. We want you to experience our great customer experience but if you're not happy with us, we'll refund your base plan cost. You can find all the details in our form here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

  • It sounds so bad. How did it get to whistleout editors pick? Dem I am not gonna trust whistleout anymore.

  • hot damn, 30 negs so far at 8pm

  • It was such a pain to port out. I had 2 numbers with them and when I tried to port out had to make a number of calls to them and to the new services as well because the details didn't match up even though you give them the customer/account number. Port out to Telstra eventually worked but port out to Dodo didn't so had to cancel that number because it was easier. Wouldn't return.

  • Thank you ozbargain to stop me going through the gates of hell mobile service

  • +3

    Neggig due to the billing issues with this telco.

    Tried to bill me for 2 "international" text messages at 32¢ each, the country code for the so called international numbers was 61+….. I won!

    They didn't refund, nor deduct the 10¢ card verification fee. I eventually gave up….. Will be handing in my Ozbargain badge and gun in on the way out…..

  • I signed up last night for the year promotion $28 per month. I am yet to activate the sim - but they have my credit care details and opened my account.
    Would it be easy for me to cancel, and stay with current telco if I haven't yet completed the port/activation process?
    Any help is much appreciated!

    • Call them and ask what they can do. If they can help you make sure you get an email confirming their decision.
      Their online chat is usually good. Keep a copy of that if they offer a way out.

      • Thanks very much, sorted it out. I have an email stating they won't charge me and to ignore the standard response that I will be charged on disconnection.

  • I would be able to procrastinate finishing my university degree for another decade! Then I could really solidify my position as the family disappointment.
    - Alice

  • +1

    Horrible company that's all about money and zero customer service.

  • took me three months to port out of circles to jbhifis Telstra plan with s20+. non stop excuses . apparently the port kept being denied on Optus end even know circles fixed it and told me to try again. it would happen again. you pay for what you get

  • What do you guys suggest for a 20gig plan?

  • I was so close to signing up, good thing I read the comments here.
    For now, I'll let Telstra keep riping me off me I guess.

    • +1

      We hope you'll give us a chance to prove our customer experience to you! We've created a Satisfaction Guarantee for this Ozbargain Exclusive. If you're not happy with the Circles.Life experience, we'll refund your base plan costs. You can find more details here: https://forms.gle/cjdqnkBXHnRvu5FV7

      We're continuously working towards improving further and have shared the comments on this thread with the rest of the team.

  • I was with them for 6 months then ported out to amaysim wirhout any problem….i dont get it why its hard to port out wwhen you can easily find account details from invoice you get each month

    • comment copied from The Infidel: CIRCLES.LIFE: $1 for 100GB for first month + SIM Card 9/8/20

      "As comments advised in those Deals - notify them to terminate at end of month several working days ahead. That way the billing stops.

      I followed that advice & never was billed.

      Porting out is a less sure way to terminate any service, as the service continues until the other Telco ports in.

      Circles is different in its operation & billing - always check Deal comments for advice & read the t&c."

  • Easy to join first month prorated how is it hard to join

  • Anyone joined and got pro-rated bill for this month already? Did you get 2x $28 credits (for current month and next month) or one full $28 (next month) and one pro-rated credit (for current month)?

  • Same deal via Shopback with $12.50 cashback

  • I'm trying to port out of circles to another company and it keeps getting declined. Why?

    • +1

      Make sure you select post paid for port out.

      • Thanks will try it again.

        edit: worked, you are a legend.

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