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Ferrero Rocher 3 Pack $0.85 (Was $2.00) @ Woolworths (Online Only)


Works out to be cheaper than a 16 (~$6.75; $13.50) or 30 (~$10; $20) pack when they are at half price.

At ~28c each, this works out to be:
$4.54 (further saving of $2.21 vs pack of 16 at 1/2 price)
$8.50 (further saving of $1.5 vs a pack of 30 at 1/2 price)

I haven't check a WW store (yet), so if OzB community can check if WW is doing this deal in-store too, or just online only. I have personally noticed some WW deals even if it shows as online only, it is also the in-store price too, but that is anecdotal :)

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • A bit of a shame that you have to spend $30 for click and collect

    • +13

      Just purchase 36 Packs for C&C.

      • Nice :D

      • you can't, max 15 per order

        • I was able to add 36 to cart without any issue.

        • Same 15 max .

          • +4

            @popsiee: 15 max for plebs. Mods get 36.

      • +1

        I considered that but I don't think I really need 36 packs!

    • +13

      A wise person once said no shame in bargains. His name was Pharaoh Rocher.

      • A very wise man in did.

  • my order also limited to 15

  • I was able to order 20 at Camp Hill QLD. Thanks

  • +1

    Woolis can not do delivery now in VIC. I can't even find a time slot…..

    • Was about to post this as well. I tried it a couple months back and there will be an odd slot or two but you have to constantly refresh throughout the day and if you're lucky something may open up for the next day.

      If you check after midnight where the delivery window gets refreshed, you still will not find a slot on the 7th day.

      This isn't about Covid having an impact - I can find a delivery slot on Coles for almost every day of the week.

      Woolies need to step their game up.

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    These online only specials annoy me, my local store will usually keep them at full price

  • just ordered 36 of them XD

  • ordered 36, thanks op

  • Yeah, no delivery slots left and pickup is 10km+ from me, so I would probably break the rules if I took it, shame.

  • My iga has the 30 pack for $6

  • Ordered, thanks a lot

  • +1

    Confused as how to order more than 15 …… ..?.

  • so hard to resist.. Damn you Ozb !!!!

  • +5

    Same price for RAFAELLO 3 Pack!

    • +1


      ANOTHER 15!


    • Thanks, ordered some of these as well. Hoping the expiry date isn't in a month.

  • Cheers. Ordered 20, plus some Up and Go, and sour patch watermelon candies.

  • Total saved $41.40

  • Please help…. how to order more than 15 .?

    • +1

      on the ferrero page i just kept clicking the plus button, it maxed out at 36 then turned grey

      • Grrrr, mine falters at 15. ……..

  • Bought 36, thanks OP.

  • I was able to order 36 from my local in WA.
    No tricks.

  • Thanks op ordered 20 too.

    I left the substitute box ticked (If they can replace out of stock with bigger bundled Ferrero Rocher Box) but hopefully they don't think to substitute with something like a snickers bar or M&M's.

    Anyone else leave the substitute box ticked?

    • +1

      Yep. Ordered 36, gave me 30 (3 pk) and substituted 6 with the 5 pk :)

      • How many 5 packs did you get?

        • 6 out of 36

          • +1

            @calinya: Nice I got all mine no substitution and came in the box.

            Also Jan 2021 expiry which is plenty of time. :)

  • They only honored 29/36 and gave me an extra 5 [email protected]$0.85 as a substitute. No issues for me since I only ordered that many to meet the $30 minimum.

    • +1

      Edit, just picked it up and they only charged me for one 5 pack (@85 cents) but they gave me five 5 packs… Not sure if it was a mistake or a substitute since they ran out of stock, but no complaints here.

  • My order got cancelled.. This has been OZ bargained

  • +1

    Ordered 36, supplied 23 & 13 Raffaello.

  • Ordered 36 online from my local in Bunbury. Will see what happens

  • Does anyone know whether I'll get a fuel voucher on an online order? If so will I get it as soon as I place it or after I pick up?

    • I used my everyday rewards card, the printed receipt from online order has a footnote saying 4c fuel has been added to the card. I can’t speak to if you purchased without the ww everyday rewards card.

      • Thanks so I'll get it because I'm obviously going to use my rewards card. But I will receive it straight away? It seems from your comment that you saw it after picking up because that's when a receipt is printed

        • Not sure when it is printed/recorded to your ww card - the receipt it looks like a stock picker checklist on A4 paper.

        • -1

          check your Woolies or Rewards app vouchers

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