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Samsung SHS-D600 or SHS-D607 Digital Lock $99 Delivered (Was $239-$249) @ Digital Door Locks


EDIT 1: Looks like the SHS-D600 is OOS, but they have dropped the price of SHS-D607 (no Bluetooth) from $239 to $99 with the same features just no auto polling.

The Bluetooth edition is normally $199

Original Post

Was looking at the Samsung SHS-1321 for $119 @ Bunnings, but out of stock.

Then I found the SHS-D600 with a few more features such as:

  • Double Authentication Mode (PIN + Card)
  • Auto Polling (don't need to wake the screen to use the RDIF card)

SHS-D607 - $99 (was $239)

  • Access Mode: PIN (4~12 number), RFID Card
  • Max User Memory: 1 Master User (PIN), 20 User (Card)
  • Power: AA Alkaline batteries x 4
  • Battery Life: Approximately 12 months (Average 10 times per day)
  • Weight: 0.8 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Outer Body : 41mm (W) x 41mm (H) x 9.5mm (D)
    • Inner Body : 70mm (W) x 53mm (H) x 22mm (D)
  • Applicable Door Thickness: 35-50mm
  • Minimum lock stile: 140mm
  • Cut Measurement: 32mm hole
  • Door to Gate Allowance: 70mm
  • Warranty Info:
    • 2 Year Electrical Warranty
    • 7 Year Mechanical Warranty

SHS-D600 - $99 (was $249) [OOS]

  • Away mode
    If you go out frequently or leave the home for a long time, you can simply push the Home button to activate the Away mode. During this feature, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign of a burglar attempting to make an escape.
  • Double Authentication Mode
    Using this mode, both password and RDIF card are required to unlock the door, making your home that much more safe and secured.
  • Auto Locking
    Save yourself the hassle and worry about leaving the door unlocked; the doorlock does it for you.
  • Randomiser
    Before you enter your password, you are guided to push two random numbers to prevent the password from being inferred based on the fingerprints on the frequently pushed numbers and from being seen by anyone nearby.
  • Silent Mode
    Adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody for your family or neighbourhood.
  • Prank Warning
    If you pull the door forcefully or enter an incorrect password more than five times consecutively, the door lock sounds a warning and disables key authentication for three minutes to help prevent trespassing.
  • Abnormal High Temperature Warning
    If an abnormally high temperature is sensed inside the home, a light on the interior side of the door lock flickers showing you the emergency exit. The door lock automatically opens for swift evacuation.
  • Low battery Indicator
    If the batteries are running low, the door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life.
  • Emergency power supply
    If you fail to replace the batteries before they are fully discharged, you can still open the door with a 9V battery one the instant battery charging terminal.
  • Access Mode: PIN (4~12 number), RFID Card
  • Max User Memory: 1 Master User (PIN), 20 User (Card)
  • Power: AA Alkaline batteries x 4
  • Battery Life : Approximately 10 months (Average 10 times per day)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Outer Body : 67(W) X 157.1(H) X 16.5(D)mm
    • Inner Body : 90(W) X 164.5(H) X 48(D)mm
  • Applicable Door Thickness: 35-44mm
  • Minimum lock stile: 115mm
  • Cut Measurement: 32mm spade bit for top cut 60mm hole saw for bottom cut
  • Door to Gate Allowance: 70mm
  • Warranty Info:
    • 2 Year Electrical Warranty
    • 7 Year Mechanical Warranty

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  • website down?

    • Yep

    • looks like it

    • Oh was working before I posted this

      • +26

        680 clicks in 14 minutes: DoAS (Denial of Ozbargain Attack)

        • I thought the attack was from the CCP.

        • haha

  • Site not working

    • +1

      I think it's back on now.
      I have the Bluetooth version and I think the Bluetooth function on it pointless. You have to be close to the door to open it and it takes a while for the connection. May as well get up and press the open button if I hear a knock on the door.
      So I think this is a great deal cos you're effectively getting the exact same thing (minus a useless function) for less than half the price!

  • +8

    So what are we doing people? Are we buying this or not?

    • +17

      Buy now, think later

  • +3

    Is it lockpickinglawyer proof?

    • +20

      To paraphrase and add to someones comment from the last smartlock post, 'It's only gotta be more difficult to hack / pick than it is to lob a brick through your window or make the crooks go to your neighbours place, and it's done its job'.

      Which I'm sure this would be. So for $99, I reckon this is a bargain.

      • +1

        This is OzBargain, I can get the same effect with a black plastic dome stuck above my front door!

  • Overloaded website and slow response or timeout? Hmmmm

  • +19

    why even need a lock? we all stay at home whole day whole time locked down.
    no burglary happening

    • +7

      Not the 800 folks.

    • Do you intend to stay home for the rest of your life?

      • +3

        May be we might all die before we can get out :)

    • They'll steal this expensive lock instead.. haha

  • was anyone actually able to buy this?

  • RIP site ..LOL

  • +1

    Are these locks easy to DIY?

    • I've done a similar one, the slightly bigger version. Pretty straight forward to replace my deadbolt. A bit fiddly but if you've got the parts drilled out already it's not that hard

  • +1

    "Ellie the door locks!"

  • What is “Door to Gate” size mean? I’m guessing it’s how much width space you need on the inside of the door, but not sure. They all seem to be really big inside and I can’t find any which would fit as we have glass panels.

    • +1

      I think it's how much you can have. I'm pretty sure the gate is the place the lock inserts into.
      Basically how long the deadbolt can be I think, I imagine it doesn't have to fully extend though.

  • +4

    Words locks hate hearing: "This is the lockpickinglawyer… and what I have for you today is…"

  • Is this lock fire rated? Or can anyone recommend a fire rated electronic lock?

    • Abnormal High Temperature Warning
      If an abnormally high temperature is sensed inside the home, a light on the interior side of the door lock flickers showing you the emergency exit. The door lock automatically opens for swift evacuation.

      It is not fire rated but fire safe

      • Flicks lighter by door lock.

        • The heat sensor is built into the internal part of the lock, not the part that sits on the outside of your door

          • +1

            @spaceflight: You'd hope so. I was being sarcastic but I wonder how much heat to the outside would trigger the unlock.

    • To keep people in or keep people out ?

  • Is this weather resistant?

  • +19

    People in this thread think this is google or something right…

    • -6

      Verbal distancing. No questions please everybody, Charleston has spoken

  • +1

    Not sure I would want a lock that opens itself when you aim a blowtorch at it…

    • +3

      I imagine it's smart enough to realise when the heat source is external

    • +30

      I reckon if someone's got a blowtorch to your door, they're pretty determined and they'll get in anyway.

    • How do the locks on your windows stop bricks coming through them?

      • By being on the 7th floor, making the door the single point of entry. I would rather use the old trusted pure-steel basic key lock that has survived 20 years and 1 attempted break in.

        • +2

          Have a look at how much bump guns cost on AliExpress, and how big and conspicuous they are compared to a blowtorch.

          • @macrocephalic:

            bump guns

            Wow thanks, now I got another thing to stay on my mind and prevent me from falling asleep lol

            I watched some YouTube videos, they seem effective but very loud to operate, I am sure it would grab someone's attention.

    • If they're inside your house using a blow torch on the lock to open it then they've obviously got too much time on their hands whilst robbing you.

      Abnormal High Temperature Warning
      If an abnormally high temperature is sensed inside the home

  • +1

    Apparently the website down because someone picked the lock on their storeroom and stole their entire stock

  • +18

    Locksmith here, just don't install these as your main front door lock. I've seen it too often, rimlocks are dead easy to bump and kick open.

    • +3

      Let me purchase it first…

    • +1

      Then where should we install those?

      • +4

        Garage door, internal door, office door etc

      • +3


    • Would the Lockwood 001 be an exception to that, since they seem to be very widely used? Or is that considered a better type of rimlock?

    • +1

      Could you recommend a good smart lock for the front door?

      • +2

        SHS-3321 is a solid deadbolt if you want to stick with Samsung. Will be harder to install than these surface mount rimlocks but 10x more secure. Install the strike plate and dust box with 3 inch screws and you'll be good.

        • Are there any other brands/models you'd recommend considering for a front door?

          • @abuxto2: Eufy just released a deadbolt model with fingerprint, specs look good also but hard to find a supplier in Australia.

    • What does the rimlockedness have to do with bumping? These don't even have a key tumbler to bump.

    • Could you please recommend one with fingerprint access? Thanks.

  • Website still timing out

  • +46

    I've been using the shs range for 7 years now. Had an shs-2920 which was great. And bought a shs-1321 recently.

    Good Things
    - Easy to install, just drill a hole, screw it in and wire it up
    - Very handy not having to carry keys, use the keypad or NFC sticker.
    - Runs on 4AA batteries, I use eneloops and they last 6 to 8 months daily opening and closing the door. It warns you when low.
    - Yes the keypad is weatherproof
    - The fire unlock feature is when the internal module senses heat, not the external keypad.
    - You can use any universal NFC tag, I have one sitting behind my phone case so I "use my phone" to unlock the door.

    - For me the keypad started to have what looked like scratch marks after about 5 years, I think it's sun damage because mine gets direct sun on it for half the day.
    - The keypad lights got dim and I needed to cover it with my hand to see the numbers when the sun was directly on it. It was fine at night or in the shade
    - Having wifi and Google home integration would be nice but those are $350ish
    - They are not very "crimsafe", if you push hard enough in the door, theives will get in. I use it when I go for a quick drive or walk, and keep the house alarm on. But if a crook wants to get in with force, we have 20 windows to choose from so I don't see why the front door would be their choice.

    Even with these downsides I bought another one because it's very convenient.
    Overall I would recommend at this price. I paid $160 for both my units shipped from Malaysia

    Edit: And the deal has expired by the time I finished writing this. So it was all pointless.

    • Thanks for efforts!

    • -1

      thanks good to know - esp if you push hard enough thieves will get in! haha

      • +3

        If you push hard enough, anything will get in.

    • +3

      Not at all pointless mate. I was never going to buy this deal but your detailed review at least made us aware of what's out there in the smart lock world.

  • Just bought one

  • Bargain of the year

  • +1

    I don't think the burglar can't get over the lego field my kids lay mines everywhere in the house. Even in day light I can't get over it. 😂 Therefore I pass this deal.

  • Bought one with PayPal thanks..

  • Got one!

  • Why are these things so black?

    • -1

      That's pretty racist bro.

  • How many RFID tags do we get with this? Also do we get notified of door unlocks in case someone forced attempt?

  • Got one :) Website sluggish

  • +1

    Bargain. Have another Samsung digital lock installed - paid substantially more for it - but very happy with it.

  • +1

    Site is working, checkout isn't…

    I'm guessing they added the cloud flare reverse proxy some time today to bring the site back online but didn't scale the database backed?

    Edit: Site is broken again. They're using cloudflare, no excuse. Time for a new IT provider…

  • Does it use traditional key incase if required

    • Hope not, easier to pick that way.

  • $119 at Bunnings if you can find any stock.

  • Ok, so bought one with Paypal. Yes, website sluggish and waited few minutes for each page/section to load.

    Fingers crossed, hope won’t regret!!

  • -2

    The only real issue I see from a brief look at the spec sheet is the use of AA batteries… If they included an in-built battery which was removable and could be charged with a USB-C connector, as this would be so much better

    And yes I know a lot of you might not agree and think that the amount of time between charges wouldn't require a rechargeable battery, but I think it would be quite helpful as other implementations within other products which also require charges every few months have been successful… My Apple TV remote lasts for months, but the simple lightning charging port is so helpful :

    It would kind of be like an Xbox rechargeable battery pack, except you actually need to remove it to charge it… But it is still resemblant since both solutions eliminate the use of the traditional AA batteries

    Once again, this is just a personal opinion… I'm not sure if other people will accept this idea, and I KNOW there will be people who will prefer AA batteries as they might just find it easier… However, I personally would find this easier since I use USB-C for most of my devices

    • Trying to find in your post why cells arranged in a battery pack with a usb-c connector is "so much better" than individual cells…

    • What about rechargeable AAs which is what I use. Don't even have to wait for recharge if you have an extra set on standby. Having a proprietary rechargeable battery is more troublesome if it fails.

      • +2

        Cannot use rechargeable AA for this lock, please check the manual.

    • +1

      8 eneloops and you're set.

      Would you really want a proprietary battery which you'll struggle to find a replacement for in a few years time?

    • I don't understand this comment. If you're using a lock like this it's an external door. If you take the battery out and it is charging then the door will not work. Sounds like a disaster to me. I am still on the first set of AA batteries in my Samsung door lock in the almost two years it has been in use, and at least I don't need to worry about the rechargeable battery dying and being unable to be replaced.

      • I don't understand this comment.

        It was a comment created on 2 hours of sleep, which I thought was a good idea at the time… Looking back, leaving your door unguarded for 2 hours is an issue, PLUS - AA batteries just seem better actually, since 10 months is HEAPS of time…

        I realised the mistake… pls don't attack me with downvotes tho :)

    • I've used two Samsung locks over a period of about 8 years now, and the batteries only need to be changed maybe once a year. This is based on maybe 20 entries/exits per day. Cannot justify an expensive li-ion setup or USB charging…unless you're installing this on the main entrance to an apartment or commercial building…which it isn't designed for.

  • For those who paid with PayPal, did you got a confirmation from the website or just from PayPal?

    • I got an email from them:

      Thanks for you business,
      Your item will be shipped shortly, you will receive an email once your parcel leaves our warehouse.
      Any question, call 1800-665-397 and mention your order number: ******, we are here to help.
      We will send another email few days after we ship the item, the email will have links to the ways we help our customers,
      We're always here to help you in any way we can.
      Digital Door Locks Pty Ltd

    • Yes after 2 minutes

      Your order number is the "Item Number" from the PayPal email

    • I didnt

      • Yeah me neither, got charged and email from PayPal but the site was so slow that never went back for confirmation from website.

        • Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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