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TC-Helicon GO XLR MINI $235 + Delivery @ Thomann


A really good Audio Interface for Live Streamers

  • 24 Bit / 48 kHz AD/DA converter
  • Integrated MIDAS preamplifier
  • Creates multiple virtual USB audio devices for most applications to
  • Change the volume of the applications independently of each other
    Integrated EQ, compressor and gate
  • 4 Faders
  • Mute button for each channel
  • Microphone mute button
  • Phantom power switchable via app +24 V

Be aware shipping is expensive it was $73.80 (MELB) so total was $308 but that's still well under the $419 it costs in australia

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    I bought one of these when they finally came back into stock a month ago and have been really impressed with it. Would recommend.

    I was able to price match at StoreDJ for $370 against another store, so it can be had a bit cheaper than $419

    • Oh I never saw it lower than $400, would have definitely jumped on if i saw it for $379

  • Noob question - is it possible to set this up to be able hear your mic input as a separate channel through the headsets (i.e. hear yourself talk through the headsets)?

    I'd like to be able to hear myself through the headsets in real-time (as opposed to the very slight delay when selecting the 'listen to this device' checkbox in sound settings).

    • You're looking for zero latency monitoring, and if that's all your after, there's far cheaper interface options.

      Is this for live monitoring during recording, or just a nit-picking thing for teleconferencing?

      • Zero latency monitoring sounds about right! My headphones isolate sound a little too well, and I find not being able to hear myself… unsettling…?

        Generally for gaming/discord and VTCs.

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          I mean if you're planning on getting a better mic, maybe just opt for something that allows live monitoring, whether that's a USB desk mic or an XLR interface.

          If the latter, you're probably paying $200 less than this for an interface to get what you want.

          But if you have no use for a significantly better microphone, maybe just use the money to upgrade from your existing headphones to something open-back, and you'll hear the whole room around you just fine when you're not blasting music/games.

          There's some leakage to the local environment, but a nice pair of open backs are ideal for music and games presentation.

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            @jasswolf: Appreciate the responses, mate.

            Yeah, I had some great open Beyerdynamics - but they died after about 10 years :D

            Can't justify buying new headsets at the moment.

            Current gear:
            - Beyer DT1770 Pro plugged into Mayflower O2ODAC Deluxe
            - Yeti-Blue (which I believe has the monitoring you mentioned), but I find it too bulky, and don't like the acoustics when it's sitting on the desk. Also not sure how this would work, as it has a headphone jack and I'd still need to mix it with my PC output…
            - Antlion headset attached mic

            Can I plug something in between to do the job?

            • @Rebengaaa: The Yeti is capable of what you want, but you're obviously sacrificing a bit of audio quality to deliver it.

              Unfortunately you're always going to be relying on a hardware chain directly into the microphone interface to get zero latency, but if you're able to drill down on the ODAC's software/driver, you might be able to tune latency to the point where you're happy with the results.

              That likely will increase CPU usage, and perhaps lower buffer size, and both may introduce some stuttering and distortion.

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    So glad you shared this, been looking for stock with Australian suppliers for a couple weeks and nowhere was expecting stock in until late September/early October.

    • +1

      Nice, It only took 5- 7 days for me to get it aswell

      • Yeah says I'll be able to expect mine next Wednesday.

      • Same, I ordered it on the 6th and it arrived on the 12th. Enjoying it so far.

  • Was thinking of getting either this or the Yamaha AG06, should I pull the trigger on this one now that they are similar in price?

    • Depends on your use case. If it's streaming though? Absolutely yes. The GoXLR is so much above any other solutions for streaming at the moment

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