Does Anyone Know of Any Sales on The LG 38WN95C-W

Anyone know of any good deals on this monitor. The price is quite scary for someone like me at 2,199 retail. I notice that amazon has the non W version marked up to 2,299. Also does anyone know of the return policy associated with dead pixels. Would not any faults on an monitor at this price bracket. If you know stores that have good return policy please leave them below as well. Thanks ozbargain family.


  • Not that I have seen recently, whats more monitors are selling like hotcakes now, why would retailers have a deal?

    • just wishful thinking my friend :(. plus this is one of the models on the expensive side

  • FWIW, I’ve had this monitor for a bit over a month now and am super happy with it. Purchased from Scorptec. The monitor itself has a 3 year warranty and I believe this is LG’s pixel warranty.

    When I got mine, stock was in really limited supply so not sure you’ll see any great deals in the near future. Still, this model is cheaper - and better on every level - than its predecessor, so in that respect it’s already kind of already on sale.

    • That's good to hear, do you think scorptec would allow me to swap the monitor if it had a dead/stuck pixel. For this kind of money it's not really worth it if i am unable to do that. perhaps i should wait for amazon to have the -w model to be safe.

      • Don’t know for certain to be honest. You’d have to check with them as to what their policy would be.

  • I've decided on this one, too.

    Gonna wait for restrictions in Melbourne to ease before I get it (unless there is a deal) - cos if there are issues outta the box, I won't be able to do anything about it.

  • I just bought if from Amazon. What's the meaning of non W version?

    • +1

      What's the meaning of non W version?

      The colour of the casing, -B (Black), -W (White).

      • Ohh thanks mate.
        That's not a significant issue for me.

      • I'm not sure if that is accurate as the pictures for the non-w version is still white for casing on amazon.

        • I should be more elaberate on the explanation, in LG monitor nomeclature, the last letter after the hyphen means the colour of the casing. Here is a video explaning it.

          Not all LG monitors have alternative colour, thus for those models, that missing "-" and *last letter" are refering to the same monitor, not a hollow man monitor. 😁

  • Update, i settled for an Alienware 34inch. I hear alienware is making a 38 inch, would be interested in that monitor over this one. Keeping in mind, that monitor is going to be much more expensive.

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