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[AU Stock] Teclast P80X 4G LTE 8" IPS SC9863A Octa Core 2G 32G Android 9.0 Tablet US$73.99 (~A$105.81) Delivered @ Banggood


Good price for AU stock, even cheaper with cashback. Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Teclast P80X

  • CPU UNISOC SC9863A Octa Core up to 1.6GHz
  • GPU IMG-8322/650 MHz
  • System Android 9.0
  • RAM 2GB
  • ROM 32GB
  • Screen 8 " 10-Point Multi-touch
  • Resolution 1280*800 IPS screen
  • GPS
  • MicroSD card slot

A quick search found a couple of YouTube reviews, TechUtopia and PrimeTech 4U

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closed Comments

            • @ln28909: I was being sarcastic, you just can't offer a $700 tablet to someone that is looking to spend $100 and you also can't make money by reselling electronic.

              • @Chridim: I was not, you can easily breakeven on reselling electronic if you know when to buy and at what price, then essentially you're paying nothing for the enjoyment of xxx (recouping your investment in 1 or 2 years time), clearly a high yield investment to me

        • +1

          Honest question, can you really get that much resale for a used 2 year old android tablet?
          I can see your point with say an iPad but again, if you don't have that much disposable income to spend $850 or even $400 right now on a tablet this seems a whole lot more appealing from a tied up capital point of view.

          • @Kikkoman56: I'm not too sure actually as I always upgrade every year as that is the sweet spot for me, and yeah fair enough, if you don't have the capital upfront then it may not be too good, but if you do and you do this every year, it's going to pay off in my experience

            • @ln28909: it's not even about the capital upgrading is a PITA and a major time waster, you have to reinstall programs, transfer your files, contacts, passwords not to mention actually flipping etcetc i think i'll die if i'm forced to do that every year

              • @abctoz: it takes me about half an hour to setup a new device and that is worth it to me in comparison with having to use a 1 year old device

            • @ln28909: You're describing some very ideal situations and aren't factoring in so many other expenses. Drop it, scratch it, lose it and you've lost hundreds and no resale. If you have insurance, that's an extra cost and there's excess. Yes sometimes resale works but if you've done it once it doesn't always translate to every situation.

    • These work perfect for kids just to consume content. This also work greats as home assistant tablet kiosk.

  • +4

    Thinking of getting this for my dad. Would it be any good for porn? Is it waterproof?

    • doubt it. It's a budget product.

    • Not waterproof dude. Maybe time to bring out the cling wrap.

      • I know you were only being facetious but that would be a bad idea. You'd need a zip lock bag and I still wouldn't trust it.

        • HAHA. You are reading my mind. :) But I was just suggesting for porn related usage.

          • @Naigrabzo: ah, right. I conflated the porn and waterproof usages as two separate things instead of related. My bad.

            I don't think this is good for porn. What animal watches porn at 720p?

            • @lostn: LMAO! tell you what. Do other animals also watch porn (live show I suppose) and enjoy it? Maybe Bonobos do? 720p enough for most. High def can be bad for pron because you see all the warts and moles.

  • Deal is still available shipped from China.

  • This tablet was $75USD plus GST since a year ago. I suppose a saving of $8.5USD is still not bad.

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