Cracked Screen, How Much Approximately to Replace? (Nokia 7 Plus)

First time I have cracked my screen on a mobile phone, odd because I had a glass screen protector and a case, but I suppose stuff happens….

Just curious around about what it costs to replace a screen on a mobile in Australia from your experience?

I am wondering if it might be cheaper to buy a new phone, it is a Nokia 7 Plus and is only worth maybe $300 ish.

Clearly if costs $200 or more it is probably better just to buy a new phone…

Thanks for your time!


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    Are you going to elaborate what type of phone it is, or am I to list the most common prices for the most common phones? :D

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    If your namesake got his way there'd be no charge.

    (But there might not be mobile phones at all. Who knows?)

    • I am impressed you know him! Educated person for sure. :)

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        Would be nice if a few more people knew his work, maybe dispel the myth that socialism = something it ain't.

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          Heck yes, bring on anarchy. What could go wrong? Surely everyone will do the right thing.

          • @brendanm:

            Would be nice if a few more people knew his work, maybe dispel the myth that socialism = something it ain't.

            Also would be nice if a few more people knew his work, maybe dispel the myth that anarchism = something it ain't.

            Apparently you run on knee-jerks.

            • @afoveht: He is an anarchist. Anarchism means no government etc. Which means we have to simply rely on people's inherent good nature, therein lies the problem (here's the tip, lots of people don't have a good nature).

              • @brendanm:

                Apparently you run on knee-jerks

                You seem to have many opinions on things you clearly have never spent any time investigating.

                (here's the tip, "lots of people don't have a good nature" is one of the first things a good investigation of anarchism addresses. Also, anarchism does not mean "no government" - far from it - that's just the knee-jerk view you might have if your entire exposure to anarchy is from a sex pistols song)

                • @afoveht:

                  Anarchism is a political philosophy and movement that rejects all involuntary, coercive forms of hierarchy. It calls for the abolition of the state which it holds to be undesirable, unnecessary and harmful.

                  • @brendanm: Nice post hoc googling.

                    Now Google the difference between government and state before your next knee-jerk.

                    • @afoveht: Oh I see, this is like when people say "communism works, people just don't do it right".

                      • @brendanm: Nice - you've barely cracked open the topic and already lost interest in learning something new, yet still need to add comment about something you know absolutely nothing about.

                        • @afoveht: Feel free to enlighten me then?

                          • @brendanm: You could start by YouTube searching "Noam Chomsky what is anarchism" but it will require you to hold out on knowing everything and commenting for at least 30 minutes.

                            • @afoveht: I don't claim to know everything, far from it. One person's idea of a certain sect of anarchism does not change the generally accepted definition.

                              At the end of the day, none of it changes the fact that there are always people who will not be happy with what they have got, and will seek positions of power.

                      • @brendanm:

                        Oh I see, this is like when people say "communism works, people just don't do it right".

                        In theory, communism works :)

          • @brendanm: Mate, you gotta let the hippie be a hippie. If you're surprised at this person's inclinations, you're competing with them for a title you do not want any association with.

            You're not changing their position with something they didn't establish their position with. Facts.

            • @tshow: I'm just genuinely curious how people can actually believe things like this can work. Do they not look around and see how human nature works?

              • @brendanm: All of it works IF people do not covet more than what is due to them.

                You know, I know, even they know it isn't a good thing. If it were, they would have long uprooted and left for the beautiful socialist utopia, ie. any communist country.

                They haven't.

                (They'll say that the current communist aren't doing it "right". No one has but that won't stop that line of argument. They'll point to a Scandinavian nation and ignore the explanation from their leaders that they aren't actually socialism. Summary - you can't fight envy based belief with facts.)

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                  @tshow: I just can't understand why they insist it's good and possible if it's glaringly obvious that it's not? What's to gain from tricking yourself. Humans are funny creatures.

  • Why are we doing your research? Call one of those shopping centre repair places! All phone repair stores are equally dodgy small businesses imo.

    • lol I have they will email me tomorrow… Just trying to get an idea of approx. price thats all…

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    The screen cost $33. Probably will take 10 min or less to fix the device. If I was fixing the device for a friend I would charge $60.

    • thank-you!

    • Seems harsh, surely if you’re fixing for a friend it should be $33?

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    Buy a screen from ebay or aliexpress and try as per this

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    I would advice strongly against screen repairing a Nokia 7 Plus. Having had a couple of mates go though this same journey they both had phones that didn't work very well after wards, anything from bad reception to noise cancelling mic not working.
    You are just adding extra cost to buying the new phone, if you can live with the broken glass then continue to do so; else a new phone.
    Sad reality is that modern phones are not designed to be fixed.
    Additionally if you haven't already had the issue your phone is due to have its USB C port stop working like all the other Nokias from that era.