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[Nationwide] Seagate 2TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $59.95 @ Australia Post (in Store Only)


AusPost Nationwide Clearance (In Store Only)
Available products on special vary between Retail / LPO / CPA stores.
$49.95 - 1TB Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive
$59.95 - 2TB Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive
$99.95 - 4TB Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive

Purchased Instore from Prahran Post Office shop, Victoria. Clearance stickers on lots of Tech items.
I asked staff member about stock levels, said stock varies Nationwide between stores.
Yes - Seagate portable drives are shuckable.You can remove the internal drive.

EDIT: Corporate AusPost stores can check stock levels for you, if they don't have any on hand.
LPO and CPAs AusPost outlets are within other businesses, and might not be able to help check.
(credit to staff member comment below)

CORPORATE - AusPost Corporate Retail shop
LPO - Licensed Post Office (agent or franchise)
CPAs - Community Postal Agents (rural remote areas)

EDIT: more special from @thefinalproblems comment below:
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      • No worries, just vent out here

    • Have you tried Westfield or Jackson Crt? Maybe they are more friendly. Or are they more than 5 km from you?

      • None in Westfield.

      • have not tried Jackson Crt. , it's still within 5km for me

        anyone went there? mind to report stock level if any?

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    Anyone know if there's any stock in stores around Melbourne?

    • +2

      I looked at/called around for the following and they had no stock of the 2TB or 4TB:
      Flinders Lane

    • +1

      4 left at Dandenong South as of 3.15pm. Helpful gentleman at the Prahran store was able to look them up and get me one sent from there. Unsurprisingly, they're selling like hotcakes.

      I tried calling the main Auspost line earlier in the day. They had no record of them selling Seagate products 🤔 instore at Auspost shops (Not LPO) is your best bet.

    • Checked 3 stores in CBD all of them are gone

  • Purchased last 4tb Seagate portable $99.95 Australia Post Newport. Avalon sold out. Only other external drives I saw were 1 each of Western Digital 1.5tb at Newport and Mona Vale.

    • Would you be able to post the receipt with the transaction details removed? Similar to the OP with item in background. It would be worth trying if the right Officeworks staff member could price match it. Thanks

  • +1

    Any in Eestern Brisbane?

  • None at Dickson ACT

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    Thanks for this post OP!

    I had to drive in and talk to someone in my local store. They definitely had the 1T and 2T.. but also pulled out a 4T (seagate expansion) and looked it up and it was available for $99 which is a great price since the average for a 2T is around that whenever I've looked..

    So I walked out with the 4T for $99 - which I just wanted to use as a time machine target to replace a 2T that has died recently..

    • Thanks! I'm glad OzBargainer's are savings some $$$, I would have bought more… but my JobKeeper only goes so far.

  • Thanks OP - grabbed the last 2TB unit from Claremont - no other drives left.

  • Been looking for a cheap HDD thanks. Picked up last 4tb from Boronia. Apparently 1 at Mooroolbark

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    Can we remove nationwide from the title.

    I checked my local post office (Sth Windsor NSW)

    2TB scanned in at $79
    4TB scanned in at $159

    • Lol, why the neg for being honest!

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    Thank you so much OP. Picked up 2 4TB portable version $99.95 each at PO Mowbray, Launceston, TAS. I've been waiting too long for this :))))

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    Went to Roseville NSW and they didn't have any. Went to Lindfield and they only had 4TB, but scanned at $149. No luck here. Seems like NSW is very hit and miss.

  • Would these be suitable to run 24/7 in a raid 1 config?

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    Thank you OP for post.
    Bought one just now and it was the only one left at the Market Street Post Office (Sydney, NSW).

    Tried price-matching with Officeworks, they declined since it was not on AusPost website and the invoice was ignored as well. On being asked to call AusPost to check, they were not inclined to do so.

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