Are PC Parts Considered Essential (VIC Stage 4 Lockdown) ?

Hi all,

Planning to purchase some parts like processor, motherboard etc and collecting them from the store. However, the store is 25km away?

Is that ok? If I got stopped, I can argue that without the parts, I can't work from home.

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    Definitely not essential.

    The store is 25km, is this the closest place you could buy something which would allow you to work from home.

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      That is the only store that has products that are "in stock".

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        Then choose different products. You are being asked to make a sacrifice and change your behaviour for the next 6 weeks. That sacrifice is not getting the particular products you want or ordering it online.

        I don't think "not being able to work from home" is a valid excuse, considering plenty of professions are being asked to not work full stop and loose earnings. Just look at the argument between Jim's Mowing and Dan Andrews.

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          whos jim and dan?

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          or just pay delivery? who wants to drive 50km to save $15?

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            @Jackson: Not essential. Get it shipped and stay at home like your meant to be.

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            @Jackson: Hey outside of covid, these sorts of people are great for my gumtree junk. I've had people drive 50km+ to my place to pick up some 2nd hand whatever (as new of course!) to save a couple of bucks.

            • @gimme: Damn, must be some rare junk your selling for them to drive 50k+ just to get it and save shipping.

              • @Zachary: Not even close. I used to be surprised but then again ppl get excited here over $1 freebie junk so …

          • @Jackson: This is the true answer, what an idiot.

          • @Jackson: I agree, otherwise, the Op may not have factored into the additional cost of the police stopping them and a fine of $1652.

            $15 delivery, much cheaper than possible $1652 fine…….

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        then get them delivered……must be a troll post. Surely.

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        You maybe getting something extra you do not want if you go out.

        Please stay home, find it somewhere else and get it delivered.

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            @jv: If only he could force you to stop bolding all of your comments unecessarily

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    Dam that is a tough one but we are talking the plague and with the current climate, not essential.
    The delivery cost by Royal Post would be cheaper than a fine.

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      You make too much sense. Back in your box.

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        In Soviet, sense makes you!

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      Covid is no plague. They're entirely two different organisms. A plague would kill indiscriminately while this covid is very selective.

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        I'm pretty sure that is not the difference in definition between what covid is and what a plague is. There will always be a difference in people's health before they are afflicted with something, and that affects their chances of survival. Anyway here is the google definition of a plague:

        a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium, typically with the formation of buboes ( bubonic plague ) and sometimes infection of the lungs ( pneumonic plague ).
        an unusually large number of insects or animals infesting a place and causing damage.
        "a plague of locusts"

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          You had me at bacterial.

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          I vote that we now call a group of Karens a plague.

          • @Intoxicoligist: Have you been on Youtube and seen the Chopper parody ad for Bunnings??

            Very Funny :-)

      • You’re right, so far it’s only selected humans.

      • why is this downvoted, this isnt wrong,, and ofc i think we have to do what we can to minimise communitity spread

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    Definitely essential.

    If you get stopped, tell them OzB said so.

    • lol

    • Exactly! Is essential defined yet or is it still extremely vague. If the majority of people on ozbargain agree that this is essential then ozbargain should be sufficient.

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    Postage cost vs fuel and possibility of a fine. 50km round trip would be about $5 in fuel + your time if you don’t get caught. What is postage? $10? $15?

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      Not just possibility of a fine.

      Possibility of catching covid and spreading it to loved ones resulting in death.

      Stay home. Pay the 10 bucks in freight.

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    Gotta be a troll post, surely??

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      Stupid and/or entitled posts don't have to be trolls. You're overestimating the avg intelligence of the internet.

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        Stupid and/or entitled posts

        Why? It's a legitimate question if the store is open for click and collect. The question is whether you can go and collect if it's greater than 5km.

        You can go visit a GP > 5km away, so it's a legitimate question.

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          Bunnings is also open for dr and collect but the right thing to do is not to go there to pickup a petunia. Hence entitled comment.

          • @gimme: The right thing to do is adhere to the rules. If the rules state that people may C&C then that is what they can do.

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              @whooah1979: The rules say CC is ok for ESSENTIAL items. If everyone decided to CC just about anything simply because they can, it would somewhat defeat the purpose of restrictions to get the cases down. Sure you may get away with it as the cops don't have the resources to discern and enforce what's essential and what's not but that makes 'you' selfish and inconsiderate which is pretty much the reason why we're in this situation in the first place.

              Problem is (some) people in Australia don't give a crap and can't distinguish between need and want. In their own minds everything is essential - not entirely their fault for living in a privileged country and lacking real world perspective.

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                @gimme: An essential item isn't defined in the rules. An item may be essential for some people while not for others.

                The definitions used in a properly written legislation is located in Part 1 or at the end in the dictionary. People are confused because this rule is too vague.

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                  @whooah1979: Rules can't comprehensively set out what's essential and what's not.What's essential for one person may not be essential for another. It's called common sense and playing your part for the wider community which of course doesn't exist for some.

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                    @gimme: Yes, they can.

                    Have look at Every rule that imposes a restriction is explained in the definitions. All they have to do is include "essential item" then copy and paste the Oxford dictionary in the lines below.

                    Poorly written legislation can always be challenged on in a court.

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                      @whooah1979: That doesn't mean anything - You need context. Within the context of current restrictions it's not practical to extensively define what's essential and what's not which is why it doesn't exist. Do you think the govt is going to list every e.g Bunnings category and say this is essential and this is not?? Makes no sense. Now multiple that by XXX number of shops that are allowed to stay open. Which is why it relies on people to do the right thing for their own circumstances. Anyway that's all I'm going to say

              • @gimme: Perhaps their computer is broken and the only place that has items in stock is this particular store that would allow them to continue to work from home and get back up and running quickly.

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          Dunno why u got negged

          PC parts have become essential to everyday lives nowadays. If stores allow click and collect and the nearest store is 25km away you got no other option than going there your self.

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            @nsuinteger: Depends on the 'PC Part' - HDD dies and need it replaced, sure. Upgrading memory/gpu etc for better performance not essential. Which is why society relies on individuals to make the right decisions for the community as a whole.

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      So OPs employer should be satisfied that OP can't work from home and therefore they must pay them to sit on their hands for at least the next 4 weeks?

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        There's nothing that says OP can't get parts delivered. The postal system is still working. He's just trying to save $10 postage

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          People don't want to wait for days for a delivery when they can C&C.

          “It is most unsatisfactory that a parcel posted on 20th of July from Perth (WA) and arrived in Melbourne on the 27th of July be processed from Melbourne then sent to Dandenong and now have been informed that parcel has been returned to Melbourne Airport.

          “So now informed the parcel will not arrive until 14th August. The service is a joke.”

          Terrible service, my parcel has been sitting in the same location for 8 days & I have lodged enquirys & a complaint via online 4 days ago & cant get a reply from anyone
          How long does it take to deliver a parcel within Victoria it’s been over 10 days & I got a parcel from Sydney in 3

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            @whooah1979: So pay for a courier service. Besides, the example given was someone picking something up within the same local city - getting an iMac couriered to me this week cost $17, delivered the same day it was picked up.

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              @akashra: What's the difference between courier picking up the parts vs OP picking up himself in terms of the risk of spreading the virus? If common sense prevails, none at all.

              • @leiiv: Very different. Courier=1 person making multiple trips as opposed to dozens of individuals. Therefore lower risk.

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                  Courier=1 person making multiple trips as opposed to dozens of individuals.

                  One courier = 42 infections and counting.

                  At least one employee’s family contracted the virus as a result of the facility’s outbreak.
                  An outbreak at the Tucson UPS facility where Greg works has led to at least 42 other employees contracting the virus so far, according to their union Teamsters Local 104.

                  • @whooah1979: Great but that doesn't negate my argument. Statistically lower risk.

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                      @gimme: Could you please provide a link to the data to support your claim?

                      • @whooah1979: It's common sense. The data you provided doesn't support anything apart from some case in a different country. In fact I don't even know what you're claiming .

            • @akashra: Have you used a courier service recently? This month? It still takes a dam week. If you want priority same day, it's almost $100.

  • is the store open?

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      Click and collect

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    Go and report back if stopped

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      Cant wait for that thread… "Went to get parts, got ticket, what do?"

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        Now I'm wondering if getting a popcorn for that thread is essential.

        • It definitely is. Please drive to a ColesWorth > 5km from your place. It might increase our chances of seeing that thread

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        Will need a Ms paint diagram.

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    Probably best to give your local police station a call to check and if they okay it, bring your click and collect email with you if you get stopped

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    Food and medical is essential. New PC parts are not.

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      I agree, unless of course the parts are to replace faulty components required to WFH?

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        That would be different and you'd need sufficient proof. Perhaps something official from work? I'm really not sure as I'm not under lockdown.

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        I don't see why you should be able to go out to replace faulty components under the pretence of it being required to WFH when a gardener is not allow to work full stop (along with lots of other professions)

        There is nothing on the restrictions website about items needed for WFH being essential. -

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          Shopping and retail and personal services: Metropolitan Melbourne stage 4 -

          Sorry but it's allowed, also mentioned further below in the comments.

          We could argue about this further but it's just common sense. It's really quite simple, things that most of us do every day. Keep your distance, wash your hands when you return home, give anything you touched to enter the house a wipe, wear a mask when you're out.

          • @JesusDualWields: “You should postpone making any purchases that will require you to travel beyond 5km to collect or alternatively organise for the delivery of your purchase.”

            From your link. You can infer the rules however you want but this statement is pretty clear, we have been doing this since March, ignorance isn’t an excuse.

            Also worth noting that if you’re in Melbourne metro the chances of having to travel more than 5km to find a shop selling something you need is slim. Just because you want a particular item doesn’t mean to need to travel more than 5km. Choose an item in stock at shop nearby or order online

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        Instead of copping the fine of ~ $1600 for being outside the 5km radius of your PPOR, surely you could use that money to buy a new machine online for WFH.

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        WFH isn't essential to your life, you can survive without a computer, you can't without food.

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          Needs that earn $$ to buy said food …

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            @T1OOO: ..assuming OP actually requires a custom-built computer to perform their job.

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      Food and medical is essential. New PC parts are not.

      How do you know the OP is not a GP doing consultations from home and needs are new RTX 2080 Super?

      • Then he has poor IT support.

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    Can you get them posted. Would save you the chance of a fine. Not part of the 4 essential things to do. Wouldn't want to hear about you on the news as a person who was fined. Can you not wait another few weeks.

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    If the store is trading, then it must have been deemed essential.

    Just depends on the police officer.

    • Except you must be within 5km to attend the store.

  • If you are a sole trader you can sign off on your own work permits to show to the police. Depends on whether you can't work from home without parts is legit or just you pretending.

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      $20,000 fine if found to be making a permit without a legitimate excuse.

      This would not be considered legitimate.

      • or just you pretending.


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      If you are a sole trader you can sign off on your own work permits to show to the police.

      That doesn't allow you to travel further than 5km without a legitimate reason.

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    Extremely essential. Without the parts, you will not survive.

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    Please try it, would be good to see you on national TV after the butter chicken guy.

    • what happen to the butter chicken guy?

      • Got a $1652 fine from the government and a years supply of Butter Chicken from the restaurant!

        • This happened during the stage 3 restrictions. Stage 3 didn't have a 5km travel limit.

          Mr Atkinson said he plans to contest his fine as he doesn’t think the rules “are clear on how far a person is allowed to travel for food or takeaway”.

          • @whooah1979: There was no 5km limit in Stage 3 but you still had to use common sense and not travel further than you need to.

            • @melbourne guy:

              “Since it was after 11pm all restaurants in my area were closed and I wanted to have butter chicken,”

              Their defence sounds reasonable enough to be used in court.

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