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John Deere Build-A-Johnny Tractor $10 @ Big W


Went into BigW to buy two build a Johnny Tractor/s. The website says it's $10.


Apparently this is a incorrect listing the actual listing is below, at $29. Which matches other retailers.


After much deliberation in store I received one for $10 and the other for full price.

The photos for the $10 product are;
Good luck 😃

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  • Ordered one click and collect, thanks.

    • +1.
      Fingers crossed. Thanks OP.

      • Received text confirming ready for collection at 9:01am

        • You can let me know, if you pick up. I went this morning and they gave me the small one with only a screwdriver, which does cost 10$. I didn’t have a photo of yesterday’s offer, so didn’t bother talking to them at this point.

          • @Moon57: Thanks.
            My confirmation emails just have a code 107436 which only seems to be a BigW code (no longer working).
            The picture in the emails only shows the tractor and not the drill. *
            I'll let you know but won't race over especially if it's not what I was expecting.

            * the tractor with the drill is clearly different to the screwdriver only version as it has the yellow bolt in the bonnet so I'll try to get that or a refund.

          • @Moon57: What is the one you picked up called?

            • @ynotrekab: I had the same code on the packaging 107436 and I looked in the store too, the one with the drill had different code.

              I suppose that’s what it is, it looks a bit sad-small, so I’ll probably just return it, if nobody else manages to get the one with the drill.

  • Ordered C&C too. Will have to see what I actually pick up. Thanks OP.

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      Here is a more recent article. ACCC taking up the fight which is really good news for our farmers.


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        I bought one of these for the kids but it came with no tools and I had to take it to the John Deere dealship where it took two weeks and cost $300 for a 5 min job

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          And you missed the perfect harvest window because of the delay

  • hmm wonder if dear daughter will play with this. ordered! thanks op

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      I hope she does! Let toys be toys!

  • I went there once.
    John Deere, not Big W!

    • How was he?

      • Big (but not W)

  • Ordered click and collect let's see if it works

  • Bought also… Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, bought using click and collect when it was saying Low stock, checked afterwards and it said No stock. Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one and got the ready for pick-up notification :)

  • I dont intend for my kids to become farmers (who are awesome btw). Is there still any point to buying one? I want my kids to become neurosurgeons instead.

    • +3

      It comes with a drill & screws to practice hand/eye coordination. Pretty useful start to their illustrious careers.

    • I want my kids to become neurosurgeons instead.

      Why would you want to ruin their lives?

      • Nope, they would be saving lives instead.

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    Can I fix one of these myself, or do I need to take it in to John Deere for a service?

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    Seems they have removed the link now

  • They haven't been sued by Disney yet? :P

  • Just went to pick up my order and they gave me the similar one (but much smaller) that is $10. Spent nearly an hour while they rung different stores to find the one i order and then we found it on their shelves and they had to honour. Apprently they have already given out a bunch of the wrong smaller ones this morning.

    • Yeah, I got the small one, but checked the shelves and the big one was out of stock, so I didn’t bother asking anything.

  • Did anyone get a screenshot of the deal before they took it down?

    • I do

    • I did and they still wouldn’t honour it in store c&c

  • Could you please post it up on here? Not sure how you do it.

  • Did anyone get a screenshot of the deal before they took it down? Big w customer support line is being ozbargargained at the moment. I received the text to pick it up and after reading about people getting the wrong item I rang big w at Parkmore.A simple request to check that it’s the correct item turned into an argument that I wasn’t expecting. Karen at click n collect was all fired up from the beginning so I thought game on.She starts by yelling down the phone that we don’t hand out wrong items and it progressed from there. I told her to calm down and check my order and she said if I ordered through eBay it’s nothing to do with her.I asked if she could check the order number and she refused! When I told her to check out ozbargain she said no way. It was quite comical how quickly it all escalated.Eventually I was put on hold and a much more helpful lady named Anna was put onto the case. She rang me back to say the code coming up is the crappier small one. I’m now in the queue of ozbargainers wanting our bargain to be honoured.if big w did a pricing error the least they could do is own up to it and not try giving us the tiny one when they originally advertised the larger one. Poor form.

    • Yeah in my case they were trying to blame john deere - saying both had same code, which they dont. Glad got better one - so much better.

    • I have screenshot and they still not honour instore

  • I’ve wasted an hour so far with phone calls but I’m determined to get my bargain😀 Plenty of time on my hands during lockdown.

    • Hope you get it - it is a much better product - my daughter was very excited for it!

      • No luck I ended up asking for a refund.

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    Went into Big W Blacktown this morning to pick up my order. They had also picked up the crappy little version for me. I mentioned I had ordered the larger version. She refunded me and said to check the shelf. Found one on the shelf and took it down the front to talk to supervisor. Because the key code linked to the order was for the little version and not the larger they were adamant they weren't going to honour it. Thankfully I had taken screenshots from the listing showing product description and photos. After a lot of back and forth, they very reluctantly honoured the price. Apparently the blacktown store had recieved 15 orders so they're going to be busy fixing this up for people today.

    • Could you please post the screenshot. The lady on the phone asked me for it.

  • Yeah i picked up my order this morning. Thought it was a bit small, was given the smaller crappier toy. My order specifically says build a johnny tractor, not build a buddy, which is one i received. Just deciding wether I can be bothered going back to sort this out.

  • Wife was given the wrong one as well. Thanks @Caseyjnr for the screenshot :) Will take it back for swap out

  • Mine was saying ready to be picked up 5 minutes after I order last night, didn’t bother go pick up straight Away, got a phone call this morning saying that it’s a glitch in the system and it’s actually a different product. Can’t be bother to argue and ask them issue refund

  • After reading all your comments, I realised I picked up the buddy rather than the tractor version this morning. Went in to a store this afternoon and spoke with the manager. After agreeing with her about the different item codes and discussing how customers typically look at pictures rather than codes, and how she hadn't received a customer notice regarding this as an incorrectly marketed item, she exchanged the buddy for the tractor. No fuss. Thanks OzBargainers for the heads-up, I thought the buddy looked to be worth $5, happy I was able to get the tractor exchange.

  • Was given the smaller one. Can't be bothered fighting it

  • Ordered one for my boy. Thanks

  • got handed the buddy. reading the comments here I couldn't be bothered arguing. might take it back for a refund in future.

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