Just Curious, What are Your CashBack Stats like?

Was going through my shopback history and got curious what OZB community's cashback stats look like.

  • How many approved cashbacks histories do you have in total?
  • What's your lifetime cashback amount?
  • What's your largest approved cashback from a single transaction?


1) 61 Cashbacks in total since 1st Feb 2020
2) $276.24 lifetime cashback
3) $46.36 casback from from First Choice Liquor.


  • ShopBack & Cashrewards combined:

    35 Cashbacks since Nov 2018
    $257.10 lifetime
    $87.21 for SurfShark VPN

    • $87 cashback for VPN? how much did you pay?

      • Surfshark cashback is usually 90%

        • I'm guessing that's for a year subscription? I copped a life time subscription on sale for around $80 from keepsolid vpn. Going well so far.

          • +1

            @AssBargain: Looking at the most recent deal post, it's for 3 years.

            Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only (AUD $2.69 per month or approx AUD $97 for 3 years)

  • 10.11 used 2 times since 2017

  • OMG nearly $1500 cashback and shopback combined!
    But that includes a stack of woolies gift cards

  • $1800 lifetime rewards on cashrewards since oct 2014 and $294 with shopback since may 2015… it doesnt give me a total count tho, and I dont feel like trying to count all of them.

    Largest cashback was $256 from Dell with a 10% promo

  • 1) 29
    2) ~$510 total since 2017
    3) ~$110 Lenovo

  • +1

    Cashrewards: $252.60
    Shopback: $332.78

    Biggest payout was NordVPN with $133.57 back @ Cashrewards. Never purchased a gift card. It's mainly just Aliexpress and Amazon stuff (before they went 0% in most categories)

    I haven't used any cashbacks this year. I've stopped spending money for the sake of getting $2 bonus because I don't really need anything.

  • $600+ Lenovo….

    • Wth!, Did you order the Legion 7i?

      • Early last year - workstation Thinkpad P1 - extremely good price - think it was going for 20% off and they have a 12% shopback.

  • Cashrewards: $1,037.76.
    The two driving purchases were for a TV and a camera lens from ebay (when they had >10% cashback rate).

    Shopback: $271.54
    Dribs and drabs from Aliexpress & Groupon.

  • First transaction 28 June 2014
    Too many transactions to count
    Lifetime rewards $1,095.62
    $600+ from hotel / holiday bookings :)

  • 1)
    Cashrewards: 203 in total, first 9/10/2014
    Shopback: 71 in total, first 26/12/2018

    Cashrewards: $479.21
    Shopback: $274.00

    Cashrewards: $42.40 from eBay (TGG, TV)
    Shopback: $39.95 from DJs

  • -1

    Thanks for the neg hiding the figures , I don't want to upset people during these times :)

    During Covid giving them very little action as gift cards beat most of there offers . But Amazon cashback getting better now .

    Largest $100 multiply X from Aust Post for you know what .

    • How can you profit from selling Woolies eGift @6% off?

      • +5

        How can you profit from selling Woolies eGift @6% off?

        I don't profit… I lose $1 per $100 Woolies eGift card by way subsidising the extra discount, and in return I earn credit card points. So in a way it's like converting my cash into points.
        It's a way to buy credit card points safely (since they're generated into my account) for business/first class flights for my long-awaited holiday shakes angry fist at COVID19
        Not the best time to do to really, but I am patient :)

        The more time-efficient way to gain points is to credit card churn like others, but that really only works for Qantas Freq Flyer/Virgin Velocity points.

        I consider it a way to help others to save money 20% faster (save 6% instead of public 5%) :)

  • Cashrewards: $1,113.69 since Nov 15
    Shopback: $162.83 since Nov 18

    Largest was $109 from WOTIF

  • +5

    A very nice $5,571 via Cashrewards and not inflated by WISH cards. Biggest single cashback amount $321 for US accommodation through Wotif.

    • +2

      What your ShopBack stats TA ? :)

      • +2

        You trying to be funny lol :)

        • -1

          For me calculating X amount not tracked ( not a nice % ) I still think some deals attack able following your name being the reason .

  • Cashrewards $3317
    Shopback $1508
    Don’t know how to do count.

  • Cashrewards: $1259.46
    Shopback: $103.55

    Largest cash back probably from First Choice liquor during a promo. Haven't counted the number of transactions, but haven't used Shopback for that long. I like to switch between Cashrewards and Shop Back depending on the rates they offer.

  • Cashrewards: $1443.18
    Shopback: $527.19

    Largest cashback Dell $131.40

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