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AeroPress $39.99, Oral B 700 $44.99, BT Headphone/Smartwatch $39.99ea, Cast Iron Grill/Pan $14.99, Swag $129, 50" TV $449 @ ALDI


From the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 26 August.

Also, bonus 5GB data on first $25 mobile plan recharge between 19/8 - 20/9 for new and existing customers.

Credit to poster on Facebook

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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        1. It’s makes him looks cool.
        2. They make him looks cool, just like the scenes in Asian dramas
        3. If 1+1 = 2, then combining the 2 above makes him coolest
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        1. running with headphones because they provide good cushioning to your feet
        2. running in rain so that i can drink water drops i remain hydrated while running
        3. Running with headphones in rain because i dont drink water through ear…
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        IMHO running in the rain is so much better than running in heat/humidity/cold. Hard to get started, less people to get in your way, and hot shower afterwards and you are gold.

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          So true, if you know your route, have good shoes and slowdown you pace a little bit, running is best in rain..also when its little cold..say 4 to 6 degree.. that's best time to run..( people may find it funny when you run with headphones but they are best to cover your ear from cold)..

        1. Why are you running?
          1. Who or what are you running from?
    • So then it is a 10/10 in the range of bluetooth speakers that don't feature a waterproof casing…
      might look into it.. BT 5.0 is better than the 4.0 I have now

      • Agree! Bluetooth 5 is so much better than 4. Now that most/all phones are sold with Bluetooth 5.0 buying a Bluetooth device to match makes sense. The range is so much further, I can go anywhere in my house with Bluetooth 5.0 headphones and not lose connection. If needed you can connect 2 devices with Bluetooth 5.0, such as being on a plane you can watch a video on a tablet/laptop and 2 people can have headphones connected. Also I think this is a Bluetooth 5.0 thing, but my phone shows the battery percentage of my headphones, very useful!!

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    Any feedback on smartwatch please!?

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      doesn't know what 𝜋+e equals so ain't that smart 😵

  • Great price for Aeropress

  • Anyone know anything about the smartwatch?

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      Yes, it's $39.99.

      • +1

        Ha. You and everyone else are very funny. :P

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      On sale in 10 days

    • +3

      It goes on your wrist

      • +1

        This watch tells time.

        • For real? That's a step up than the one in Spy Kids 2.

        • And it’s smart and makes you look the same

    • this was meant to come out about 2 months ago, didn't appear.
      going to get one for my dad either way.

  • +1

    Any feedback on the Cast-iron skillet?

    • +3

      Same as other brands for half the price.
      Does everything you need it to

    • Probably the lowest cast iron quality I have seen. Both mine (1x square and 1x round) has fairly bad pitting. Way worse than what you'd expect from the standard casting process as in other pans but as a pan for $15 that'll last many many years still. Cannot complain.

      • I got it today, it does not have a smooth surface. Is it normal?

        • For any cast iron less than $150, it's completely normal. Over time as you cook in it and/or season it, it will become smoother. I personally bought mine will the plan to sand it to a flat surface before I use it but that really isn't necessary.

  • Does the TV remote have a Netflix button?

    • According to the catalogue pic - yes it does.

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    Just a heads up on the Oral B toothbrush. Its a NiMh battery, so you're looking at 5 - 7 days between charges.

    Shaver shop have the Vitality for $22.99 which is also NiMh or the Pro 2000 on sale for $79.00 which is Lithium Ion so you're looking at more like 14 days between charges. Also NiMh will start to fade after a year or two.


    Pro 2000

    • +1

      I've never quite understood the requirements for long battery life on an electric toothbrush.
      Doesn't everyone just keep them standing on the charger turned on every day?
      and if the issue was for travelling/holidays - wouldn't 2 weeks of a normal toothbrush still be an adequate solution?

      • +1

        I was used to my lithium one lasting about a month… Now have to charge my crappy one every 4-5 days…. Much prefer the bathroom having less clutter, even though a charger doesn't really add much.

      • Mine lives in the shower so its pretty handy to be able to go a few weeks between charges. The NiMH one will actually die in a year or two, whereas a lithium unit should last for 5+ years, maybe 10. So its better value in the long run.

        And I'm not saying battery life is everything, just saying the $29 one from shaver shop is essentially the same toothbrush. Or the $79 one is better value if battery life is important.

      • I didn't get it either, until I got my current one (Oclean) that lasts weeks between charges. You just don't have to worry about charging, basically EVER. It is nice, comfortable, kinda relieving, in a world where everything needs to be kept charged.

        • I feel that kind of battery life puts you in a worse scenario, whereby you're so used to not charging it that you might indeed take it away on holidays for a few weeks only to discover that it's actually flat and didn't bring the charger.
          This is what I have to actively avoid with the battery in my bike for electronic shifting. It only needs charging 3 or 4 times a year, which is not often enough to remember that it ever actually needs charging!

          • @damion: I don't travel away for long enough to worry about such a possibility 🙂

    • +1

      Cheers Jinxinferno. I just ordered 3 of the Vitality brushes for the family from Shavershop, delivered for $58.97 total. They offer free shipping over $50 plus a $10 credit when you sign up via email. Thanks for your post.

  • Anyone tried the pork belly, is it delicious? I think it might be good for Breville oven which I posted here few days ago.

    • +1

      It's nice but stock usually run out very fast

      • can second this, have got it twice, quite often can't even find a location for it.

  • Anyone know if the camper swag can fit 2 people in it?

  • T.V. would be good as a second one for the game console. That means Mrs. C can still watch her shows while I’m playing the Xbox.

  • +1

    Been waiting for an ALDI television to use in the bedroom as a second tv for streaming and Steam Link. The gods of frugality deliver.

  • Would be interesting to get more specs on the Abu Garcia combo. Anaconda recently had some Abu Garcia Redmax combos for $49.
    Would be good to check the length of rod and weight. Details on the reel would be good too, bearings, weight, drag capacity etc.

    I'm assuming these are the same as the redmax which were $49.

  • Aeropress is great for travel or camping if like to brew your own coffee (ofc robert timms bags or whatever are fine and much more compact too for lightweight hiking etc)

  • Wonder the macros on the jerky. Looks good!

  • Good source for the filter papers? Or alternative reusable filters?

    • Ebay and amazon

      • You can find spice or tea bags in daiso. They cost around 3$ for 50 bags if I am not mistaken. But the filter is better in my opinion, coarser than the original one. You have to cut to fit into aeropress though.

  • So glad I picked up an aeropress at 50% off at Inglewood coffee roasters over a month ago! ($25 cheapest). Great coffee from them too.

    What is everyone’s go to method for a good cup of coffee from the aeropress ?

    • +1

      Inverse method - With 4 scoops of coffee, fill to Number 4 with water, let steep for 4 minutes then gently push through. May seem like an excessive amount of coffee (the puck is usually about 4 - 5 cm thick) but it gives a really intense shot. I think I got it from the world aeropress competition, it was the winning one a few years ago.

      That or if I don't have 5 min to spare, two scoops, fill to 2, stir, wait 20 seconds, press, add extra water and milk, done in less than a minute.

  • $129 is a good price for a swag but I already have ample swag. ;)

  • $39 Aeropress here, plus shipping, or buy the grinder with free Aeropress and free shipping. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558702

  • The swag looks a lot like the oztrail mitchell expedition https://www.snowys.com.au/mitchell-expedition-single-swag

  • +2

    Baffles me that Aldi still doesn’t have any good website in 2020.

    • +3

      Having lived in Germany for 3 years, this doesn’t surprise me one bit :)

  • been using Aldi Mobile now for 3 years and it's by far the best network I've ever been on. Zero issues at all anywhere I've been in oz. Bulk buy data upfront, use as I like. I set a rough data alert in my phone to how much usage I'm approaching just to keep me around the average.

    • +1

      It's on the same Telstra wholesale network as Belong and they are cheaper if you learn how to get the most out of the starter packs when they are on special.

  • +1

    Thoughts on fishing combos (abu Garcia or ugly stik)? Any good for beginners?

    • I think these Aldi Abu Garcia Blackmax combos are the same as the Anaconda Abu Garcia Redmax combos which were $49.

      I don't know if aldi are selling 7ft 2-4kg combos or 6ft etc..

      Either way, better off with a Shimano Sienna/Sedona 2500 and a Shimano Raider 1-4kg bream rod.

      • Cheers, mate!

  • +1

    Are the TVs any good?

  • Does anyone know if we can install Plex on the TV?

    • Doesn't appear to be Android TV like some previous deals, so almost certainly no.

      • So no app store?

      • +1

        Checking the Baun website:


        The manual (if it's the correct manual) states:

        Smart TV Applications:
        • Netflix
        • YouTube
        • Amazon Prime Video
        • NetRange Smart TV Apps
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Yahoo! Weather
        • Screencast
        • Toon Goggles
        • YouTube Kids
        • Homeshare
        • Web Browser

        !! You cannot download any extra apps on this TV !!

        • That model at $379. What is the difference??
          Seems the catalogue is wrong. See https://bauhn.com.au/50inch-4k-ultra-hd-android-tv/

          • @Bill48: No. It's $319.
            What's going on!

            • @dealmaker: That link is for the 40" but has the wrong title it seems.

        • The answer is in your detective work finding the manual (sort of)

          • NetRange Smart TV Apps


          NetRange is a budget / entry level distro for smart TVs. It looks like their product hasn't seen an update since 2015, so I wouldn't count on new or up to date apps, fixes, updates or anything new, ever. What you see is what you get.

          A search for NetRange and Plex found a few old posts from a few disappointed HiSense customers but nothing more.

          Buyers of this TV can on only count on it doing what it says on the box, but perhaps not very well. At least they can fall back on Aldi's generous returns policy if it doesn't meet expectations.

  • From the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 26 August.

  • should we get a grinder or use ground coffee? which one do you prefer for aeropress?

    • +1

      ideally Aeropress grind is a little courser than the grind size in supermarket coffees

    • +1

      Comandante c40 grinder.

  • I bought myself a Delter Coffee Press same price, the method is different from Aeropress (have used one for years), but I find it more consistent.
    Nb not affiliated with Delter/Alternative brewing

  • Any thoughts or feedback on the tv?

  • Seems Big W has a 50inch with the same price


    wonder how this compares to the Aldi one

  • The mother in law wants some blue tooth headphones and they will have them in aldi's on wensday the 26th

    How does it work as I assume they will be locked up in a case so will I need to ask someone to grab one for me?

  • +1

    Popped in to Norwood at 9am and grabbed the last two AeroPress.
    No sign of the cast iron pans.

    Don't be surprised if they are already gone by now.

    Plenty of TVs and headphones in stock, although a few people had grabbed them.

  • +1

    No Aeropress at Salisbury (QLD), a few left at Acacia Ridge.

    No sign of cast iron at either.

    I also bought the Bruce Springsteen record which I fear may have been a mistake. I panicked.

  • Bought an Aeropress at Aldi Kelvin Grove in QLD, they had heaps left as of 7pm tonight

  • been to two ALDIs in Melb and they all had plenty of aeropress in stock.

  • +1

    For anyone after the cast iron pan, just a reminder: Aussiedisposals sell them for $20

    Theirs have a wooden handle. It can be a bit annoying as you have to keep tightening it, but it's definitely cooler to touch than bare metal

  • All the cast iron pans are sold out @ chatswood. Only grills

  • I still use a cast iron frying pan that I bought 25 years ago. It is the best. Will beat any other frying pan out there that is not cast iron.

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