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[NSW, QLD, SA] ReAmped Energy - Advance Power Plan (27% below Reference Price NSW)


ReAmped is an up and coming energy company has been around for about 18 months now and their prices are very sharp. Their customer service is very good from my experience, online chat and email. Servicing NSW, South East QLD and SA.

2 weeks ago they launched a new product called ReAmped Advance. Their rates are 27% less than the reference price in NSW.

Also, both referrer and referee get $50 sign on credit! So don't forget to use this if signing up :) :)

What's unique about this product is that you get billed every fortnight, which may help for some in managing their money. If you have a smart meter, you are billed in advance, but then the next fortnight it is reconciled and adjusted based on actual usage.

If you have an old meter, its a bit messy. You get billed based on their estimate of your household usage for the first quarter, then actual read is done and adjustments are made.

The reason I am posting this is because they often don't appear in the comparison sites by the govt, I think because of the fortnightly payment method/structure. Mod note: See comments, it should be available.

Example in Sydney (Ausgrid):
Usage: $0.1896 /kWh (flat rate, even for time of use metering)
Supply Charge $0.9155 /day

I couldn't find cheaper when I crunched the numbers.

Example in Queensland (Gold Coast):
Usage $0.1670 /kWh (flat rate, even for time of use metering)
Supply Charge $0.9405 /day
26% below reference price.

Example in Adelaide:
Usage $0.2595 /kWh (flat rate, even for time of use metering)
Supply Charge $1.0075 /day
23% below reference price.
Rates include GST.

About the Advance plan
On our Advance plan, you pay fortnightly in advance towards your quarterly invoice. This plan is best for customers who don't mind paying upfront. Advance makes it easy to stay on top of your electricity account. Getting payment upfront is better for us too, so in exchange we'll give you our best rates.

What if I have a smart meter?
For customers with a smart meter, the invoice cycle on the Advance plan is slightly different. Rather than invoice quarterly, we'll send you an invoice each fortnight with your next advance payment. That's because with a smart meter, we already have your usage data, rather than having to wait for a quarterly meter read.

How do you determine my advance payment amount?
When you join, we set an initial advance payment amount based on a couple of additional questions during signup. The initial advance amount is based on the average usage of a similar sized household in your area using the Australian Energy Regulator bill benchmark data. This will be your advance amount for your first 3 months on the plan. After that, we may update your advance amount each quarter based on your actual average usage. If we are updating your advance amount, we will let you know with your invoice.

When is my first advance payment due?
If you join the Advance plan, we'll send a statement for your first advance payment when your connection with ReAmped is complete. The payment will be taken 3 business days later.

What if my account is already in credit?
If your account is already sufficiently in credit, we won't take an advance payment that fortnight.

What happens if I can't pay in advance?
By joining this plan, you are agreeing to pay in advance. If you fail to pay in advance, we reserve the right to terminate the plan and offer you a choice to move to one of our other competitive plans. We hope it doesn't get to this, but if you do not pay in advance and you do not agree to move to one of our other plans, you may be moved to a Standard Retail Contract as a last resort. The Advance plan isn't right for everyone, and that's OK! If you would rather not pay in advance, check out our range of other plans with no advance payment required.

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  • NSW "Feed-in-Tariff $0.0700 /kWh" is a show stopper for me

    • I have just installed Solar. Can you suggest a provider with high feed in please? I am with EA and its 10.5c. Seems like a lot of companies have dropped their FIT prices.

      • AGL has solar panel that pays 21cents/kw

        • Thanks mate. Do you have a link to the plan or something? I dont see that advertised on their website.

        • +2

          not any longer

        • +1

          AGL had solar plan that paid 21cents/kWh


        • I just looked on the AGL website, it lists

          Get a 15c solar feed-in tariff for the first 9kWh you generate from your solar panels but don’t use each day, then 8c for every kWh after that. Residential solar feed-in tariffs are not subject to GST.

          I'm an existing customer and I'm getting paid 17c per kWh not aware of any cap like mentioned above.. but my system is only 3kw.. in saying that I'm adding another 5kw system this weekend :)

      • I'm currently with Origin on 21c FIT - which ends for me in Oct.
        I have been looking around recently and it seems most providers have dramatically dropped their FIT in Aug - which is a bummer. Many now also have a cap of 9kWh / day which makes their offer even worse.
        I still have a few months to find a new provider but atm I'm looking at Click Energy who still have a reasonable FIT - however the rates are better for up to 5kW systems and less for larger systems like me. I have a 10kW system.
        You are always best to look at https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/ to compare your circumstances.

        • Thanks. Yes I am looking up there now. Mine is 6.66 kW with 5kW inverter.

        • +2

          Ring click energy and ask them about their Jarrah plan, it was the cheapest I could find when negotiating with them in NSW. I don't know what the solar FIT was though.

          • @dammit: Click Jarrah plan solar feed-in is 18c. They do that messy monthly estimate billing though.

            • +1

              @Tex Texan: I rang click and told them I'm not happy to pay an estimate as I have a smart meter. they switched me to Actual billing.

              • @dammit: Nice, thanks. I just signed up with them after my current Origin deal ended. Then I realised the reason I left them a few years ago was because of the monthly estimate billing. I'll try the same, although I don't have a smart meter. I'm still in cooling off so if they won't do it I'll look elsewhere.

        • Many providers are now not taking new customers with large solar systems!
          Click - 7.5kw max
          Amaysim - 8kw max

          • @bobz79: bummer - who does 10Kw with a reasonable FIT these days?

            • @gimjam: None really, almost all providers slashed rates to half or verse, with daily caps! Solar is not good as it used to be since this August!
              eg in NSW - Western Sydney:
              AGL - 17 cents per kwh for the first 9kWh exported per day, down to 9.5c after
              Origin - 20 cents per kwh for the first 6kWh exported per day, down to 7c after
              Energy Australia - 10.5 cents per kwh flat

  • Hi OP, looking up my address (Ausgrid, Sydney), I know I have a Smart Meter and all providers charge me TOU.

    ReAmped’s plans only show up with the TOU Tarrifs (e.g. Advance is Peak $0.3532 /kWh; Shoulder $0.1896 /kWh; Off-Peak $0.1432 /kWh; Supply Charge $0.9222 /day).

    Is there a special link or plan name you can use for that single rate TOU price?

    • Hm, this is odd. Are you clicking Advance (bottom plan) then view prices?

      I have a smart meter but it displays the pricing very different to you,

      0.1896 Peak,
      0.1896 OffPeak,
      0.1896 Shoulder
      0.9183 supply charge per day.

      See screenshot : https://i.imgur.com/xriwSYC.jpg

      • Dammit…

        Haha, yes I’m sure I’ve clicked the Advance box. It seems very much to depend on the area you’re in.

        Ironically with the Winter/Summer TOU charged (Shoulder/Off-Peak/Peak Hours incl.) AGL seems to be cheapest in my area. If you go to seasonal shoulders (Spring/Autumn) companies like ReAmped only charge Shoulder/Off-Peak rates - making it far cheaper as you no longer have the Peak tarrifs.

        Maybe I should just change every 3 months…

    • +1

      +1 here, EnergyAustralia customer in Sydney Inner West. I still get time of day quotes as stated above.

      edit* Current rates with EnergyAustralia are cheaper.. $0.78 daily supply & $0.253 peak rates.

      • comparing those rates for my usage (25kW a day) EA would cost me $2800 a year, vs ReAmped $2200.

        I am in inner west sydney too.

        Do you get quoted different rates for the time of use same as DealHunter?

        Apologies, I thought this was across the board. Maybe I am on a transitional time of use (e.g. smart meter but still not fully transitioned across to varied time of use billing)?? So confusing now..

        • +1

          Do you get quoted different rates for the time of use same as DealHunter?

          No - Same quotes as Dealhunter

          • +1

            @Wickadz: Just found out the reason! AusGrid has the following tariff types:

            Total Plan - 5 Day TOU (what I’m on)
            Total Plan - Peak Only
            Total Plan - Transitional TOU

            • +1

              @Dealhunter967671: This confuses me even more! Haha. They really don't make it easy

              • +2

                @Wickadz: I'm on Transitional TOU I think… basically to get me used to separate line item billing before they rip the jugular out and gouge me on 5 day TOU!

  • $0.007 FIT kills the deal

    • And the inflated day rate.

  • +1

    ReAmped don't drop their rates for existing customers when the "new customer" price drops (at least not on the Handshake plan), so just watch out for any price drops and possibly call/live chat them to see if they'll reduce it.

    • Thanks for this, I did not realise! I was checking quarterly against EnergyAustralia and Origin etc but did not think to check whether Reamped had different rates. I checked using my neighbour's address and the Handshake new customer rates are slightly better than what I am on for Handshake

      • that's a shame when companies don't do this… :(

      • I actually only realised after I signed up with another retailer (Nectr) because I was comparing the rate in my ReAmped online account to Nectr's advertised rate.

        Decided to keep my change request anyway - already copped the credit check, and Nectr provided a $100 sign up credit and $50 referral bonus as well while only being around 2c/kWh more.

        • Nectr would only do full time of use for me and I preferred the flat rate. They were a couple of bucks cheaper though provided I stuck to my prior usage pattern.

  • +5

    For any price comparisons, you can use the Government website - https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/

    By regulation, retailers must publish their generally available products on this website
    This offer is up on the website

    Tip: Look at some of the conditions on how the comparison bill amounts are generated as some include sign up bonuses that are conditional that you may not receive
    Some offers will be contingent on smart meter as well for example

    Source: Work in the industry

    • Using this site maybe doesn’t take into account your particular tariff type though, I found I was getting the quoted rate from Dammit (Transitional TOU) - but when I actually investigated the deal via ReAmped, I was getting the 5 Day TOU rated.

      • +1

        There's filters to adjust what tariff you can see on the EME website. IMHO it's a pretty poor design because it show TOU alongside Single Rate tariffs

        Underlying all of this is how a retailer maps what network tariff you're on to their retail tariffs. Each retailer will do their own thing which makes like-for-like comparisons a bit harder unless you understand what's going on

      • Did you try uploading your last bill to get a more accurate comparison?

  • I'm with ReAmped and did the maths according to my rate, the rate my neighbour could get as a new customer, and the rate I'd get on the Advance Plan and:

    a) $69.76
    b) $67.69
    c) $65.29

    So I'll save over $4 a month if I switch to this plan, thanks.

    I wish they changed existing customer's rather, I hate that practice.

  • +1

    The prices for the Essential Energy network region of NSW look competitive unless you are a low user of electricity:

    ReAmped Advance
    Usage: $0.2107 /kWh
    Supply Charge: $1.3823 /day

    My Current Jarrah Plan with Click Energy:
    Usage: $0.23291 /kWh
    Supply Charge: $1.14532 /day

    The break even point for my comparison is usage of 10.67 kWh / day to make up for the extra $0.23698 per day in supply charge.
    My last bill indicated daily usage of 13.1 kWh /day, so I might make the switch.

    • Click Flora Energy works better for me, so thanks for that. Looking at avoided costs of $300-440 from the EA deal that was posted over the weekend. Avoided cost savings also better then the re-amped Mainly due to the cheap Click supply rate and large FiT.
      PM me if you Click are still doing referral bonus

  • supply charge is much higher than origin and click

    • For me Origin Supply Charge is 116c/day, Reamped is 100c/day…

  • +2

    For anyone wondering about how the advance plan works, I spent a lot of time on live chat asking them to explain it for me, and after some deliberation, decided to go for the handshake plan (still a cheaper control load than anyone else). Most of this info is covered in OP's post but here's maybe a summary of exactly how it works.

    On the advance plan you prepay the first two weeks within 3 days of signing up for the plan. The amount you pay is estimated based on similar houses in your area (or your usage if you have data on it) and tends to be an overestimate. You continue to pay this estimate for the first 3 months and then receive a correction when they come and check your meter (though it's just occured to me you might be able to upload your meter so payments are accurate). If you have a smart meter, fortnightly payments are based on the previous fortnight's usage, except of course for the first payment. This plan saves you a total of 1c per kWh on the general use rate (and nothing else) compared to the handshake plan, and for the convenience of paying monthly, and post paying rather than prepayong (so I can pay exactly my usage at each bill), I decided to go with the handshake plan.

    Make sure you use the referral system for that extra $50 off your first bill!!

    • great tips and thanks for reinforcing that!

      I clicked 3 person household size and it said $60 a fortnight is what I'll pay. I know my usage and that is below what it currently is. If you do know yours too, when you start just select a lower number of person household to get it fairly accurately… otherwise you will end up with a deficit to pay back at the end of the first quarter once it is washed up if you are on a manual meter.

      • Yeah nice, I wasn't sure if selecting a lower number of household members would be "allowed", but I guess I can't see why not. I have two kids (under 3) so they ain't using two people's worth of electricity haha!

    • +1

      You also avoid the 1% credit card fee with Advance plan.

      And with credit card, the prepayment vs post payment difference is negligible.

      • Great point!

      • Just signed up and it seems pretty clear that you still get the 1% credit card fee with direct debits. Did you find it stated anywhere that this is excluded for the Advance plan? Would you mind sharing how you found this out?

    • Thanks for the info. With the handshake plan there is a 1 year commitment however

      • It's a "handshake" commitment, so no lock in, they just take your word for it. There are no fees for early exit so it's basically just a behavioural technique to try and bind you to a 1 year contract without legally binding you to a 1 year contract. To be honest I think it's super interesting, but there's no lock in. I've confirmed this over live chat also, no hidden fees or anything.

  • I found that by switching to ReAmped .. I would have saved $100 a quarter ..
    Do I need to contact my current provider to finalise the last bill before the switch? Thanks…

    • No, just sign up with ReAmped and they will transfer you over. No credit check as far as I am aware, they did ask drivers licence number though, for identification purposes.

      Don't forget to use one of the referral codes on the site here, so both you and the referer get $50!

      • Poo. I just signed up about 1o minutes before I saw the referral deal!

        • If you live chat them and provide someone’s referral code plus name, they will apply it for you. I saw this in the other thread from last year where people were PMing their names to go with referral code on ozbargain.

          • @dammit: Oh wicked. Thanks for that. I'll give it a go.

  • I'm on the Origin Max Saver 16% at the moment. I'm assuming this is a lot better right? Sorry my ignorance. Thinking of switching.

    • The only way to tell is look at the reamped rates For your address and compare them to the origin rates, based on your actual usage levels, the trouble is in the past a lot of these percent discount confuse consumers and distort prices

    • +1

      I'm on the same as you. ReAmped was ~$100 cheaper for the last quarter and that's with Origin's 16% discount. Origin's supply charge is slightly higher than Reamped, but over a 3 month period, it only works out to be around $5 saved per month. The usage charges is where you hit the savings with ReAmped.

  • Anybody know if there is a company that provides single rate for customers in NSW with TOU meters? Been looking everywhere and haven't been any to find one.

    • not possible as far as I know, once they migrate you to TOU you are stuck there :( :( Eventually we all will be too.

      • Thanks for letting me know, explains why I couldn't find anything.

        Can't believe I miss the U.K. power companies, single rate and so much easier to compare prices.

  • Does it make sense to move from ReAmped Handshake plan to Advance plan then? Apart from the rates, the only difference is fortnightly billing vs monthly billing?

    • compare the daily supply charge with old Handshake plan and savings on usage probably can offset the difference.

      • Supply charge is exactly the same and the usage charge is 1.x cents cheaper. Don't know if there's any other catch apart from fortnightly billing.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. It is a really good option especially if you are residing in SA.

  • As someone that's rarely had electrickery in my name, this is altogether confusing.

    I went with ReAmped at last property, but changed to Amaysim to get the 2 x unlimited date mobile deal (MUCH better deal).

    I now need to connect at new Syd property and from reading through I can't see benefit of Advance over Handshake (doesn't pay in advance/kick u from plan if you don't), and most notably - after uploading bill to energymadeeasy.gov.au it's showing Nectr at top @$170 w discounts, and Advance much further down list @$200 w discounts.

    • In Handshake, you pay monthly based on estimates if you don't have a smart meter. In Advance, you pay fortnightly, again based on estimates (and later based on the previous quarter). There is hardly any difference except the rates. Supply rate is higher in the latter whilst the usage rate is lower. You need to look at your daily approx usage and figure out if Advance will save you anything. For low usage, you won't save anything more over Handshake plan.

      • But it's looking like it's NOT cheaper for my load, based on my invoice.

        I've been through the (confusing) filters on the EME site and it does appear and is consistently more $ than others.

        • My comment is just based on the rates of Handshake and Advance plan shown on their website for my address.

  • +1

    Supply charge…….0.1896…….0.25355
    Daily charge………0.9183…….0.78474

    My usuage is 798kwh for 90 days.
    Did the calculation and found AGL would charge $273 but the bill with Reamped is only $234.

    Just live chated with reamped and confirmed that the invoice (actual charge) will be sent fortnightly because I have a smart meter.
    So even if I overpaid in the fortnightly payment, the overpaid credit will be applied to the next fortnight payment.
    (e.g. The system determined every fortnight payment is $60. Then after two weeks, they invoice the actual usage because I have smart meter, for example the actual usage is $50. Then I will have $10 in credit and the next prepayment is $50.)
    The amount of prepayment will be adjusted every 3 months though.
    Seems good to me.

  • ReAmped now have launched a solar plan,

    $0.2919 /kWh
    $0.2919 /kWh
    $0.2919 /kWh
    Supply Charge
    $0.8864 /day
    Feed-in Tariff
    First 5.0 kWh of export per day
    $0.2100 /kWh
    Feed-in Tariff
    Additional kWh export per day

    Higher usage fees, but you get 21 cent kWh for your first 5.0kW exported to grid. Not sure how that compares to others..

  • Thanks just now submit via online… after all maths, easy $90/quarter saving with them. After cooling off period they are going to arange smart meter for free… then saving will be around $200/ quarter. Thanks for this post…

  • Thanks for this post. Just got $50 referral credit and probably will save another $130 a year.

  • Just joined with $50 referral link, thanks Op!

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