Some Positive/Negative Life Changes Because of Covid-19 Lockdown

Just a fun discussion on some of the positive/negative lifestyle changes during the Covid-19 lockdown.

For me, Positives

-More time with kids
-Getting more done around the house
-Getting to know the neighbours
-Click and collect from the supermarkets and other stores frees up 3 hrs every week
-10 second commute to work and no public transport
-Cut down on take away coffee and food


-Missing family, friends and colleagues ( Yes, missing the corridor chats )
-Less physical activity
-Holidays, camping trips
-Playing sports
-Stressing about catching the virus
-Stressing about future work

Sincerely, I do not want some of the positives to go away after this virus. Let's see how the society adapts !!


  • +1


    • Spending more time with the kids
    • Savings heaps now that we can't spend, even if we wanted to
    • All the odd jobs around the house is finally getting sorted
    • Garden starting to get back into shape


    • Spending more time with the kids
    • Can't go in to the office and mingle with colleagues
    • Cooking everyday, multiple meals a day is hard
    • Job security
    • +4


      Spending more time with the kids


  • +ve
    * Lost weight since I don't snack as much when working from home and less eating out.
    * Recovered my lost of sleep as I can wake up 10 seconds before starting to work.
    * Less spending.
    * Getting closer/gained more online friends as I can use my mobile more.

    * Finding out my neighbours are ungrateful jerks. I guess I can put this on +ve too, we might not have found out if not because of Covid.
    * Back, shoulder and neck pain.
    * Hardly exercised.
    * I feel like I'm turning into hikikomori more.
    * Missed social interaction both at work and in real life.

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      Lost weight since I don't snack as much when working from home

      I have only heard the opposite.

      • Yeah, I've only heard 1 other case that's like mine hahaha

    • Recovered my lost of sleep as I can wake up 10 seconds before starting to work.

      This can create mental health problems

      • How so?

        • +1

          Harder to mentally distinguish work and home activities when there’s only 10 seconds between them

          • @modsec802: Yup…home should be a sanctuary. If you can legitimately detach from work and the work space at your home then great. But I think a lot won't even realise how it is affecting them. Especially if they don't have dedicated home offices set up that are just for work.

    • Back, shoulder and neck pain.

      Very common for people working from home as there’s less focus on ergonomics and breaks/stretching

    • Recovered my lost of sleep as I can wake up 10 seconds before starting to work.

      Really? Takes at least 30 minutes for me to "boot up". 😂

  • +14

    Not having to attend social events and family gatherings

    • I'm loving this also

  • +1


    Spending more time with the kids
    10 second commute to work and no public transport
    I get more than 6 hours sleep at night now
    Not having to socialise or talk to most work colleagues
    Saving money on public transport
    Don't need to hide the fact I spend most of my working day on OzBargain


    Spending more time with the wife
    10 second commute to work and no public transport, no time for Netflix
    Eating more junk food

  • -ve

    Overseas holiday trip cancelled


    Oh look, overseas holiday trip money

  • +3

    I have found the last 6 months quite difficult and have been seeing a psychologist each month to help.

    All the things that I have enjoyed prior to Covid19 have been suspended or reduced significantly.

    We do not have children so we spend a lot of our time socialising, travelling (internationally), eating out, spending time in cocktail or wine bars, we go to nightclubs and music festivals (even at our age). Many of these things stopped in the early periods, and whilst they are gradually returning now, it just isn't the same. Discretionary international travel is off limits and we don't know where I can go jump up and down inside a nightclub, or go to an underground rave. Missed out on two music festivals (Tomorrowland and Untold) last month because it got cancelled due to the Covid.

    I love going into the office where work is work, and when I leave it stays there. WFH means I am bringing work into my home, into my personal space and there is no separation. Plus I am more into fun and need an office structure, WFH does not give me that structure and hence I am less efficient.

    Not seeing my family often can be a negative but I know they want to minimise contact as well.

    We have been going out a lot and having a good time, dining out often, drinking cocktails, champagne at a rooftop bar - people, including close friends, have said to us that we are 'selfish' or 'reckless'. We believe in the virus 100% and know the risks well but we choose to continue living 'our best life' forward. We practice whatever social distancing is necessary and more, we check in at all places and wash hands etc. Back to being selfish, I do agree, we all live our life based on our own choices and hence by that definition, is selfish.

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      Living life to the fullest isn’t selfish. People that say that are envious because of their dreary life.

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    It's weird people keep mentioning saving money as a pro, I'm finding I spend more money now. I get bored or have down days so just order some random crap, or exercise tools etc.

    I walked to work before and made my own lunches so not saving anything there.

  • Get to play games while wfh

  • I actually have a lot of positives.. The only negative is boredom sitting at home and the lack of a social life now.

  • +ve
    saving a lot more money
    commute has gone from 3.5 hours to nothing
    enjoying listening to music at home
    have improved my cooking skills

    lost weight due to not snacking and not eating out
    no community sport
    way more screen time

  • +1

    I've lost 4.5kg and I've taken up meditation and lego

  • Been quite positive for me, purged people I cant stand and make time for those I care about, ie more quality socialising. Work is great, far less wasted time commuting. Saving money, BBQ and beer for lunch.

    Negs, lost my side gig consulting, I feel really bad for small businesses impacted.

  • I kinda miss not having new movies to watch this year. Feels weird.

  • +3

    What's with everyone saving money while sitting at home?

    I have spent so much more now that I can shop anywhere, anytime :( pls send halp

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