Google Pixel 4a - Worth Buying?

Hi guys, eyeing out the pixel 4a to buy.

Also tossing up the Oneplus Nord, and iPhone SE (2).

Your thoughts?

EDIT: Android Authority did a shoot out between all 3

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    Google Pixel 4a
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    iPhone SE 2
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    OnePlus Nord


  • What do you currently have?

    • had a s9+ but it was destroyed so I'm using a iPhone 7+ :(

      anything would be better at the moment.

  • +1

    What do you usually use your phone for? Which features are important to you?
    Camera quality is most important to me so i"m personally leaning towards the Pixel 4a

    • a little bit of everything to be honest.. camera for sure, usability aswell.

  • No doubt

  • I want a pixel 4a but water resistance is the only thing holding me back, apparently pixel 4 has bad battery life so I wonder if waiting for the pixel 5 or 4a 5g is worth it?

    Otherwise, what are the best android phone around the max $700 range?

    • Is water resistance a big issue for you?

      • Yes I'm often out and about when it's raining and use my phone at the same time.

        • +5

          I've never had an issue with the (non-waterproof) pixel 1 in the rain. Waterproofing is probably only needed if you drop it in a puddle.

    • You'd be surprised at how well it performs in a water test. It's just not rated for official Ingress Protection, but it still has features to mitigate water ingress

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    I'm currently rocking a samsung s7 edge. Also considering the 4a. everything I read is encouraging. Planning to wait until we know about the 4a5G in October but after that I will likely purchase one.

    • Same Same, just with S7 (non edge). Will pick up one of these new Pixels, I'll just wait to see the the 4a5G and 5 look like in about a month.

    • Same here. Still rocking an S7 Edge that has served me well but which has developed the purple line earlier this year.

      I have been considering either the Pixel 4a, Galaxy Note 10 Lite or a refurb S10. The $500-$700 market is too damn saturated to make it an easy choice.

      • My only hesitation with the 4a is the battery life. Reviews are looking promising though. Still waiting for the 5 launch before I decide

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    I dont think OnePlus Nord is coming to Australia officially. Buying grey import may be risky for some people especially when it comes with no warranty. I am using a pixel 2 XL now and am quite keen on the pixel 4a. but I may wait out to see what the Pixel 5 offers. It's going to use a 765G SOC which will be cheaper than previous years.

  • Currently got a Pixel 3, anyone know if it'll be an upgrade if I move to the 4a?

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      No, it won't be.
      The chip in the 3 would still be faster and you have additional features left out of the 4a.

      • Awesome, will keep eyeing the Pixel 4 then. Thanks for the response!

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    I would definitely go with 4a.there are lot of comparison on these 3 phones on YouTube for reference. I don't know why The good guys doesn't have them for pre-order. Had 10% off coupon and wanted to order it.

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    After the recent 11 update from oneplus they have moved from stock Android. It has extra cameras but they are not worth it. Comparing to iPhone, pixel has bigger and amoled screen. It is also cheaper at 128gb memory.

  • SE2 is basically the same as 8 however with slightly improved internals ie A13 chip. Battery life kinda sucks in comparison to today's mid rangers. If 5G matters to you, wait for the Pixel 4A 5G, 2 differences 1 it has a 765G instead of a 730 and obviously 5g. Has an official RRP of $799 on Google AU Store

  • My daughter has a Pixel4. She loves it but says the battery life is crap. Her original Google Phone would last 2-3 days, the 4 doesn't get a day.

  • No SD slot is a deal breaker for me in a phone.

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      my current phone has 32GB half of which is used by the OS. I have not botherd putting an SD card in it. I have 100ish apps and i pre-download plex tv shows and spotify music.

      I backup photos to google photos and delete whenever the phone gets full. what are you struggling with?

      • Using a third party device such as a GoPro I can take the SD card put it in my phone and upload to storage in 5mins. I'd also rather use a large SD card for photo and video storage cos it's easier than transferring to cloud then back down again to PC.

        • That use case seems rather unique but I understand. You are not needing extra storage but the transfer options that having one provides.

          I assume you are either travelling/out and about without a laptop or wanting to upload while not at home on wifi? I wouldn't have the data to allow uploading on mobile connections so if I was already home I'd go straight to the PC.

          I tried an SD card for photos years ago but I found they would often get corrupted, even using high quality sandisk cards. after that I didn't want to risk it

          • @SgtBatten: Yeah that's true they can fail or corrupt which is a pain. I guess you just do what works for you. Most people love cloud storage but I'm not the biggest fan.

        • I just use a usb card reader, works very well on a pixel 1. Avoids performance and reliability issues of having an sd card in the phone too.

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