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[VIC] 90-Day Prepaid SIM 60GB (20GB Per 30 Days) $9.90 - New Customers Only @ Kogan Mobile


Kogan mobile offer for Victorians
New customers only

90 day prepaid SIM $9.90
Unlimited calls & SMS

Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/09/2020 14/09/20. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers.

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  • +2

    undercut the flash🤣 , i was about to post this deal too lol.

    • +3

      😂 I was swiping like a mofo

      • Haha , yes it was $99.90 original, so 85% off awesome deal.

  • +6

    Beaten to the post too lol. Well done, great deal :)

    • +22

      Oh my god oh my god oh my god TA complimented me on my deal. I've made it 😊

  • Wish I lived in Victoria so I could get this deal.

    • +12
    • +6

      Well, it is The Place To Be 🙃

    • Could not you have a Vic friend receive or buy it on your behalf then redirect the envelope?

      …. Place to be? Well, it will be again when we kill off this b virus. Bring on the vaccines!

      • What vaccine?

        • I'm not fussy. Just about any vaccine.

    • +4

      Easily got this Deal from outside Vic.
      Removed SIM from cart, so no delivery address necessary. Received voucher.
      Can use voucher to recharge existing account or with a spare Kogan SIM.

      • That is good info, former Bruce. Did not realize you could use these for a recharge

        • +1

          I only found out from comments here & voucher confirmed it.
          Not necessary to remove SIM from order - it is delivered outside Vic.

  • How to determine if you are Victorian? You need to have a Victorian address?

    • +19

      Nah it's more about the vibe man.

    • Yes, they will send you the sim card .

      • +3

        You can use any un-activated kogan sim card, once you have the voucher code via email.

        I believe you can order them for free on the kogan website and they also sell them at 7/11 (?).

        • +3

          I have several unused Kogan cards. Can verify the code is emailed. Only the cards are posted.

    • +1

      I guess the free SIM card can only be send to a VIC address.
      I clicked the “add to cart” botton and two item was added, one is the $10 mobile voucher and the other one is the free sim. I removed the free sim and add a $2 sim instead and used my address(not in VIC) and the order was successfully placed, while my first try with the free sim in cart was not successful.
      And I received the voucher email within minutes. Now I’ll need to wait for the sim. $12 is still a good deal.
      And be sure to use website not APP.
      Hope it helps.

      • +4

        Or if you already have a spare SIM or want to recharge existing account expiring soon, remove the SIM from cart. (I have both.)
        $9.90 Order successfully placed & voucher received. Not in Vic.

  • Great deal OP! Needed a new plan anyways.

  • +1

    How long do you have to move from Kogan to get this deal? My the 3 month Kogan plan expires shortly and was wanting to move to another provider for a month.

    • +4

      30 days

      • 0 days actually, you can just rebuy it lol theres no new customer limit

        • +2

          Sure you can just buy it, but good luck porting your number within 30 days of last being with them.

          • @ozhunter68: Oh I don't port my number I have a dual sim phone. How long does porting numbers take?

            • @DisabledUser179401: Porting number in business hours Mon to Sat can take anything from ten minutes to a few hours usually if all info matches and no system errors. Nine out of ten times within the hour.

              • @ozhunter68: Good to know. I don't think I'll ever grab a single sim phone after this though

                • +3

                  @DisabledUser179401: For 7 years of SIM hopping…
                  (first wrote about this here about 6 years ago.)

                  Very cheap, but won't suit most people's use.

                  I carried 2 cheap phones. One for incoming calls on my long term number & other better one for outgoing calls & internet use.

                  Dual SIM phone has made that easier, but the phone is more expensive.

                  For main long term number (occasional incoming calls):
                  I currently have a free 28 day Amaysim SIM from old Deal. After the 28 days of use, it still receives incoming calls & text for a year.

                  For outgoing calls, txt & data:
                  The other SIM changes every month or so - what ever is cheap with lots of data! Currently 99c Kogan 40GB. Recharging with this voucher.

                  All of my over 19k comments were posted that way.

                  Very rarely port - mainly to keep main number once a year.

  • +2

    But you can forgo the SIM (to a random VIC address if it is enforced) and get the voucher online.

    • Can you please elaborate? I just bought a one month catch connect plan.

      • +6

        If you have bought Kogan Mobile deals before, you must have some spare SIMs ready to use. You do not need more SIMs. Voucher is delivered by email and also found in your Kogan account online.

    • Thanks for the heads up, at least, I'd know why, if more sims suddenly showing up :)

  • Wow, awesome deal. Shame i just signed up for another 90 day Kogan deal a couple of weeks ago.

    • +1

      Sooo,….an extra $1.66 per month, heard of worse disasters. But yeah, as a fellow OzBargainer I feel your pain lol.

      How do you think I felt last month forgetting to activate a XL 40GB sim by one day, then having to activate a Vodafone $50 sim starter pack I had that most likely cost me $25 two years ago, now that is pain.

  • +5

    Voucher says it expires in the 14th of September not the 30th as per the post. Just in the event it concerns anyone.

    • Says 30/9 on the website.

    • +2

      Same got mine and it's for 14th sept

    • +1

      Yeah, same here. I'd use it tomorrow though, so no issue.

  • +2

    It also has this on the voucher email… Contradicts the new customers only bit…
    "If you are already a Kogan Mobile customer, simply login to your account, click recharge, choose your plan type, then enter your voucher. You will not need a new SIM Card."

    • +1

      could be a typo, need somebody verify

    • +1

      That would be great news for some if correct.

  • oh no!!! I bought one literally <24h ago @ $14.90

    • +1

      Same here. Win some. Lose some. 🤷

  • +2

    Kogan is the best!

    • +11

      This is a good deal but let's not got too far…

    • +3

      Kogan Mobile is actually owned an operated by Vodafone (same with Lebara).

      I doubt kogan has any input into pricing decisions.

  • +1

    Oh,short expiry

  • +15

    This is awesome. This works for existing customers. My plan expires at the end of the month and I just put in the voucher code. Total cost $20 for 6 months. Thanks OP.

    • +2

      wow really? it works for existing customers??!! woahh game changer

    • It put the codes back to back? Thought both would have to be activated by 14 Sep - 3 months.

    • +1

      Really? I have one Kogan plan expired and plan to port out in 20 days before it cut off any commnunication.

      Edit: It worked! I think Kogan may adjust the conditions to use voucher at any time. Get it in ASAP.

    • +2

      It works!

    • +2

      Awesome, was just thinking how to port out/in. Save some hassle :)

    • Does it extend the existing plan or reset the 3months from activation?

      • I think reset, but not sure as I used it on an expired plan.

        If it extends the current plan, does it mean we can buy more to extend more times of 90 days?

      • +2

        Resets existing plan. So 3 months effective from today.

        • +1

          I'm a bit confused, as you originally said you got 6 months for $20. Did you apply that to one number or two separate phone numbers?

          • +1

            @bargain_knight: ^^^This^^^

          • +1

            @bargain_knight: Apologies for the confusion. My initial purchase 3 months ago is for the same deal @$9.90. I was stating that since I've been with Kogan over 6 months the total cost for the plan. You cannot stack multiple vouchers. Three months is the maximum period…

    • Did you put 2 vouchers back to back to get 6 months?

      • +1

        No. Cannot stack.

    • +8

      CAUTION: I tried applying 2 codes it resets so the second overrides the first.

      • +4

        More people need to see this…

        Rog1995's comment is gonna make more people lose $9.9

    • Wow really :O gonna try then

      PS: worked on my current account. I am happy although I lost 25 days :D can't bargain too much at this price anyway.

    • +2

      To get best value on existing Kogan Mobile account…
      Add voucher as recharge to existing account when it expires (no later than voucher expiry date 14/9).
      Have Kogan SIM expiring midnight 27/8, so this change is very handy!

    • This is misleading and could lead current customers trying to recharge with a second voucher. Could you please ask the mods to remove your comment here?

  • Sim cards will be dispatched in 3-7 days but my plan ends in 6… Dammit

    • +3

      Are you with Kogan? Just put in the voucher code and you'll get an extra 3 months. If not pretty sure you can buy a sim from 7/11 for $2.

      • +3

        I'm with catch, tried the 7/11 and United stores in my area last month and none of them sell it anymore, both of these options have been removed from their website now aswell. Appreciate the tip though!

    • DM me? Have unused cards S/E Vic.

      • Really appreciate it, but I'm actually in QLD and was more referring to the $14.90 price. This deal prompted me to check the expiry 😅

    • +1

      It's usually closer to 3 days than 7.

      • I ordered a Sim to Coffs Harbour and it took 8 days.

        • Yep sorry, I should have said that I'm in Sydney.

  • +1

    My voucher expires on 14/09/20.

  • can we stack these?

    • +1

      I bit the bullet and tried with my existing plan. It had about 40 days left, I entered the code and now my plan expires in 90 days from today so I've lost my existing 40 days which is weird.

      • +1

        Yes once you recharge you have lost the existing.

        • my fault i should have held off. I guess you win some and you lose some

          • @DisabledUser35827: You are not the only one caught by that. If not for the short activation date I would buy a couple. We usually buy a prepaid or two for extra data on holidays… Wishful thinking seeing as we live in Vic. The sims work in Vodafone modems.

    • +2

      No. The 3 months will start once you enter the voucher code.

  • Anyone know Kogan SIM's available at 7/11/United/other servo?

    • Very few of them.
      There is a list of places that should stock them, but even then I had trouble tracking them down.

    • +1

      I went to a bunch of stores a month ago and none of them sold them anymore. I let Kogan know this via email and chat. Since then, both options have been removed from their site and it just says "order online from kogan.com.au or dicksmith.com.au"

  • +2
    • +4

      Already redeemed the voucher as an existing customer in NSW. A very Kogan deal!

    • +1

      Bought @$9.90 in QLD in this Deal.
      Have a stack of Kogan SIMs, so removed SIM from order. Or can recharge my existing Kogan account when it expires soon.
      Received voucher code.

    • Sweet, I ordered one to my NSW address so we'll see if it turns up :)

      • +1

        Got shipped to NSW notification email.

  • +4

    Its Working for Current Kogan Customers… Just recharge with the Coupon Code from the email.. 90 days extended ..(my plan expired on 15/08)

    • I'm getting an invalid voucher number

      • Did you sort it out?

        • Nah, not too worried though. Just going to port out and back in in just over a month's time.

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