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ORICO Mini Wireless USB Bluetooth Dongle Adapter 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver, A$5.68/US$3.99 Delivered @ GearBest

AEDT Time Item Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code Quantity
2020/08/20 AMAZFIT GTR 42mm Smart Watch Glitter Edition Zirconia from Swarovski 149.99 234.28 AMZGLITTER 100
2020/08/20 Amazfit T-Rex Outdoor Smart Watch 125.99 196.80 AMZT-REX 100
2020/08/20 CORN WB05 Bluetooth Call Smart Watch 90 Days Standby 1.2 inch 390 x 390 AMOLED Full Touch Screen 8 Sports Modes IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch - Black 39.99 62.46 CORNWB05 100
2020/08/20 QCY T1C True Wireless Smart Earbud Bluetooth 5.0 Headphone Hi-Fi Headset Earphones - Black 13.99 21.85 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 NITECORE TIP SE Dual-core Metal Keychain Lamp LED Light 700lm 19.95 31.16 GB$NTIPSE 100
2020/08/20 LC01 E27 LED Smart Bulb Colorful Version RGB IPL + Warm White Light 800lm 100-240V from Xiaomi Youpin 10.99 17.17 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Xiaomi Vertical Air-cooled Wireless Charger 55W - Black 45.99 71.84 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Xiaomi CC07ZM Car Charger Fast Charging Version 1A1C 100W - Black 21.99 34.35 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 DDPai MINI3 Car DVR Dash Cam WiFi 1600P HD EMMC 32GB - Black 71.99 112.45 GBQP4710352 100
2020/08/20 Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector 19.99 31.22 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Excelvan YG200 projector 18.99 29.66 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Alfawise HDP300 DLP 1080P 200 Inch Mirroring Screen Smart Projector With 7000mAh Battery 269.99 421.72 HP300GB321 100
2020/08/20 Alfawise Q9 BD1080P 40-300 inch Mirroring Screen 4K Smart Projector with High Brightness 149.99 234.28 GBALQ902 100
GST Free Product
2020/08/20 ORICO Mini Wireless USB Bluetooth Dongle Adapter 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Transmitter aptx for PC Speaker Mouse Laptop 3.99 5.67 flash sale 1000
2020/08/20 Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver Kit 24 in 1 Single Wheel Torque Control Type-C Rechargeable Magnetic Aluminum Case Box 27.99 39.75 X52500CB9B227001 100
2020/08/20 DOOGEE N20 Mobilephone Fingerprint 6.3inch FHD+ Display 16MP Triple Back Camera 64GB 4GB MT6763 Octa Core 4350mAh Cellphone LTE - Purple N20 4GB 64GB China 115.99 164.71 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Smart Watch Men ECG PPG Heart Rate Blood Pressure IP68 Waterproof Multiple Sports Smartwatch - Black leather with Original Box 45.99 65.31 P4D94D9C4A227001 100
2020/08/20 Blackview A60 3G Smartphone 6.1 inch Android Cellphone 4080mAh Battery 1GB 16GB ROM Mobile Phone 13MP+5MP Dual SIM - Red Standard 69.99 99.39 L4F68C97305EB001 100
2020/08/20 Blackview A80 Pro 6.49 inch Smartphone 4GB 64GB Octa Core Android 9.0 4G LTE Mobile Phone Quad Rear Cameras Global Version 4680mAh - Gradient Blue Original Standard 108.99 154.77 flash sale 100
2020/08/20 Xiaomi MITU Mi Robot Builder Rover DIY 1086 Pieces Track chassis High-precision Parts Smart Controls Endless Design - White 115.99 164.71 flash sale 100

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  • +2

    Purchased the USB dongle in the main link. Excellent value if it works.

  • my current bluetooth adapter, doesn't work well with audio as it keeps stuttering. Will bluetooth 5.0 fix that?

    • on paper yes. lol

      • +27

        Ohhh. So I need to also add paper to the Shopping Cart? This is suddenly getting more expensive.

    • +1

      Depends on the device you send it to. Quality and bit rates differ.

      • currently on every device it stutters like crazy so I haven't been able to use it. Thought it was like interference with 2.4ghz wifi but turned it off and still had the same problem. Will give this adapter a try

    • Also worth checking what codecs it's running

    • +2

      Will bluetooth 5.0 fix that?

      No it won't, as you won't be using Bluetooth 5.0. Having a Bluetooth 5.0 compatible dongle won't mean your device is now using 5.0, you will still be communicating on whatever version of bluetooth your device uses.

      Unless your current adapter is dodgy this probably won't fix it. But if it does fix it, it's not because of bluetooth 5.

      • ok thanks ill have a look! just bought it so might have to cancel my order if possible

        • Try pair your device to your phone and check to see if you are still having the same audio problems. That way you can rule out the device as being the issue.

  • Bought one, Lets c how's the expereince,

  • thank you, purchased 1 also what did you guys pay after conversion? mine was $5.52

    • mine one 5.68

    • $5.79

    • Paypal wanted $5.79 with their high 4% commission. Used my bank and only paid $5.52

  • +2

    The Alfawise HDP300 projector has a native resolution 854 x 480, as opposed to the suggested 1080P in the title and subtitle on the product page on Gearbest. OP, you may want to correct this.

  • Does the orico bluetooth adapter support hid proxy mode?

  • +1

    OP, there is no option to select the shipping insurance - I had an experience when my item didn't arrive and your support team tried to make my refund request difficult due to not selecting the shipping insurance option.

    I don't want to have similar conversation, can you assure us that our order will be sent and fulfilled due to the shipping insurance option disabled?

  • +10

    FYI, need to order the Black Bluetooth module to get 5.0/aptX.

    Side note, ordering via mobile was one of the most painful purchasing experiences I've had. Won't be ordering here again.

    • +2

      God, lucky I came and checked the comments. Had to cancel my order and reorder the black.

      • Same, it a bit dodgy from the seller.
        I am trying to cancel, but I can not order a different at the bargain price until they accept to refund.
        I know I can just create a new account, but just to say it.

        • I ordered the black one at the same bargain price before canceling the white one.

          • +1

            @kampret: It seems they just updated the price. When I choose the black one, the price update to $9.

            • @JeremRrss: it is OOS too

              • @bdl: Just noticed it -_-

                • @JeremRrss: I suspect the BT5 sale pricing was an error, looks like white and black BT4 are the ones on promotion:


                  • +1

                    @bdl: $6 from Aliexpress if you wait until the 24/8


                  • @bdl: Is the difference between BT4 & 5 groundbreaking or just general speed/updates?

                    • @Skinnerr: General speed updates… plus your other device has to support BT5. If you're just using it for headphones/mice/keyboards, save yourself the money and go BT4.

                      • @bdl: My phone has BT 5 but I'm trying to source a BT adapter (now the google audio is gone) for my audioengine A5+ which only has analogue connections and one usb port.

                        Although the cable plus quad DAC on the LG v30 does go nicely so I'm not in any hurry.

                        • @Skinnerr: Buy something without a battery to balloon over time left on charge. Avantree make some good ones.

                          • @DisabledUser58534: Can you clarify 'something without a battery', not sure what you mean.

                            • @Skinnerr: Most non-USB adapters sold and certainly those featured in OzBargain deals (this Logitech is an exception), have an internal lithium battery. Handy if you need actually need that, not a great idea otherwise if kept permanently connected to a power supply.

                              Lithium batteries degrade and to varying degrees off-gas internally when maintained at maximum voltage. Just like the old Pantene ad, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen - in months or couple of years if you are lucky for significant ballooning of the battery to take place. Lithium pouch-cell packs designed really tough, but any closer to venting is very bad thing and something to keep in mind.

              • @bdl: back in stock now

      • Just saw these comments, cancelling mine.

    • Thanks for the heads up.

      Will these work for connecting my XB controller to pc too?

      • Pertinent question.

  • In the past these dongles required to install their software/driver in order to work, I hope this version just plug n play!

  • that Xiaomi wireless charger looks sleeeeeeeek

    • It does but damn still $45 guess its out of my price range for wireless charging lol.

  • +3

    I'll be back in 3 months to hear the feedback on this device!

    • +5

      I didn't know they had an express delivery option

  • +2

    i think… the bluetooth adapter is only bt4.0 if u scroll down it says there are 2 types and the one listed in the image as the 5.0 variant is $10

    • Refunded mine, not going to be clowned like this.

      • Same. Not going to risk it.

      • that's quick

        so price error for bt5 ?

        • not even price error. its just a gimmick

    • +2

      Yep - dodge. Black one only seems to BT5.0 …. and $12.91

  • Regardless of the pros and cons, plug in at will to charge

    Dont worry about of its good or bad, just plug in and figure out the rest later.

  • dongle is aptX only? :( Bummer

    • AptX-enabled adapters still have the regular BT codec munching onboard. You can read more than you probably want to read on the subject, here.

      AptX Adaptive is overall great rad munch-crunch, though devices with that codec remain thin on the ground.

      • What do you mean "regular BT codec munching onboard" ? SBC?

        I've been scowering to find either aptX adaptive or aptX LL with LDAC (or aptX LL w/ aptX HD). Fingers crossed LHDC / LLAC become the standard, fast. LLAC LHDC

        Good read on some devices transmitters here

        • Just some colourful language. SBC/A2DP peas-in-pod in every device seen for several years.

          I have various adapters and aptX-enabled devices, although only one pair of headphones with low-latency.

          Absent doing a proper search, the only aptX adaptive device I'm aware of is one of the newer LG phones and won't be buying just for that reason, especially if not much gear of any great interest to pair it with!

  • Why does the qcy earphones have a shipping cost with it? :(

  • Confusing pictures and details, also not all these have aptx yet they have aptx in title.

  • Since I got eager for a bluetooth dongle and it turns out the white one is $5 which is only bluetooth 4 and no aptx.

    Anyone got a recommendation for one at a better price than $12.91?

  • Thanks Op! Got the black one for the deal price. Hope I can use it with my projector to connect it to Bluetooth speakers.

    • how?

      • I assume the how is for the projector.
        I will try to connect it to the USB and hope (and pray) that my projector can transmit sound over Bluetooth somehow (magically?)
        Else it’s $6 wasted.

  • got white one, realized its bt 4.0

    requested for refund, or is it instant?

  • $2.50 BT5 no brand delivered @ AliExpress

    (for comparison)

  • @gearbest ,
    I had the Nitecore TIP SE in my shopping cart,
    but the price has changed now.

    Any other deals for that?
    I was going to buy that.

    • actually, i think it's my mistake.
      - the coupon cannot be applied during Paypal
      - the shipping cost + shipping guarantee + GST = price increase so much, i thought the coupon was not working !

      ( why is there a 'forced' shipping guarantee ? hmph )

      • why is there a 'forced' shipping guarantee ? hmph

        I deselected mine, no problem. Also it's common with these Chinese sites that you apply coupons in their checkout page. Shpping + gst only came in at $4, which is reasonable.

        • I ended up buying the NITECORE TIP SE, but my shipping + GST were much more than yours.
          There was shipping + shipping insurance + GST
          ( So, AU$ 4.39 + 5.43 + 6.66 = 16.53 ! )

          What did you get, that was only $4 ?

          • @whyisave: The nitecore tip se, only. $2~gst, $2 shipping. Did you order other stuff with the torch? That could be a factor. Or you're possibly doing something else incorrect. $5 gst is too high…

  • why is Gearbest charging GST on the Shipping & Shipping Guarantee amounts as well?

    Item Sub-total - AU$ 40
    Shipping Cost - AU$ 5
    Shipping Guarantee - AU$ 5
    Total - AU$ 50

    GST = AU$ 5 ( 10% x Total )

    Shouldn't the GST be AU$ 4 ?
    ( and the shipping costs = AU$ 10 )


  • Will this allow me to connect to both of my Echo Dots at the same time without any bluetooth lag issues?

    • Depends how flexible you are with your 'no lag issues' requirement.

      • I am quite strict with this requirement, the echo dots muct be in sync and cannot sound choppy 100% of the time.

        • you need Bluetooth with the "AptX " feature.

          • @whyisave: I'm quite sure that Echo Dot does not support AptX (my phone says aptx is not available on echo dot)

  • did anyone receive their refunds yet?

    mine said the refund is done, but i haven't received the money back into my bank yet

  • Is the price on the website including GST or do I have to pay it on top of it in the future?

  • Black BT5 dongle is back in stock

  • Did anyone not receive their dongle?
    I placed an order when this deal came out. They were quick to take my money, but I have yet to receive any confirmation or delivery.
    It's been 2 weeks already.

    • Tracking shows that mine's still bouncing around in china waiting for an outbound flight

      • I didn't even get any email confirmation, so unfortunately, I can't track an imaginable package.

        • Still waiting (shipped 22nd August), I tried calling TNT International Express, they confirmed that the shipping code followed their standards but had no record of my shipment….
          Think this may be a PayPal refund job :(

          • @superpoo2: Finally arrived (23/09/2020)
            As per below post from @andresampras, highly recommend updating drivers for improved device compatibility.

  • +2

    Just received mine. It's black, and the packaging says Bluetooth 5.0

    Checked version in Windows…according to this site, it's BT 5.1:

    HOWEVER I can't get either of my BT earphones to connect…the computer can't detect anything attempting to pair.


    Edit: worked after installing drivers for BTA-508:

    • God that driver is a slow download… I'll let you know if it works for me also. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the heads up on the driver download, was initially bummed with the adaptor as I was having problems paring a PS4 controller with my PC.

      All working now.

  • Received my white bluetooth USB adaptor, checked comments just now to discover it's Bluetooth 4.0 :(
    It seems to work fine with my bluetooth earphones.

    Is it worth it to buy the Black Bluetooth USB adaptor to have Bluetooth 5.0 instead, once it's restocked?

    • If it works fine, why worry? BT5 won't give you better quality music unless range is an issue

      • Yeah you raise a good point.
        I'm hoping BT5 may help my BT earphones' battery to last longer while in use, or to have reduced latency when watching videos,
        if that's something BT5 can improve

      • Received the BT 5.0 adaptor but it won't detect or connect to other BT devices in Win 10? Anyone else?

  • edit: whoops