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ViewSonic VX3258-2KPC-MHD 32in 144Hz WQHD FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor $481.50 (Was $535) + Free Delivery @ Wireless1


This monitor has been cheaper before but this is the best price since the beginning of Covid. Don't forget 3% cashback via Shopback etc

Viewsonic VX3258-2KPC-MHD 32" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync VA Curved Gaming Monitor
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) 16:9
144Hz Refresh Rate
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
1ms MPRT Response Time (GtG)
Curvature: 1800R
Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x Display Port, 1x 3.5mm Audio Out
Blue Light Filter
3 Years Limited Warranty

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +2 votes

    Would anyone happen to know if this would work over a display dock connected to a laptop?

  • Personally I feel 32’ too big a screen for office work.

  • I loved the first one i got last year that i ended up buying two more - ( Paid $399, $434 and $499 )
    These monitors have the best colors I've ever seen in my life and the black levels are great. May have something to do with 10 bit colour. ( 8-Bit + FRC = 10bit )
    ALL VA Panels suck for FPS gaming though and i don't care what people say….I've never seen a single VA panel that doesn't have a little bit of ghosting in FPS games.. even though they state 1ms.. I have a TN 144Hz Acer monitor and its REAL 1ms with ZERO ghosting. side by side its night and day.

    For RTS games this is fine.. i only play League of Legends and Guildwars2 and planing to play the hell out of Homeworld 3 when it comes out so all good with VA here

  • How is this compare to the recent Xiaomi 34" ?

  • Is this any good for multi tasking? Ideally I would prefer 2 monitors but don't have enough desk space.

    • Maybe consider an ultrawide? Could also have a second monitor in portrait mode if your desk space is limited. Stacking the second one on top of your main one is also an option.

      • I would go an ultra wide too.

        I've got this monitor but it's just too 'large' for me.

        I wish I went the ultra wide route

    • 2x24 for $300 or 2x27 for 800

  • This may be the better option for those wanting a 32” monitor for productivity rather than gaming. No curve, no high refresh rate, IPS.


    • I was looking at that IPS monitor too but decided to get this one because of curve, better refresh rate and very good reviews. I think it is worth the extra $100 but ymmv

    • Looks pretty good for the price, thanks.

      Do you have one?

      What is the bad pixel policy like on it?

      Edit: Looked it up, warranty isn't that great on VX monitors, you can have up to about 5 bad pixels before they recognise a problem..

      • the 3 monitors i have alll had zero dead pixels and zero backlight bleed or backlioght glow… all varying manufacturing dates

    • I have 2 of these at work. Excellent monitors, nothing else comes close for the size and price.

    • Not at all. That's FHD vs this one is WQHD. Apples to oranges comparison

    • this is full hd

    • 1920x1080 on a 32" … yuck… the text looks shocking 1920x1080 27" is fine but 32" no WAY!

      • I'm using 27" WQHD and afraid if things still look ok for 32" with same resolution …

        • its better… you don't have to squint as much for small text :)

          27" WQHD is too small

          • @vid_ghost: I'd say it really goes to personal preference. I have 1920x1200 24", 2560x1440 27" and 3840x2160 32" side by side, and i find the 27" to be decent and very comfortable pixel pitch wise, but the 4k 32" to be the best overall compromise in regards to real estate and screen size, and at 100% scaling still very usable. I have used 2560x1440 32"s a fair bit, and whilst still decent, everything is a fair bit bigger than i would typically like it to be.

        • @tindoung I agree, 27" is a sweet spot for 2K monitors for work purposes, Crisp text and sharp graphics. For 32" I would prefer a 4K. It all about personal preference. With 2K / WQHD resolution and for work purposes, I would prefer something like this one with an IPS panel.

  • No VESA support Btw for anyone wanting to mount this. Otherwise excellent deal

  • Is Samsung C32JG54QQE better?

    • Was trying to get C32JG54QQE myself through Samsung EPP (which would work out much cheaper with $50 code) but it hasn't been available for a while. Contacted Samsung Aus this week. They checked in their system and they don't know when it'll be available again. The rep I spoke to said that it is not in their shipping system at the moment so I assume that it is not coming in any near future Shipments. Not sure which one between this Viewsonic and C32JG54QQE is better but at least the Viewsonic is available with free shipment :)

    • I think Samsung has a GTG of 4ms compared to 1ms on this so the Viewsonic is better in that sense, otw they're pretty similar and the Samsung was much cheaper than this when it was available recently

      Also I don't know why this is a deal since it's normal price is $499 shipped

      • This is a deal because it is less than $499 delivered during this Covid time! Please let the community know if you find a better price with stock available.

        • a bargain is something that is a fair bit cheaper than what it usually is. if a store rep were to post this as a deal with less 3% discount from normal price, they would be annihilated by the community. Feel free to check the comments in Amazon store rep post.

    • Spec wise.. the Samsung is not better and is only 8bit with less RGB rage % even when compared only using the 8bit vs 8bit mode .. lots of reviews online complain about washed out colours and very greyed out dull images with little colour..
      Most likely a glitch with the monitor but i didnt want to take the risk… also less reliable from the amount of defective refurbished units.

      • Thanks for the details, now I feel a lot better that I got this monitor instead of the Samsung one

  • Picked one up for $469 from Scorptec just the other week, super happy with it! Great colors!

    • Great price! Would you mind me asking when was it?

      • I preordered it (they had to wait for stock to come in) on Aug 9th, & got it on the Aug 14th.

        Edit: actually, my mistake, i got the 27inch. 32 in far to big for gaming for me

        • Thanks for that, I haven't seen the 32" anything under $499 in a long time. I think the 27 inch is IPS as well so pretty decent for gaming

          • @John K: I'm using 27" WQHD and quite happy (only playing DotA 2 and mirroring Macbook Pro). Looking for an upgrade however all of those look overkill ops …

  • I prefer a UW but for this price it's tempting …however the lack of vesa for proper ergonomics and work use worries me. just looked on YouTube and the screen sits too low over the desk…return may also be a hassle if stuck pixels are found…

  • Received the monitor yesterday. Calibrated it the best I could following Windows Calibration. Great value multipupose monitor with amazing colors…….