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[PC, XBOX] Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - up to 36 Months for ~A$102.50 (A$2.85/Month) - Brazilian VPN Required


Sorry if this is a repost but with the release of the new Flight Simulator I thought I'd post it for those that don't know.
Note: This only works if you don’t currently have any active subscriptions and haven’t already used the $1 upgrade/trial on your account yet.
Edit: Thanks to ShortyX, It seems like you may be able to do the $1 conversion more than once provided that it has already expired.
Edit 2: It seems like if you've already done the $1 conversion/trial, it will cost you $15.95 to do the conversion the second time.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Create Xbox AU account here: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU (or use existing).
  2. Get 12 month Xbox Live subscriptions here for $34: https://www.g2a.com/en-au/xbox-live-gold-subscription-card-1...
    I purchased from the "Floatingclouds" seller. BACK IN STOCK
  3. Get a Brazillian VPN. If the one you have doesn't work in Step 5 (my paid SurfShark one gave me errors when redeeming), try this free Chrome Extension (G2A seller recommended this one and it worked): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/free-vpn/jcbiifklm...
  4. Connect to Brazil VPN and go to https://redeem.microsoft.com/. Login to your Microsoft/Xbox account if not already. (I opted to login to my Microsoft account with a one-time code sent to my email rather than using my password as a precaution while using a sketchy VPN/extension.)
  5. Repeat redemption for all of the codes. I had to try a couple times for each one as the VPN is free and slow, I think it times out. Note: Make sure you don’t opt-in to automatic renewal for the 1 bonus month. This will prevent you from redeeming the 3rd 12 month pass.
  6. Once you have redeemed as many as you want (max of 3 for 36 months), you can then opt to “upgrade” to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. I did this in the Microsoft account/subscriptions page, but I think you can also do it here: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade. Note: Don't use the VPN for this part.

Hopefully that's clear enough. Not sure how much longer this offer is going to be around for so I'd probably jump on it if interested. If I've missed any steps or there are better VPN's/key prices let me know and I'll update the post. Cheers!

If the keys are out of stock, here's a list of some other sites I was considering before I purchased (not quite as cheap):
https://www.electronicfirst.com/12-month-xbox-live-gold-memb... (Warning: some users reporting ID verification required)
https://www.gamivo.com/product/xbox-live-gold-12-month-brazi... (Warning: some users reporting ID verification required)
Note: Buy at your own risk, I cannot speak for the legitimacy of these sellers

Edit: Floatingclouds on G2A is back in stock here (scroll down, top of the list): https://www.g2a.com/xbox-live-gold-subscription-card-12-mont...

Note/Comparison: Australian Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has RRP of $574.20 for 36 months ($15.95/Month)

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  • "Note: This only works if you don’t currently have any active subscriptions and haven’t already used the $1 upgrade/trial on your account yet."

    I redeemed a 1 month free trial with my XboneX but it's finished… is there any way to check if I'm still eligible for this?

    • I'd say probably not unfortunately as I think it'sthe same offer? You'd probably have to make a new/second account but I'm not entirely sure to be honest.

      • Incorrect. You can use the $1 conversion more than once as long as you don’t have a current subscription - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/529173

        • Thanks. Added to the post

        • +5

          Nope. You're wrong. At least for me, if I go to my subscriptions it shows the lapsed subscription. I hit renew and it shows up as $1. I hit buy now and it changes to $15.95. It makes sense that they don't want you to get an introductory offer multiple times.

          • @syousef: OK good to know. Added to the post. Does the conversion still work though?

            • @elli0t: Yes still works. $15.95 One off and converts the remainder of your live gold to ultimate.

              • @Hoju: Thanks for confirming. Updated the post

          • @syousef: The thing is, I just went back to my transaction history and I can see two $1 Game Pass Ultimate in my transaction history. One of them from July 2019, the other one May 2020.

            On both occasions, I had other products to convert, GamePass Console and GamePass PC. The only difference is that the first one also had XBox Live Gold (so all 3 types converted). My GamePass Ultimate is still active from May (due to converting GamePass PC - from AMD offering and GamePass Console (from reward voucher)) so I cannot try now.

            One more thing, not sure if that made any difference. After the first conversion, I was initially concerned that I cannot revert back to GamePass standard (without ultimate). To my surprise, I was able to. However, does that mean I essentially had my account dropped back to GamePass PC or Console, which re-enabled the ability to re-convert back up? I still saved a few GamePass Console vouchers unused because I really only use GamePass when there is a new first party exclusive OR $1 deals being offered.

          • @syousef:

            Nope. You're wrong.

            No I’m not… I’ve done it before.

            At least for me…

            I think you’re doing it wrong.

            I only paid $1 for the conversion for a second time. If you’ve had an expired Ultimate subscription, don’t renew it. Subscribe to Live first via code redemption, then just pay $1 here to convert it to Ultimate - https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/live/gold/upgrade

            • +2

              @ShortyX: You may have gotten lucky as there's multiple people here having the same issue.

              • +1

                @elli0t: Fair enough. 👍🏻 It may have changed.

                Apologies syousef.

              • @elli0t: I was able to do it twice. On both occasions, I used multiple vouchers just right before the conversion.

                However, after the first conversion and after my Ultimate subscription ran out, I had AMD GamePass PC voucher code for 3 months. I did save that till the next $1 Ultimate. I applied the code first. Perhaps because Microsoft had to honour it for 3 months, it altered my account out of elapsed GP Ultimate to active GamePass PC state. Then, I threw in one GamePass Console voucher and purchased $1 Ultimate, resulted in all those months being converted at 1:1 ratio + $1 Ultimate for the second time.

                It appears ShortyX did essentially a convert back down to XBox Live Gold from GP Ultimate before doing the second $1 GP Ultimate.

                Problem is, if that were the case, with Microsoft shutting down XBox Live Gold vouchers, not sure about GamePass Console and GamePass PC, it will shut down the ability to revert back to the other subscriptions and re-convert back to Ultimate.

                • @netsurfer:

                  It appears ShortyX did essentially a convert back down to XBox Live Gold from GP Ultimate before doing the second $1 GP Ultimate.

                  I had Microsoft support forcefully cancel my GPU subscription (after a $1 conversion was previously applied to Live about 9 months prior). It was cancelled on the same day as it expired as I wanted to do the $1 conversion again on that day (impatient I guess).

                  Perhaps there is a difference between letting the GPU expire naturally and having Microsoft cancel it before trying the GPU conversion again.

                  I also only bought 2 years of Live (to get 27 months of GPU after conversion) but not sure if that would affect it the $1 vs $15.95 charge.

    • Seems like you might be able to according to ShortyX.

  • how much do we pay? i dont get it.

    • $102.5 for 36 months

      • (36 Months @ $15.95)

        what is this?

        • +2

          that's the standard price on Microsoft/Xbox store

          • +2

            @elli0t: Yeah that bit doesn't make sense. Otherwise good deal but I'll stick with $5 a month for PC.

            • @Where's_That_Cake: If you cancel your sub before the end of the billing cycle you can join again for $1 and keep doing it

              • @piston3461: Sweet, sounds good.

              • +3

                @piston3461: Except they are discontinuing the 12m live subs by end of this year
                NA/AU/EU have already been discontinued, 6m is the only option and this will be the case worldwide by end of year
                Rumor is Multiplayer going to be free with launch of new console and games pass will be only option for games access with Live being retired.

                • +1

                  @jimbobaus: You reckon multiplayer will be free? Or everyone gets upsold to game pass and justify the cost with the benefits like people do with ps plus?

                  • +1

                    @MaxDong69: the so called "experts" are calling it
                    They reckon Multiplayer will be free based on leaks from Microsoft.
                    To set them apart (yet again) from Sony.
                    Games pass is very successful for them and they see this service as the way forward when you factor in xCloud… consoles themselves are a dying product and MS is adapting to prepare for that.

                    • @jimbobaus: "experts" lol. That's fair. But seeing as subscription services are becoming Microsoft's bread and butter I'd be really surprised if they took a step backward and didn't charge for multiplayer. They would make next to nothing selling a console and halo infinite with free multiplayer when they could be charging monthly for the next 10 years of content updates

                      Also, definitely seems like Microsoft is preparing for the death of consoles as you said. Seems like they're hedging their bets with the xbox series X hardware doubling as xCloud servers. Pretty smart

                • @jimbobaus: In talking about pc game pass . It’s usually $5 a month but if you cancel your sub and let it expire when you rejoin you get the $1 a month offer again

              • @piston3461: Ta, this might be the key. Forcefully cancelling allows you to do the $1 conversion again without paying $15.95.

            • @Where's_That_Cake: Fair enough! You get a lot more benefit if you have an Xbox due to the Live subscription for online play. This works out to be $2.85pm for Ultimate though

  • +1

    Good description - thanks OP.

  • I have 6 months AU gold subscriptions left, can I stack these on it?

    • +1

      I think it might work but can't say I've tried it. Maybe just buy 1 key first and try to redeem it? If it doesn't work out you could probably sell it on here

    • Me too. How did it go? Does it work for you?

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Just tried and it works for me! Next payment is on 22/8/2023 :)

    For people who don't know how it works:

    Firstly we redeem the discount Brazil xbox live gold membership giftcard to increase the membership to 36 months (which is the maximum amount allowed to convert to xbox game pass ultimate). Brazil vpn is required on redeeming the giftcard. It will deposit to your AU xbox live gold account without any issue.

    Then the last step (6) is to upgrade to xbox game pass ultimate for $1 for your AU xbox live gold account (hence no VPN is required).
    Once it is done, you will see your next payment is going to be 3 years from today (AU $15.95 per month).

    So I think the total cost is AUD $33.82 x 3 + $1 = $102.46 for three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate of RRP AUD $574.20 !!!!

    Thanks again :D

    • +1

      just to make sure: and you dont need to enter a brazilian residential address or anything? The Argentine proxy i use for buying games, when i set that up years ago and pay via gift cards, pretty sure had to enter an address on file etc.

      • No it didn't. On the redeem website, it mentions clearly the code will be applied to my AU account :)

    • Yeah, but that’s RRP. The real price on AUD, I’d say would be somewhere around $300 with the normal promo here. Still very substantial saving, just as not dramatic

    • If i purchased say 3 years of Australian xbox live gold would i be able to do the 1$ conversion? Or does it have to be Brazilian?

      • Doesn't matter, can be Australian. At the time Brazilian was the cheapest.

  • I have ultimate (upgraded for $1 a while back) until sept 2021….whats the best method to extend this out? Wait until jb hifi special on gift cards?

    • You can just use this and it converts 12months gold to 4mths ultimate. Means you end up getting Ultimate additional months for about half price.

  • +4

    legend, mine expires today too haha

    • +1

      haha perfect

  • +1

    Hi. I got the code and all but the $1 ultimate upgrade is not working. I have dome it without VPN but everytime I press it it's saying 15/month? Any ideas?

    • That's strange. Does it give you the option to upgrade you Xbox Live Gold for $1 on this page: https://account.microsoft.com/services/ ?

      • +1

        Yes. I have the option but when I click it the next page shows 15/month

        • hmm. Had you already taken up the offer previously?

          • @elli0t: Yes once last year

            • @Safoan: That may be the problem but I'm not sure. You definitely didn't have an active subscription when you redeemed the codes?

              • @elli0t: Yes. The subscription ended on August 2019. If I buy the ultimate for $15.95 and stop recurring payment will that change my 3 year gold to ultimate for 15 dollars only?

                • @Safoan: Same here. I previously used the $1 deal and now it’s $15.95.
                  Literally did this last night.
                  Yes the 15.95 will convert the lot with a one off payment.

                  You can make one $15.95 and it will say the next payment is due in one, two, three years however long your live Gold lasts for

      • I have stopped recurring billing before I tried the $1 ultimate link. Is that's why it's not working ?

    • +2

      Same for me. Had previously applied the $1 upgrade, but that subscription was expired. No $1 offer.

      • Good to know. Did the conversion still work though?

  • Can't see myself not having game pass now, its paid for itself with so many titles and soon to be Wasteland 3.

    For comparison what's the cheapest actual ultimate has gotten down to is it like 3 months for $30?

    • +1

      I can. My GamePass Ultimate has been collecting dust for 3 months now. Lucky it was through AMD GamePass PC promotion + $1 conversion.

      I get its appeal, but after playing RDR2, for some reason, I started to care more about quality over quantity. Also, for the past 2 years, Microsoft has not had the guts to release a first party exclusive without offering $1 GamePass on that month. Not to mention Christmas/New Year's $1 deal.

      Don't get me wrong, I love the fact I no longer need to buy Microsoft first party exclusives and if these $1 offer keeps coming every time there is a first party exclusive, I will be quite happy. XBox Live Gold online component supposedly is going to be free soon so more reason to wait for discounted GP Ultimate deals.

      • If GP isn't for you that's fine but I don't agree with your insinuation that game pass has anything to do with quantity over quality. Just because it offers x games doesn't mean you have to play them all to get value. I've probably played < 10 games on it but half of those I would have purchased so its more than payed for itself when we're getting it at such a discount like this.

        That said, agree seems like there's plenty of opportunity to just resub with the $1 deal for 30 days if you're not really getting the use out of it.

        • half of those I would have purchased

          Um… to be honest, those are games you have elected not to purchase. I did have the tendency to play games I wouldn't normally play to justify having GP Ultimate a bit too often. The RRP for GamePass Ultimate is $192 for 1 year. Are most of our perceived "great" value based on discounted offers and those (so far quite often) $1 offers? I am judging the quality of the games based on $192 per year. You get why Microsoft want to lock people into GP Ultimate? It has happened to Office/Office 365.

          At $2.8/month, this deal is pretty good for people wanting non-stop GamePass Ultimate.

      • Had the guts? Isn't the 1 month for 30 days just an on going offer? Tbh, I actually look forward to the time when the 3rd party stuff is just a bonus and there is enough value in 1st party offerings only.
        It would be realllly interesting what people would be prepared to pay for a Sony version of gamepass (ie all their first party games day of release…)

        • -1

          Sony won't do it, because that model doesn't work for them. Microsoft have enough cashflow from their cloud services and other software products to burn money this way. Their cloud backbone also helps.

          Sony's model of mostly single player games from their exclusives means they cannot hook players into long term commitment with each game. As a result, their first party developers concentrate on trying to deliver the best games they could, rather thinking about micro transactions. It will be interesting to see whether their first party exclusives can continue to be the winning formula for the next gen as the GPU specs wise isn't as strong as series X.

          Will try to support both camps for next gen, just like current gen. Honestly, once you filter out all the clickbait youTube videos and news, neither camp has anything substantial ready at launch. All these Sony have some secret launch titles ready yet to announce are fake news so far. There is also the wishful thinking that nVidia or AMD will offer something great and cost effective for their next gen PC GPUs (with their share prices going crazy, the answer is obviously going to be a big no).

  • Got charged $15.95 when i clicked 1 dollar upgrade. :(

    • I use to have ultimate subscription. I cancelled it in June. strange that it was prompting me to upgrade for $1 and then charged me $15.95.

      • +1

        Interesting. The conversion still worked for 36 months though? That could be the problem that Safoan is having up above

        • +1

          Yes, conversion worked and my son already getting my NBN router glowing red. Downloading a few games.

      • Yes. This is exactly what's happening for me. I will try online chat and see if can get Microsoft to honour the promo

        • how do you get on to the chat? keep ending up talking to the bot. :D

          • @Dim Sim: NWM. I am in the queue to speak to a human. my current position is 44. :D

        • Thank you for patiently waiting, xxxx. I was able to check your account here, and it seems that the $1 promotion had already been consumed on 12th May 2020. Since we can only have one promotion, when we upgrade the subscription it will be for the regular price of $14.99 plus taxes.

          • @Dim Sim: Thanks for the update! That seems fair I guess..

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Followed all the steps and got ultimate working until 22/08/2023. For VPN I used Getflix Brazil Sao Paulo server and had no issues at all. Also I had never signed up to Game Pass or XBox Live at all so not sure if that helps.

  • Ughh.. Got the cheap XBL key.. But it's not giving me the $1 deal for Gamepass. I used a $1 deal in April but it expired after the month…
    I think OP needs to update the steps as there's no guarantee of $1 gamepass if you've ever used it

    • +1

      Already updated. Sorry about that but it's still a lot cheaper I guess.

    • +2

      Yeh it’s still only $15.95 as a one off upgrade for your entire xbl gold subscription

      • Can someone clarify.. The $15.95 applies for how long? Just the standard monthly rate.
        I'm not understanding it clearly. I've got the 12 month XBL applied now. No issues there. If I want Gamepass it's saying $15.95.. If I do pay for that, will it do anything to my just purchased 12 month XBL?? (Or will it just charge me $15.95 pm now for Gamepass. Seems counterintuitive as I've just paid for the XBL portion of it).

        • charged $15.95, next payment due in 25 months (i did x2 not x3)

        • Exactly the same as above. A one off payment only, not a per month. That $15.95 upgrades your entire xbl subscription paid only once

          • @Hoju: Thanks for clarification.
            Just seems stupid when I click the "Buy It Now / Join button" clearly states: AU$15.95/month (PER MONTH)

            • @Maz78: I know. That was my anxiety as I clicked the button but then it says next payment due whenever end of xbl is and you just cancel renewal

              • @Hoju: Cheers. Anxiety ramped up too. Just noticed it says next charge on 22/09/21

  • I have Game Pass Ultimate on month by month. So if I do not renew my subscription, allow it to expire and then follow the process, will it work?

    • No.. Well there's no guarantee. Didn't work for me and I my XBL and Gamepass were expired.. Got the XBL renewal deal applied only.. Gamepass still wants to charge me $15.95 p/m..

      • +3

        That's only for the first month after the 36 months isn't it?

    • +1

      Yes that should work provided the offer is still available when your sub expires.

  • What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? Do you get free games?

  • +3

    Brazilian here…Thanks for the post OP.
    I have an active Gamepass for PC sub. Could not upgrade to Ultimate and will need to try again in 8 days (when my sub gets cancelled)
    Apart from that, could successfully add 36mo to my account.

    It looks like you need a VPN to click the "Buy Now" button. Once you get to the checkout page you need to disconnect from VPN to pay with PayPal.

    The checkout page is from a merchant called "Boa Compra", I had to enter phone number and CPF (Brazils TFN). Brazils phone pattern goes like this: (99)99999-9999.
    For CPF you can generate one online ( https://www.4devs.com.br/gerador_de_cpf ) as it won't be checked against "ATO`s" database.

    Hope it helps.


    • Sorry I don't really know why you had to do any of that? You shouldn't need a VPN to buy the codes, only to redeem them through Microsoft.

      • Without VPN, G2A shows this message and disables "Buy Now" button:

        Check country restrictions

        It's all good. I now have 36mo of Xobx live gold. Next month will upgrade to Gamepass ultimate.
        Thanks again for the post.

        • +1

          That's weird. Mine says "CAN'T ACTIVATE IN: AUSTRALIA" but the "Buy now" button still works.

        • yeah ive bought from G2A for many years and it says can't activate but you can always buy anyways

  • shoot, just went to buy 2 years and had trouble with the payment, by the time the page reloaded and put 2 in the cart, no stock left!

    bummer, thanks anyway OP!

    • +1

      Yeah the seller got ozbargained. I've updated the post with some alternative options.

      • thanks for that! bought from cdkeys, just waiting on codes - have been meaning to do this for a while now - appreciate the post!

  • +1

    Awesome! Thanks OP!

    Worked perfectly as per your instructions.

  • I’m on a monthly subscription, does that mean I can’t do this?

    • Yeah unfortunately you need to let your current sub expire

      • damn… might have to start a new account but does that mean I lose my current saves?

  • +3

    Can confirm it all worked for me.
    My previous Xbox Game Pass Ultimate expired 02/07/2020 (after using the $1 upgrade on a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription in 2019)

    Got charged $101.46 (28Degrees card) for the 3x 12 month Brazilian Xbox Game pass.
    Followed the instructions to connect to VPN and redeemed, had to reload quite a few times until the appropriate screen showed up fully.

    Disconnected VPN, went to the Xbox Live Gold upgrade site. Initially says upgrade for $1, but clicking through it then changes to $15.95/month.
    Joined/Subscribed, it does then say it will convert previous Gold to Ultimate.

    Went to Subscriptions page to check details: https://account.microsoft.com/services/

    Could see expiry of 21/08/2023 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then turned off the the recurring billing.

    Total cost: $101.45 + $15.95 = $117.40 for 36x months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    Thank you elli0t!!