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Air Purifier $149, Stick Vacuum $99.99, 2400W Vacuum $89.99, Portable Vacuum/Hand Steam Cleaner/Mini Sewing $29.99 Ea @ ALDI


From the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 2 September.

  • 4 tier greenhouse $29.99
  • 729L garden bed $79.99
  • Drop over greenhouse $39.99

Specials starting on 5 September:

  • Air Purifier $149
  • Stick Vacuum $99.99
  • 2400W Vacuum $89.99
  • Portable Vacuum/Hand Steam Cleaner $29.99

Credit to poster on Facebook.

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  • +11

    Aldi only keeps like 3 of anything good per store

    • +1

      I went last week for the waffle iron, all gone by 10:30. Bait advertising.

      • +4


        Last I went for an item, they were all gone prior to the store opening.
        The manager came out and declared "I have 5 of X" and the first 5 hands went up, everyone else left.

        • Well that co firms it. Advertising for 5 items? Explain that.

          • +3

            @Skinnerr: We had a different experience, while we did not want any, we saw one guy bought 15 Kettles the other week. We let the manager know this should not be allowed. This was at 8.30am, people who came in at 9 missed out.

            • +2

              @Parth71: You should let head office know as well. Lots of pissed off customers will just end up stop trying.

          • @Skinnerr: Frustratingly common marketing trick. Like Spotlight came out with NEW catalog advertising discounted sewing machine but it’s out of stock everywhere on that same day.

    • Exactly! 3 massage guns were in my local store last week, I couldn’t get one.

  • Benefits of an air purifier?

    • +42

      purifying the air

      • +13

        Profound mate

      • -3

        does it get rid of covid19, asking for a friend

        • -1


    • +1

      Cleaner air

    • +1

      Better than a poorifier?

      • +1

        i reckon V.I.Poo beats it.

  • +1

    Is the smart robotic vacuum any good?

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on how good the suction is for the dyson looking vacuum cleaner? Going to use it predominantly for car use. Is it worth it or better spend it on the Xiaomi Dreame V9?

    • +7

      Yes. I was going to buy it till I read the reviews that said I am a bigger sucker than the vacuum.

    • +2

      If it's the same as previous years, then it's terrible. Loud and hardly any suction. Used it a couple of times and got rid of it

      • +1

        Things you say about your vacuum, but not your gf.

        • Hahaha I'll pay that

          Leaving it open for another comment :)

    • +1

      I bought one and its very weak and loud… returned. Plus there was a recall due to potential battery explosion lol

    • +1

      It sucks seriously hard.

      • I see what you did there LOL

    • +1

      Dreame V9 is great value for money. I love mine, I use it at least once per day. I've had bad experience with other cheap stick vacs in the past, usually they don't suck and don't have very good battery. But definitely happy with the Dreame, and I recommend that to people who ask me.

  • is the Stick Vacuum any good than the branded ones like Dyson or LG?

    • Good luck getting one. I can only imagine these things will be sold out as soon as the first customer walks in

      • I’m not gonna miss this one out lol

        But just looking at previous posts, it’s mostly negative which is surprising considering it’s always sold out and thought people were saying this is a cheaper/better version than the Dysons?

  • is the 30 bux handheld vac any good ?

    • +3

      I bought one a couple of years ago, same brand as the one in the catalogue (i.e. "Easy Home") but older model. It's decent for $30 hand vac. Not sure how good the newer model is.

  • +2

    solar meerkats are obviously the pick of the lot

  • +3

    Just looked at the app on my phone and they have a Crofton cast iron grill and Crofton frypan on sale this Saturday (Aug 29). Anyone know if these are any good?

    In other news I must be getting old because that small greenhouse on the second page of the catalogue excites me the most.

    After a bit of searching on here the cast iron pans seem to get decent reviews.

    • +2

      Lodge cast iron goes on sale on Amazon quite often and is well known for its quality.

  • Am disappoint. No consumerism to make me forget my wits this week.

    • I've rediscovered reading in lockdown. I'm reading Franz Kafka's The Transformation. Love it.

  • Anyone have any thoughts about this air purifier vs Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H?

  • How interchangeable are air purifier filters? This is always my worry when buying stuff like this from Aldi; chances are they'll never sell the refills.

  • +1

    Wanted to buy their metal shelf, sold out wvwrywhere in VIC. Then wanted to get their $15 bike pump, also sold out everywhere.

    What's the point of Aldi putting sweet deals only to carrot-bait us?

    Wouldn't be surprised if more and more people complain about it at ombudsman and before we know it, there'll be a class action going their way.

  • +1

    The drop over greenhouse was $30 last year, also they only last a year. Cheap plastic cover and the poles corrode quickly.

    • I actually bought one this morning, no good? Should I just return it?

      • With the winds we've been getting i wouldn't be surprised if it tears in a week lol. Up to you. I grew butternut pumpkin in mine and by harvest time it had torn and the zip had broken.

  • +1

    Is the air purifier a disposable unit as no one sells filters

    • I got one today. In the instruction manual they say they do have spare filter for purchase. Just have to call them or send a mail.

  • I think everyone in my local that bought the deebot, was to sell it online. I seen so much for sale of 600 and up today

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