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CTEK MXS 5.0 (12V 5A) Battery Charger for $99 (Free Metro Shipping) @ Edisons via MyDeal.com.au


A popular smart 12V vehicle battery charger/maintainer at the sub-$100 price point that I've been waiting for.

Sign up for their email newsletter to get a $10 coupon off your first order (*of at least $100).
I also added a $1.95 item on sale with free shipping to activate the coupon and bring my total to $90.95 shipped.

Shipping states "Free to some areas", Metro postcodes I tried all showed up free.
But $0.48 shipping to 3350 (Ballarat).

Deal seems to be running until Midnight Tuesday.

Edit: To top your order up to $100, pick anything over $1 from here: https://www.mydeal.com.au/free-shipping?sort=price_low_to_hi...

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  • @OP, can you share the link of the $1.95 item you added too?

    • I added link to the search for sale items free shipping (lowest price first), there's a bunch of stuff between $1 - $9 to get the value.

  • +1

    I got this one, was surprised it didn't charge my lithium bike battery..

    • Any idea why it didn't charge your bikes battery?

    • Maybe the 5A is too high a charge rate. Or charger is only designed for lead acid batteries.

    • +1

      Yes, different voltage, lithium batteries in bikes are normally run in series parallel, voltage should be between 30 to 45 volts depending on capacity and arrangement of lithium ion.

    • Dumb question but would this charge a marine battery for a boat?

      • As long as it is 12v, then yes.

    • CTek has a dedicated model for LiFePo batteries:

      Yes, this model charges only Lead acid batteries, whether they are wet or AGM. It is an excellent charger for its purpose.

  • +3

    Good find. Have had one of these for a while and it has certainly come in handy with Melbourne restrictions and not using the cars much!

    • +1

      That's why I wanted one, car is only doing very short trips to the supermarket and motorbike is just sitting in the garage.

      • so what happens with your bike? like do the cables stick out of the battery holder and you just hide them away until you plug it in to charge?

        • I anticipate being able to tuck the cables inside the bodywork and have the connector accessible by removing the rear seat/cover (which is done with the key).

          • @0123456789876543210: ahh my bad … thought you already had / been using this .. so thats why i was curious :D

          • @0123456789876543210: Literally finished doing that for my GSXR 1000.. like 15 min ago, ha! Got an SCA branded charger from Super Cheap and hooked it in. Worth it against ending up with a dead battery every week.

          • @0123456789876543210: I just borrowed this exact model off a neighbour to charge my bike (XSR700). It worked so well and didn't have any troubles connecting the cables

        • I have a Ctek comfort connector on my Bike. Just lift the seat up and plug the charger in.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a good price on these for a few weeks now đź‘Ť

  • this is going to be my 8th ctek

    edit: if you have a motorbike, scooter or anything 12v powered , this is damn handy. At a glimpse you can see the battery level. spend another $18 and get this.

    • Pretty handy - have the battery level connector sticking out of bonnet on my car.
      Was part of included accessories in the $89 CTEK MXS 5.0 pack @Repco at end of November.

    • RRP $99 for a better level indicator? Yeah ok lol.

      • For people with factory car alarm systems that disable the ecu if the battery is disconnected or runs low, then needing a tow to the dealership and unlocking, $99 is good value.

  • -2

    I feel like for that kind of money a jump starter would be a more versatile solution https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/557285

    • +7

      If you get to the point that you need a jumpstarter you're damaging your batteries.

    • Jump starters don't perform equalisation charging either to recover/recondition the battery.

    • You can lengthen the life of your battery by charging it (especially during low use periods), whereas a jump starter will just get enough charge in your battery for it to turn over and it will not restore or recondition your battery.

    • Supercheap Auto charges flat batteries for free! Just bring the unplugged battery and they'll let you know honestly if it needs charge/replacement. Saved me $150 on a new battery after doing some Sunday research :D

  • Sorry I must be blind, how can I apply coupon when I checkout. I could not find anywhere to apply code at all.

    • Oh yeah I forgot that was a PITA, on the payment screen, there’s a subtle little text link that says something like “got a coupon code?”.

      • Oh cool~ Found it eventually. Thx mate.

  • +1

    Paid $120 for one of this a few months ago, it's been useful with during this pandemic, to keep my car battery topped up.
    I run it once every 2 weeks, just connect and it does the rest.

  • Anyone else notice and found it strange that one of the pictures has a "Exclusive Authorised Online Retailer" poster, but it references "Mytopia" instead of Edisons?

    Or is Mytopia = Mydeals?

    Keen to grab a set, but not sure about warranty…

    • I think its all one company ..

  • Hi folks, sorry dumb question - how do you use this?

    Do you just plug onto your car battery connected to a power point and leave it overnight ?

    • That's it

      You choose 12v and car battery and then plug it up

      • Awesome, thank you!

        Sounds handy indeed, as I have 1 car sitting in a porch and only getting a 5 min drive once a week.

        How long are the cables on these ?
        The distance from my nearest plug point to the car battery is easily 2 metres away- so do I need to get an extension cord to get this hooked up ?

        • +1

          Should be close. A 1m extension cable may be needed.

        • +2

          You can run it off any length extension lead you need. They don't draw huge watts so no risk running a long lead if you need. I've done it before on the driveway, tucked the charger somewhere in the engine bay and closed the bonnet to the first latch to keep everything hidden and dry but still allow the extension cord to fit through.

          I put a sticky note on the steering wheel so I don't accidentally drive off with the charger connected.

    • +2

      In addition to what @Herbse mentioned, you can also select whether or not you want the battery to be reconditioned. It will then just add the reconditioning cycle at the end of the battery charge.

      Tutorials - CTEK MXS 5.0 - How to connect
      CTEK MXS 5.0 Manual

      • Thank you both - I'm gonna get one

      • Can this product be used when the battery is flat?. i.e. car not used/started for a long period of time.

        • Depends how flat and old the battery is. Theres just no reviving some batteries. Either way the CTEK will do an initial check to see if your battery is defective and if it can even charge your battery at the start of its cycle (see "step 2 soft start" of the manual)

      • Should a normal working battery go through reconditioning, or is it only for a fully flat battery?

        • +1

          Probably worthwhile doing it once a year? Their manual states that you should Recond your battery once per year and after deep discharge to maximise lifetime and capacity.

          Note Im by no means a mechanic so I'm just commenting based on the research I did earlier in the year as I had a dead battery and borrowed one of these units from a friend.

  • Everyone working from home and not using their car needs this so their battery doesn't keep getting low from not being used then back up after long periods. This is for batteries die.

    And if you got a fancy euro car, you might need a tow to the dealership to get it back up and running if your alarm is sensitive to battery disconnects

  • Ordered one, thanks for the deal.

  • Thanks OP - I spent over $1k for a couple of new batteries just before COVID. This will hopefully keep them maintained.

    • over 1k for batteries? lithium?

      • No - just large AGM Panasonic’s.

  • Thanks OP, was looking for this since my battery has been crappy during lockdown.

  • Not seeing great reviews for mydeals.com.au on this site. Do you guys trust them?

    • +1

      ive purchased from them previously and didnt have any issues

      • I don't know, seems a bit suss. The user who posted this deal only created their account under 4hrs ago and their only posts are on this post. Looks like a setup.

        • +1

          Yeah I thought this too, as I also noticed that the OP only just signed up not long before this deal being posted.

          Mydeals appears to be a marketplace so I'd expect pretty average feedback due to shonky traders. But this particular item is being sold by Edisons Direct, which a quick Google shows they are an Australian company based in NSW with two warehouses.

          So if there's anything suss, to me, it'll be that the OP is affiliated with Edisons Direct rather than Mydeals, and attempting to sockpuppet?

          Was able to pay using PayPal, so took a bit more comfort in that fact.

          Fingers crossed nonetheless!

          • @AnDyStYLe: Fair play…. I bit the bullet with PayPal! Pray for me :)

          • @AnDyStYLe: No dodginess going on. I’m a long time lurker but never needed to comment/vote and was always finding my deals here instead of elsewhere.

            This just happens to be the first bargain I found off-site and wanted to share, so finally signed up.

        • +1

          check out

          The company isnt a new company .. it has been around for years.

          If you are worried about your purchase and if its a scam… pay via PayPal. If there is any issues, open a dispute with PayPal and they will refund your money.

          Simples meerkat sound ;)

  • I just bought https://www.banggood.com/12V24V-8A-Touch-Screen-Pulse-Repair... from Banggood for ~$40 AUD and used it to repair our car battery that was losing capacity. I also bought a tester from Amazon and the repair function on this charger restored it from ~320 CCA to ~530 CCA (battery is rated 600 CCA).

    It's currently $23 USD (~$32). At a third of the price of the one in the deal I reckon this one's worth a look.

    • +1

      Whilst this worked for you, I wouldn't recommend cheaping out on things you are connecting to your car's power supply if you value your vehicle

      • -2

        Dont be silly, the quality may not be there but they all operate the same.

        • -1

          That’s a nearsighted way of assessing a product’s value and you know it.

  • I know this is just a piece of rubber but I found the bumper for this in Edison’s for $13 delivered if anyone is interested. I just purchased for mine. I think it will be handy. I dropped it once and it will stop it sliding off anything on the car whilst it’s charging.


    • I can vouch for that bumper. . Most of mine are mounted on a few U shaped perpex sheets I made. Hang in the garage and drop into the engine bay without worrying it getting knocked about.

  • I live in an apartment with underground car park, any way that I can use this? :(

    • If there is a powerpoint in your carpark yes. I’ve been able to store the thing under the bonnet and close the bonnet with the cord safely run under the bonnet rubber.

    • Likewise, i think I will just have to bite the bullet and remove the battery to charge it back in my unit :(

    • Check your car wash bay. They always tend to have a powerpoint there.

  • These are the bees knees, goods price. I've seen plenty of battery chargers returned at my work but never a ctek

  • -1

    Thanks OP! Been hanging out for one of these for a while. Item is now out of stock!! Please mark accordingly.

  • Probably a stupid question just clamp it on the battery plug in power oeer source in and wait until full of charge? And will this work if the battery is actually dead

    • you can also get a cig light attachment. Don't need to open the hood, just crack the window a bit for the extension cord. Or coil up the ext. cord and feed out through the boot.

      with LED's ( very useful)


      yes can revive dead batteries.

      • Actually these often don't work if the battery is completely dead as there isn't enough power for the charger to detect it's connected. You need to either connect it to an old dumb charger first or possibly leave it in your car and jumpstart to let the alternator give it a little bit first before using this charger to restore the battery properly. Having said that it's really bad for your battery to let it go below 50% so this shouldn't be a common issue.

  • +1


  • I just bought it on eBay a week ago for $130. Should be wait longer!!!

  • +1

    I would spend a tiny bit more and get Noco GENIUS5AU instead

  • out of stock. ozbargainripped.

  • The seller has processed a refund for the below order.

    Item: Audio Splitter
    Seller: WallCann
    Refund Amount: -$1.50

    It looks like they have refunded the $1.50 item but not the charger yet. Which is a win cause i still get free postage.

  • Out of stock. Son of a…. was going to order mine after my walk..grrrr

    My own fault, should of learned by now

  • My cheapo item has shipped (a frisbee) but not the Charger

  • +3

    The much better value CTEK MXS 5.0 pack Pack is back $99 @Repco! with included accessories

  • Just ordered at 5am today and recieved it now, but i got a mxs 3.8A charger not the 5 amp, did anyone get the same

    • That's not what you paid for….

  • You received the Repco or the mydeal offer?

  • Edison (and Mydeal) are awesome! I sent a request to cancel my order (as it still wasn't dispatched) this morning as soon as I saw the Repco deal. Just got an email confirming it'll be cancelled and refunded in full!

    Might be worth a try for those that are still not yet dispatched.

    • Mine says pending dispatch still. Did you go through mydeal or Direct to Edison’s to cancel?

      • Mydeal… where you see it saying pending dispatch, there's a "Need Help?" button below… clicked that and where it says "Has your order arrived?" select no and you go through to "amend my order" to request to cancel.

        • +1

          Thanks - I had to set up an account let’s see if they refund and repco doesn’t run out of stock!

          • @Onnzo: Lodged cancellation at 7pm - was approved by 9pm. Ordered via repco.

            Looks like my filler item is still coming :)

            • @Onnzo: Bummer, my item got 'dispatched' 2 hours after I requested to cancel…just as I bought one instore from repco. Guess I'll have to refund the repco one :(

  • Looks like there's a few back in stock for the moment. Just bought one and now showing 9 in stock.

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