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[PS4] PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription $59.95 (25% off) @ PlayStation (New & Inactive Customers Only)


25% off the normal 12 month price. Need 10 more words.

Important: Must not have an active PlayStation Plus membership or trial at the time when the Applicable Product is purchased


Mod: Added more words, including the expiry date, offer details and terms & conditions to the title, expiry field and description.

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    Here is some for you, Can not be purchased if you already own a playstation plus membership.

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      Big sad

    • just encountered this as well :/

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      just wait for other places to match the price

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      I only just added a month to get fall guys. I should have waited for this deal.

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        same boat here… Probably won't be playing fall guys after a month so still OK…

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        I got sick of adding months so bit the bullet on 12 months last week. Press F to pay respects.

        • I had 12 months with a discount but it expired. Then I saw Fall Guys was the free game.

    • Can you buy it multiple times before activating at this price at least?

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      Apple and orange, ps plus is compareable with xbox live gold

      • -8

        Which has twice as many games per month (two of which you actually get to own), better more reliable online services, plenty of bonus stuff like all the regular free play days / weekends, and so on, and also isn't a requirement for online saves, which are offered free to all instead of gated away to those who pay?

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          Atleast psplus gives away games worth playing.

        • at least with ps plus you know you bought into the better console.

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            @keejoonc: Have both and the Xbox one x is by far the better console without question, PS4 Pro has better games but isn't a better console

            • @ColstonAUS: You contradict yourself. A console's main function is running games. If it doesn't have good games, how can it be the better console?
              I have had both consoles myself too so your point is moot.

              • @keejoonc: Yes, a consoles main point is running games, and the Xbox runs mulit-platform games better than the PS4, hardly a contradictory statement

                • @ColstonAUS: Each to their own, but I would rather have a console with better game line up and VR capability than one with lousy exclusives and slightly better frame rate.

      • +4

        Only if you care more about quantity. I have both consoles, and have not use Game Pass for many months now (still have active subscription).

        People think it is better value now because of the heavy discount. If you are more or less already up to date with key games, $192 RRP per year for GP Ultimate isn't that great. Last year, Gears 5, the year before Forza Horizon 4. Honestly, even if we put in RDR2 for this year, $192 per year isn't great.

        Sure, for $1, I would play Gears 5. Question is, at $16, I need to think about it. That's an issue. Cloud save is mostly good, but I have had issues on occasions with Play Anywhere titles when I switched between PC and XBox One X.

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    I literally just bought 12 months yesterday. (profanity) my life

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      Me too. Well. 3 days ago. (Eyeroll)

    • you can request a refund bruh. I did.

      • Oh really?? Cbf tbh. :(

        • cbf to spend 3 minutes to gain $80 ?

  • $49.95 incoming.

  • If I buy this now, does it activate straight away or can I choose when to activate?

    • Choose. When you type in the code the subscription commences.

      • So I can buy now and activate in November?

        • Yes.

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            @cornbeef: No. I just bought and it activated immediately.

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              @sween64: Interesting. Perhaps an online thing. When purchased through other sellers such as JB Hifi the code comes with the receipt, and it's this code you type into the playstation. So PS Plus online purchase don't give you a code by the sounds of it, and with the transaction comes activation.

              Apologies for telling you misinformation.

              • +1

                @cornbeef: Yep, it appears to just add to the account you’re logged in to.

                Oh well. It cost me about $14.25 to activate early and I’ll have three months of PS+ games to redeem. I’m just glad I was able to redeem Fall Guys before the end of this month.

                Don’t worry about it cornbeef, thanks for helping anyway.

  • What retailers can price match to get one with a code?

  • +1

    Wow interesting it's not for existing members too.

  • Apologies for incoming dumb questions, noob who has never had PS+ before - I understand you get access to a number of games a month? Is this Aussie's version of PS Now? And I assume the sub will transfer across to the PS5 when I trade in my PS4?

    • Not sure they’ve announced PS+ details for PS5. I heard a rumour you won’t need it, playing online will be free.

      • Wait seriously? I only recently stacked 3 years of PS+

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          You should still get the free games every month at least.

        • +1

          Only a rumour because that’s what Xbox are doing.

      • +9

        And Sony throws away their revenue stream… you're dreaming.

      • +1

        i can't see this happening they have almost 50 million ps+ users and i think there are even more xbox live users. they would be throwing away like $250 million a month

        • +1


          Plus this would allow them to sell the PS5 at a loss for some time which is what they did with the PS4 I believe. Effectively/potentially allowing them to also sell the PS5 at a lower initial price point that than the Xbox.

    • No, more like the Epic Game Store free weekly games with a caveat - you can add the new monthly games to your account but if the subscription lapses you can no longer play them.

    • It's 2-3 games every month you can add to your account, but you need an active subscription to be able to access any games you claim.

    • It's not PS Now. PS Now will eventually come here but its a completely different product and subscription. This just so you can play multiplayer online and get monthly free games (as long as your ps plus sub is active)

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    Is fall guys free on PS plus?

    • +1

      yep, for like another week.

    • +1

      Yeah it is, great game.

  • My PS+ lapses on Sep 16… how long is this expected to last?

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      This promotion opens on 25/08/2020 at 11:00 (BST) and closes on 01/09/2020 at 11:00 (BST)

    • MY PS+ lapses around that time too.

      Just confirming, will I be eligible from day 1 of inactivity or is there a period of time I have to wait before being eligible?

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    I just signed up a week ago to PS plus to get Fall Guys. If I cancel the trial now, delete the game, can I sign up for 12’montns with this deal and then re-download it?

    • +1

      Don't have to delete the game. I believe you just need to end the trial but in saying that I don't know if it will stop right away or still last the whole 14 days anyway.

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    I want to play online like once a month. Is there a cheaper option?

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    If you can’t get this one before it expires just hold out for Black Friday sales in November, almost all retailers drop the 12 month subscription down to about $55.

  • Will the PS5 be using PlayStation Plus?

  • +1

    So Sony wants new customers not bother with existing

    • +2

      wait til xmas sales…. they'll do 25/33% again…

  • Is this deal available through the playstation store when accessed on the PS4, or only from a browser. Don't have access to my ps4 to check.

  • Thanks for sharing!

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    Can I, for example, use a discounted EB Games gift card to purchase a PlayStation Store $50 Wallet Top-Up Digital Voucher and then use those wallet funds to purchase the PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscription? It’d be a nice way to save a further 6%.

    • Any active deals on ebgames gift cards?

    • +1

      Turns out yes. Saved another $3, thanks.

    • You can buy 2*$30 vouchers to save another 60 cents. Technically 55 cents and 5 cents left over on your PS account.

      • Ah damn. Next time!

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