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Uniden FULL HD 1080P Dash Cam - iGO CAM 325 $49 Delivered @ Uniden eBay


Uniden - iGO CAM 325 - FULL HD 1080P Compact Dash Cam Recorder- $49 Delivered Via Ebay

Uniden has expanded its suite of in-car technology products with the introduction of its first range of vehicle accident recording cameras. The Uniden iGO Cam 325 is an ultra-compact recorder than can help protect drivers from fraudulent claims and accident disputes
Uniden offers the latest in vehicle accident recording 'black box' technology. Mounted on the inside of the car windscreen, the iGO CAM 325 can automatically detect any sudden changes in car movement through its G-Sensor, such as when an accident occurs, and immediately record the footage in high definition. The vehicle recorder can also loop record which continually records what is happening. This footage can then be used to provide evidence of who is at fault so that drivers can easily report incidents to police and insurance companies.

The Uniden iGO CAM 325 can also be set up to continuously capture road vision and users can playback journeys taken. This makes the cameras ideal for recreational drivers such as 4WD enthusiasts, parents wishing to monitor the safety of younger drivers or commercial fleet managers who seek to keep track of employees while on the road.

Packed full of state-of-the-art features, Uniden iGO CAM utilises a FULL HD Camera and Infrared Night Vision to ensure high quality footage is recorded even in poor light. With the help of a built-in G-sensor and the device's Collision Detection Mode, the camera can also detect a change in motion which will instantly trigger recording in the event of an accident.

In the shock of an accident is it often difficult to remember every detail in order to complete an insurance claim or police report. Uniden's iGO CAM series is designed for capturing all evidence on the road, protecting drivers from becoming a victim of fraudulent car accidents or crash disputes - or for instances when your car is damaged in a parking lot. In-car cameras have also been known to help dispute unfair traffic infringements.

A plug-and-play device, the Uniden iGO CAM is easy to install, configure and operate and a must for any driver.

*Captured footage is dependent on the position and location of the vehicle recorder. The iGO CAM can only record outside of the vehicle when handheld and only for the duration of the battery operating time. Vehicle Recorder must be turned on and will only record for the duration of the battery operating time.


  • Small and Compact Design
  • 1.5"" LCD Colour Screen
  • FULL HD (1080P)
  • Infrared Nightvision
  • Motion Detection
  • G-Sensor
  • Plug and Play - Easy to Setup
  • Loop Recording
  • Portable Camera - Move from Car to Car - High Resolution Ultra Wide Angle Lens
  • Auto Power Off
  • Date and Time
  • Brightness Control
  • Records Footage onto Micro SD Card (Not Included)
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Cigarette Charge Cord Included

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  • -3

    $48 @ Catch and free shipping if you have Club Catch.

    • Is Club Catch free to join?

      • For a month or something…

        So it's not worth it for just saving $1

    • Wow you neggers are funny! A crap camera at a crap price. This is Ozbargain, not Crapbargain, after all!

  • +7

    You get what you pay for… Sample video from youtube here

    • +3

      Oh wow …. that's pretty bad :-/

    • +2

      My $15 dash cam delivered is much better compared to this!
      i cant see the other car rego on that video which that the most important feature for a dashcam

    • +1

      480P x 2.25 != 1080P

    • Reminds me of watching home movies on VHS tape in the 80's.

  • +5

    This or just buying a potato and tapping it to my windscreen?

    • +14

      A potato will let you know if you are spudding.

      • +4

        And helps if you want to appeel a fine

    • +1

      Perfect for all you tubers.

  • "Ultra Wide Angle Lens" - OP whats the actual recording angle?

  • I’m actually keen on a good dash cam @ under $100 - this seems to not be it. Anyone got a recommendation?

  • +4

    Crap camera, failed to start up after half a year of use. Footage quality is not great at all… this is also standard price

    • Thanks for the heads up. Half a year would mean it's still under warranty. Did you return it?

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