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Bonds 40% off for 40 Hours with Free Shipping


Just saw this 40% off deal pop up. It includes Mens, Womens, Kids and Baby items.

Free shipping as part of the deal or when you sign up as a Bonds Member which is also free.

Can stack with an additional 6% cash back discount from Cashrewards or ShopBack. Thanks @Archi for the comment.

Update 27/08/2020:
Can now stack with an additional 20% cash back discount from Cashrewards until 11.59pm AEST today. Thanks @Mega Vanillish for the comment.

Here is the fine print:
"% off applies to RRP. % off not in addition to other discount or multi buy offers. Not available on gift cards, personalised items, Bloody Comfy™ Period Undies and face masks. Offer expires 11:59pm AEST 27/08/20. Prices as marked. While stocks last.

** Available to deliveries in Australia only. Discount not available on orders containing gift cards. Not available in conjunction with any other coupons. Not available on Bonds & Co carts. Complimentary shipping offer ends 11:59PM AEST on 27/08/2020."

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    Excludes Face Masks

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      Yep, they are normal price.

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    • 6% from cashrewards or cashback
    • Thanks Archi, good find! I've added your comment to the deal description.

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    Bonds 40% off for 40 Hours

    Is it 40% off postage too ?

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      Apparently it includes free shipping.

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      Free shipping for Victoria

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    Their website is so bad!

    • +2

      is so bad!

      "And the whole world has to
      Answer right now
      Just to tell you once again
      Who's bad…"

  • instore?
    my size is always out of stock online, unless its a sign to become XS?

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      Laying eggs will help.

      • +1

        great input there

    • They just had 40% off things like trackies in the last week or two so now a lot of items have been sold out for weeks in certain sizes, I've noticed.

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    when is Bonds not 40% off lol

    • It's a good deal with the free shipping.

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        When does bonds NOT give free shipping… with free bonds membership…

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          bonds is the ebgames of the clothes world

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          Thanks for the info, lawyerz. I never realized free shipping was always available.

          • @redcreek200: Yup free shipping was always available to members, you just need to sign up with a free account.

            This 40% off is not even a deal.

    • And when is Harris Scarfe not on sale…lol

  • Their website is specially design to test how desperate I want the 40% off and I give up after 10 mins of loading and 3 results return.

    • It's really slow at the moment - must be getting ozbargained. i use the site time to time and it's usually pretty good. Maybe worth just waiting a few hours and try again ?

      • Prices even come up as USD when I am not using any VPN

  • Average sale, it's still cheaper to get socks and underwear when they go on sale at woolies

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    Bonds is pretty much 40% off all the time.

  • I'm being charged $5.95 for shipping.

    • Same here, I refreshed screen and now shipping is free.

    • +1

      Just refresh the page

    • Only free shipping for those in Victoria

  • Any thing worth buying?

  • +6

    Bonds products have had such a massive drop in quality their RRP don’t make sense at all. They have built up a reputation for good Australia made long lasting products. Now it’s made in China and the products are disposable. Colours won’t last more than two washes and clothes will fall apart soon after that. They’re just milking their old reputation cow until it dries out and then it’s rinse and repeat with their some brands they own. Bonds is a dying brand, time to look for something better

  • Anyone else brought anything, card been charged but no order number and items still in the cart?

    • Had the same thing this morning and had to contact them and they issued refunds as the payments went through but the orders were not processed. They said they were having issues, which looks like it may still be the case.

      • So they didnt honor the order just refunded?

        • +1

          Nope, she told me she couldn’t process the order and that she’d refund it and I was free to order again.

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    40% then 6% doesn't total 46% but heck it's close enough. Good deal.

  • Can stack with an additional 6% cash back discount from Cashrewards or ShopBack. Totals 46% off

    Totals 43.6% off.

    (The 6% has to include the 40% off.)

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    Who buys bonds at RRP anymore?!

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    I feel like the 40% off just brings bonds prices down to the same level as Uniqlo.

    The RRP on Bonds is ridiculous, $30 for a coloured t-shirt which is $10-$20 at Uniqlo year round (and better quality at Uniqlo too).

    It's a deceptive marketing tactic, make people think they are getting a deal by saying that its 40% off, but in reality the "40% off" price is actually just the normal price if you shop at an actual good store like Uniqlo.

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    Their quality has gone down so much….

    The underwear seams and elastic band ripples after like 2 washes. Not to mention their elasticity loosens so fast after like 3 wears. It really bad.

    I have underwear from Philippines that cost $5 that still has amazing elasticity and still tight after 4 years.

  • 5 brief pack cheaper from WWthis week

  • 50% off at Safeway for jocks/socks etc was just in there…

  • +1

    Cheap imported rubbish.
    A shadow of their former selves, same as rivers etc

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    I agree with the comments about quality downgrade, but the only reason I buy from Bonds website over other brands is that shipping is free (no minimums) and the returns is also free (and within 60 days currently) in case a size didn't fit well etc. This comes really handy when you can avoid going to a mall in the current times.

  • Is there anything people buy from bonds that they feel is worth the price - even at 40% off? Personally, I have stopped buying undies from Bonds for quite a few years due to the drop in quality and the availability of better options i.e. uniqlo airism undies.

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    OP might want to update listing, 20% cashback with CashRewards at Bonds today until 11.59pm EST.

    • Thanks Mega Vanillish, great find! I've now updated the description with this additional 20% cash back.

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