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Google Nest Hub $99 @ The Good Guys (Price-Match by Google Store/OW/JB Hi-Fi)


This popular deal is back at TGG. Can pricematch at OW and Google Store, probably JB too.

EDIT: If you spend 100 or more and pay via latitude pay, you will get 20 dollars off, thanks ozvictor for the info.

Mod Edit: Also $99 on TGG eBay, possibly use it within $5 off opt in voucher.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to highlight and reiterate there are 3x things you can bundle/stack (which was spread throughout the comments, and wasn't very obvious when I first read OP)

    1) When purchasing Google Nest Hub from GG, you can add a TP-Link Smart plug HS100 to your order for free. (Hover your mouse over the 'Buy Now' button on the Google Nest Hub page)

    Screenshot: https://ibb.co/ZdhwYHp (Link should be visible till late Sept)

    2) Spend $100 and pay via Latitude Pay to get $20 off. (You will need to add something >$1 to be eligible for this, there may be exclusions). You will need to trust the system as you won't be able to see this discount until after you checkout, and after you've registered for Latitude Pay.

    3) Spend $120 to get $20 GG store credit. (You will need to add something else >$21 to be eligible for this, there are exclusions listed here ). You will need to trust that this will happen as you won't get the store credit until 17/09.

    Edit: Added screenshot & grammar.

    • My only query with this is that condition of $20 credit from spending over $120 states that item must be paid in full from Wednesday 26th August to Wednesday 2nd Sep.

      If you used Latitude Pay it's unlikely to be paid in full by 2nd September??

      • I think TGG is paid in full by Latitude Pay. You owe Latitude not TGG

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    If you spend 100 or more and pay via latitude pay, you will get 20 dollars off

    • +10

      If you spend 120 or more and pay via latitude pay, you will get 20 dollars off and $20 store credit.

    • Does it apply to 28 degrees MasterCard? Those guys are now under latitude pay aren’t they?

      Edit: nvm I think I got mixed up with latitude and latitude pay.

      • what is the difference?

    • where is the link that says you get 20 dollars off using latitude pay?

      • It's a store wide promotion that expires on 30th September. The discount gets applied only within the Latitude Pay interface (does not show in The Good Guys cart which can be confusing)

    • true but remember you do get credit checked.

  • +5

    Good as a digital picture frame

    • It's actually it's best feature

      • Can Amazon's Echo family be used as a digital picture frame too? Or these Googles devices are better?

  • -1

    What does this actually do that an android phone does not?

    • +15

      Be somewhere my phone is not

    • +8

      Cost $80

    • +6

      Not work when unplugged

    • Very good digital picture frame

      Link it to your Google photos

      Phone uploads photos to google photos


    • +2

      Stay at home and listen to the background noise while you are out

    • +1

      There's always one.. apparently your android phone cannot google since you posted this question that's been answered a thousand times

  • can we run youtube on this?

  • +6

    These are bloody good for the price. Got mine via the Telstra 20,000 point deal. Here’s some things we use it for:
    Music / Radio
    Traffic / time to place
    General questions
    Animal sounds for my daughter

    100% recommend.

    • +1

      agree - surprised how much added utility the screen provides as compared to a google mini

      • +2

        Apart from recipes and videos, are there any other benefits over a GHM?

        • +3

          Toosie Slide videos by drake can be watched

        • +5

          If you have smart lights and you ask it to turn them on it will come up with option like on google home app to adjust brightness or turn individual ones on or off rather than speaking to it all the time. And if you stream music to speakers all over the house you can have this displaying the track info and album art and use it to change which speakers are broadcasting your music.

          • @nepalesesquirrel: First time I've been tempted to by one after reading this comment, I like the idea of having the lights and speaker options on screen.

            • @bleeder: Much better than a google mini.

            • +1

              @bleeder: Glad I could help.
              Ours is at our kitchen bench, where we eat most meals, so handy to stream freeview etc if you can't see/don't want a tv in your kitchen area.

    • +1

      Also awesome for timers

      Ok google set a timer for 5 minutes

      Ok google set an alarm at 8am tomorrow called eat breakfast


    • +1

      Great for looking at footage from the security cameras around my home too.

      For example I can see who's at my front door on the kitchen display with a simple command.

      • +1

        Which cameras thanks?

        • I jumped on the half price deal below and it works well on any chromecast device.


          I've three (3) Sony android TV's plus the google nest hub to view footage on by stating the name of the camera and the device that I want to view it on.

          Have a look in the refurbished section as you may save yourself some big bucks if you find what you're looking for there..

      • How do you do this? It doesn't have chrome on it

        Edit: wow new feature

      • Do you know if this feature compatible with the Eufy security systems?

      • +1

        what camera do you use that works with this?

  • Does anyone know if this works in China?

    • +2

      The device Will power on. Whether google works depends on its connected network. Using common wifi in China definitely not.

    • +1

      Google Home didn't work when I was in China three years ago, but Amazon Echo worked. If you use VPN, it may work.

    • All google service IPs have been blocked by China.

  • wish it came in black (front panel)

    • +1

      Use whiteboard markers you can change any colour you like.

  • +8

    I just chatted with Google, and it seems that a price match on the Google store involves paying their full price and then after you've paid, you have to contact Google and provide a link to the web page showing the price you want to match, and they will then issue a refund for the difference. Seems a lot of trouble.

    • +4

      That's not something that I'm going to do again. I placed the order with Google online, then spent 20 mins on chat with them to claim the price match refund, only to be told at the end that they can't do it until the item has actually shipped. They say that the refund will go through without me needing to contact them again though.

      If their delivery estimate is accurate, I'll get the device on Friday or Monday. If their delivery agents are anything like Australia Post, that'll probably be a Friday or Monday in December, maybe even December this year.

      • +3

        I just received this in an email from Google, so it seems that I do need to contact them again…

        This email is in reference to our chat conversation regarding price match. As promised, I'm writing a follow up email to you and I would request you to reply to this email once your order will be shipped, so that I can refund the difference amount right away.

        He seems to be saying that I once I find out that it has shipped, I have to reply to his email to remind him to do the refund.

        • Hasn't shipped yet…

          • @pjetson: Google now say they've shipped the nest hub, but the tracking code doesn't work yet. They also say they've done the price match refund, but it hasn't appeared in my bank account yet. Provided I get the unit on Monday, I guess I have a successful outcome, but it ended up being rather painful. If I was allowed to go out to shop, I would have just purchased from Officeworks or Bunnings!

            • @pjetson: Somehow, Google got the Nest Hub to me this afternoon! Still waiting for the price match refund, though…

    • Why do you need to price match when it’s listed as $99 n Google already?

      • When I ordered it, it was listed at $129.

  • How are the speakers on this thing?

  • +1

    Delivery from the Good Guys is $8. Pickup is possible, but since a Nest Hub isn't essential, it could cost me a $1652 fine here in Melbourne :-(

    • +1


      That's roughly 206 deliveries.

  • +1

    Can also watch Netflix on it. We have it in kitchen and good when cooking

    • Yep they've just added Netflix compatibility

      • what about amazon prime?

  • Better than Echo Show?

    • You're very vague on what you mean. There's like 3 different Shows at price points all different to this one. Main benefit to Echo Show 2nd gen is its built in hub. Googles "hub" has no hub functions whatsoever to save cost.

  • +3

    Only if it had a camera for Google duo calling

    • +1

      Get the max

    • +2

      Need to add 200 more ie the google hub max

  • These are awesome. I stream Disney+, Kayo, NBA App to this

  • +1

    best features:
    digital photo album
    Acts as a switch to turn ON/OFF smart bulbs during nights when you don't want to shout at it
    set up a routine to give news updates( some channels provide video update too)
    cast your phone screen
    watch Netflix in kitchen

  • Can you get skills for these, like you can with an Echo? I haven't been able to find how, only how to link from a list of services.

  • What else can we add to make order just 100?

    • +2

      Make it 120 and you will get 20 dollars off and also 20 dollars store credits. Maybe better value

    • What else can we add

      What do you need?

      The cheapest thing I could find in a quick look was a ream of paper for $6.50

  • Anyone know if these still usable as a front end for Home Assistant? It looks like they used to be good but then a firmware update made them log out after 10 minutes.


    • +1

      This is the type of thing preventing me into investing into Google/Amazon devices for my setup. They're good for the price but you've got no guarantee what works one day will work the next. Seems like the alternative is to buy an old tablet or a monitor to use with a raspberry pi to get a kiosk for your Home Assistant, but neither of those solutions will look that elegant or be that cost-efficient.

  • +3

    PB at Bunnings and get it for $89.

  • +6

    Use mine solely as a digital clock now. Last time I used it was when I was cooking and needed a recipe; at the end I got so mad I gave the speaker a great big smack and never used the smart features again. Basically I wanted to make sure I had all the ingredients handy without seeing the screen so asked it to read out the 10 or so ingredients. It would read out the first ingredient, then stop.
    OK Google, what are the ingredients?
    OK Google, next ingredient.
    OK Google, next.
    "Olive oil."
    OK Google… read out all the ingredients.
    "Sure, here is a recipe for pasta sauce. First ingredient. Tomato."
    OK Google, tell me all ingredients at once.
    "Sure, here is a recipe for simple pasta. Tomato."
    OK Google, what are all the ingredients?
    "I found a recipe for simple pasta sauce. Tomato."
    I don't know about anyone else but it made me wonder if it's actually trying to make me mad :S Wish I could return it..

    • +1

      lol dude, i actually laughed out reading your comment

    • +1

      you can set it up so you don't have to say Ok Google each time if you respond again quick enough

  • +1

    Same price at Harvey Norman + Bonus Connect Smart White Bulb ($10 worth)

    • good find, note that the bonus offer ends today (27th Aug).

  • If you need to find an item that will make the total more than $100, the cheapest I found was
    https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/linden-premium-on-the-go-adap... (this was the cheapest item in stock that was available for pickup at my local GoodGuys)

  • Amazon Echo Show 5 for 99 as well

  • +9

    Has anyone mentioned the free TP Link Smart Plug?

    • +7

      Thanks for this! For anyone still going to buy you need to add this free item to your cart

      • Good tip!

        I bought on ebay from Bing Lee for $99 delivered so I could use up a $10 plus voucher (I.e. $89). Don't have latitude. I reckon TGG with free TP link is a better deal

      • Too late to see this. Forgot to add this free item in my order. Not sure is there any chance to get it added into existing order or not. May need call store tomorrow.

    • +2

      Thank you! I wasn't sure about buying yet another Google Home product but you just tipped the scales for me. I got the Nest Hub and the TP Link Smart Plug plus an overpriced 9V battery (to bring me over $100 for the Latitude Pay $20 off) for $84.95. How could I not buy?

  • Stupid question… can this be used as computer speakers?

  • Besides the speakers, what’s the difference between this and MAX ?

  • +4

    Joyce Mayne also have the hub for $99, with a free smart globe. $5.95 standard shipping.

    They also have a bundle with hub, 2 x smart globes, 1 x smart plug + the free globe. $119. + shipping.


    • 2 x smart globes, 1 x smart plug

      no extra "+the free globe"

      • Bugger.

        Freebies were definitely there earlier on all the nest mini and hub products but gone now. I’ve got one on the way from the mini+chromecast bundle. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561387

  • +1

    why this instead of lenovo one with camera ?

    • Also would like to know

    • +1

      As I understand it, you can stream Netflix to this, but not to the Lenovo smart display. No indication from Lenovo about whether they will support this in the future.
      This seems to be an indication of the way Google will support these devices - only the Google devices will get the latest and greatest features.

      • thanks you make a good point but $300 to get the camera… how disposable should i consider these…

  • +1

    Does this sounds on par with Google nest mini? I have a hub max they sounds awesome, now tempted to get this to upgrade to my existing google nest mini.

    • I now own all three. I would score them for sound quality as: Google Home Max 9.5/10, Google Nest Mini 6/10, Google Nest Hub 7/10. Honestly, I probably didn't need the Nest Hub. The best use of the screen is as a digital photo frame on somewhere like a desk. Or as a bedside clock. Everything else, the speakers (or my Chromecast TV) can do. Actually the TV can do the photos too. That said, if I didn't own any smart devices, the nest hub would be the best all rounder.

      • I just realised you said Hub Max and not Home Max, oops.

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