[Solved] How to Use Beemit on Yourself? (AKA How to Do The ING 5 Purchases)

As the topic says.

When I was searching for ways to do the ING 5 purchases for its increased savings rate, many Ozbargainers suggested using Beemit as a way to have 5 transactions, without having to pay any money.

So I downloaded the app, but I'm dumb and am not sure how to utilise this loophole. Obviously Beemit wouldn't let me transfer money from my own account to my own account. Do I have to set up a new account to do the loophole? Can I set up a new account on my same phone?

And, I'm wondering if there are any better ways to do the 5 purchases now, in the same way Beemit does, I mean. I hear Paypal came out with it's own service called Xoom, but it won't allow AUD to AUD transfers.

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    How do you not manage to make 5 transactions in a month?

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    Transfer to another debit card. You can add up to 3 debit cards.

    • How exactly do you do this? I've added my other bank debit card, but I'm not sure how to transfer to it.

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        You should see 4 options:

        pay transfer
        request split

        Be careful of HSBC Debit Card. It needs some balance on it.

        • Hey, it worked! Thanks!

          I don't really go out much, so that's why I have a bit of a problem meeting the quota.

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    Sometimes i just do x3-4 split payments of .10 cents via self serve if i find my self with a day or so left.

    • Self self checkouts at Woolworths and Coles are good places to try also

      The attendants may frown why it takes so long to make purchase of a few items but the receipt goes to the moon and back….

      • Self self checkouts

        Oo, Never heard of it, will have to keep an eye out for it next time ;P

        No but that was what i was referring to, every now and then i'll get asked but i'll just flash the bright orange ING card and they tend to get it straight away

  • I paypal 5x $1 payments into utility bills every month :)

  • Another option is sending a friend 5x $0.01 transactions via PayPal.

  • send me 100 bucks 5 times
    ill promise to send it back

  • May I just ask, is there a reason why there are quite a few workarounds with making these 5 transactions? I mean, wouldn't it be easier to just make use of it like an everyday card? Or are there cards/institutions that are better suited for everyday use?

    • In this case, OP claims they don’t go out much

  • beemit transfers is solving 5 transaction problem but not $1000+ deposits problem.

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      The $1000 doesnt mean your balance has to increase by +1000. Just put it in and take it back out and recycle.

      [ $200 transfer in, $200 beemit out ] rinse and repeat five times and you're done.

      • cool thanks

      • By far, the most elegant and easiest solution to killing two birds (5 transactions + $1000 deposit every month) with one stone.

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    The beemit method doesn't seem to work.

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